The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


119. 119


The next few weeks rolled by quickly and in what felt like days Brad was back at my apartment. The boys had gone back on tour about two weeks ago and I had started to get a bit bored on my own.

"Movie?" Brad questioned.

I just nodded, as I lay curled up on the sofa. He rummaged around the TV before pulling out a movie and putting it into the DVD box set thingy. He then joined me on the sofa as I lent against a large cushion beside me.

Brad had chosen the movie 'wedding crashers', I guess it was kind of funny although it was two in the morning and this was the sixth movie we had watched in a row. I was beginning to get tired.


I woke up suddenly to my phone ringing next to me. I pushed my hair out of my face, before looking at the screen.

Incoming call: Louis

I answered it, putting the phone to my ear.

"Katie, this needs to be quick," Louis said quietly.

"Okay," I replied, unsurely.

"So if you were a good girlfriend you would know that Harry's birthday is in three days," Louis said down the line.

I nodded, mentally slapping myself as I realised I was on the phone. 

"You just nodded didn't you," Louis chuckled, after a moment of silence. 

"Yes," I giggled.

"So anyway, me and boys want to do something for Harry's birthday and get him a really good gift," Louis explained.

"I don't see where this is going," I replied. "If you are asking me what to get him, I haven't a clue and have failed to buy him a present myself," 

"Yeah, we assumed you had," Louis said.

"Aw thanks" I smiled.

"So anyway, back to the point. We decided that our birthday gift to him, would be you," Louis said.

"Do I get a say in this?" I replied.

"No," he told me. "We will fly you over on Harry's birthday, we will be in America somewhere and you will surprise him after the concert. Then you will spend the week with us," 

"Umm, okay." i answered, not sure what else too.

"So your in?" He asked.

"Yeah, i guess," I said. "Wait, does this count as my birthday present as well, or do I have to get him something?" I asked.

"Well I guess you did contribute," Louis spoke.  

"Contribute? I'm sorry but I am the present," I exclaimed.

"Keep your voice down," Louis warned. "So we have booked the flights and I will email you the tickets, you are flying first class and you have access to the lounge in the airport." 

"Nice," I replied.

"Just try not to get spotted," He told me. "If Harry finds out from twitter or something that you are on a plane on his birthday, he will put two and two together," 

"Okay, thanks Louis." i smiled.

"Okay, bye." he said, hanging up quickly. 

I lent back on the sofa, which I had apparentley fell asleep on, as Brad walked into the living room from the Kitchen, cup of tea in his hands. 

"Who was that?" He asked, sitting down beside me.

"Louis, he wants me to fly over and surprise Harry on his birthday." I said.

"Nice, when's his birthday?" He questioned, sipping his tea. 

"Like three days, the first of feb," I told him.

"So, i guess I'm getting kicked out of your flat in the next few days." he said.

"That is after you have driven me to the airport," I smiled sweetly. 

Brad rolled his eyes at me, finishing his tea.

"Plans for today?" He asked.

"Umm, I have a photo shoot later, but we could meet for some late lunch?" I suggested.

"Sounds good," He smiled. 


My hair and makeup had been down as I stood wearing the short blue dress in front of the white wall. I didn't really know what I was doing as I looked into the lens, but Jordan the photographer keep telling me i was a natural. 

"Work it gurl!" Jordan exclaimed from behind the camera.

Someone else ran up to me dusting some powder on my face before running off again. I smiled at the camera, my hands on my hips.

"Now serious," Jordan fold me.

I changed my facial expression as he told me, moving myself to a different angle. 




Jordan kelt exclaiming things that I guess meant I was doing okay. With about ten minutes left of the shoot, Eleanor walked in, greeting a few of the people scurrying around.  She stood talking to a few of them whilst I continued to pose.

"And that's a rap!" Jordan shouted.

He ran kver to me, engulfing me in a warm hug.

"Katie darling, your a natural, and you say you haven't done modelling before. I don't believe you for a minute!" He spoke quickly and it took me a moment to process all the words he was saying. 

I spoke with Jordan about anither shoot he wanted me to do briefly, before making my way over to El.

"Gurl, you are looking great!" She smiled, hugging me.

"Thanks," I replied.

"So, how was the first shoot for you?" She asked, as I grabbed my coat and handbag.

"It was good I guess, my face hurts from smiling," I laughed.

"You get used to it," She answered. "Starbucks?" She asked, I nodded: knowing it was more of a demand than a question.

We sat in Starbucks, talking. She kept asking me and Harry's surprise and I asked her who Ellen was doing and her pregnancy.  She was meant to be due yesterday, although she felt as if the baby wasn't ready to even budge at the point.

We had a nice catch up, before I made my way back to my flat. 


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