The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Katie's POV

I woke up to find myself in one of the same bunks of the tour bus. Harry was beside me snoring softly as he slept. I giggled to myself, taking a quick picture on my phone. I then slide out of the bunk, walking inti the main area of the bus.

"Hello?" I asked as four figures in balaclavas suddenly stopped as they saw me. I was too tired to be freaked out. "Are you robbing us?" I asked.

"Who are you?" One of them asked.

"Katie," I replied. "Yourself?" I questioned.

"Oh okay, we thought you were robbing them," Another one laughed. 

"You the one's in balaclavas." i pointed out.

"Oh yes sorry. Hi, I'm Calum," He smiled, lifting up him balaclava and shacking my head.

"Nice to meet you Calum," I smiled, finally working out who he was. "So, your five seconds of summer?!" I exclaimed.

"That would be us," The one I recognised to be Luke smiled. 

Ashton and Michael both then removed their balaclavas as well. 

"Wait, what are you doing in this bus?" I asked.

"Playing a prank," Michael told me.

"That involved balaclavas?" I giggled.

"Safety first," Ashton replied. "Wouldn't want to get caught," 

"Can i help with this prank?" I asked.

"Sure, i guess," Luke answered.

They all explained to me, what we were gonna do, before we got to work. The plan involved a lot of effort and it was pretty tiring. After about an hour we were done. I was surprised no-body woke up as we made a hell of a lot of noise. 

"Well see you later Katie," Calum smiled, as they all jumped off the bus.

"Bye." i called, then doing as they had instructed me to do.

I climbed back into my bunk with Harry, he groaned as I lay down. 

"Where did you go?" He mumbled into the pillow.

"I just went to the loo," I replied, in a whisper.

I nodded before wrapping his arm around my waist and resting them on my back. I then pretended to fall back to sleep although I was pretty excited to see the boys reactions. 


author's note:

sorry this chapter it short, but 5SOS ARE IN IT NOW! 


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