The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


118. 118

Katie's POV

"See you soon," I smiled as I hugged Brad goodbye. "Say hi to Nat for me," 

"Bye mate," Harry smiled, as they did that typical 'bro hug'.

We waved him off until he was out of sight. I then closed the front door behind me, smiling at harry who was staring at me.

"I have loved your cousin being here and all, but now we are finally alone, I think we should make the most of it," He smirked, pulling me by the waist into him.

Our lips touched as he held my waist tightly and I tangled my fingers around his curls. He started to walk backwards, my body seemed to move aswell as we were practically connected. I giggled into his lips as he fell backwards onto the sofa, I lay on top of him as he slid his tongue into my mouth and I started to unbutton his shirt.

Suddenley the door bell rang. 

"Ignore it," Harry mumbled into my lips as they continued to move in sync.

"I can't," I replied, pulling away and standing up to go and answer the door.

"Heya!" Louis and Eleanor chroused barging through the door.

"Hello?" I replied as they walked past me.

I closed the door and followed them into the living room where Harry had propped himself up on his elbows. 

"I take it you forgot we were all coming round for dinner tonight," Louis laughed.

"We might have," I giggled.

"Takeaway pizza," I smiled, picking up the landline phone which was beside me. 

Louis and Eleanor made them selves comfutable in the living room, I called up the pizza place and Harry went to get some drinks.

"We will finish where we left off tonight." He whispered in my ear from behind me.

I just nodded, biting my lip.

Shayla and Niall were next to arrive, we greeted them a bit better as we were actually expecting everyone this time. We all sat around the living room talking, disscussing Shayla and Niall's wedding and Perrie and Zayn's baby.

Liam and Amber were last to arrive as Perrie and Zayn were preociped looking after Jamie. I offered them both drinks on arrival as we all settled in the living room, talking and waiting for the pizza to arrive.

We were discussing baby names for Eleanor and Amber. Eleanor was and Louis had decided on Noah for a boy and Katherine for a girl. Amber and Liam knew they were having a girl and were trying to decide between Emma and Darcy.

"Hey that's my name," Harry exclaimed.

"Well nice to meet you Darcy," I smiled.

"Liam, everyone knows that's my girl's name," Harry frowned.

"Well I don't see you having kids anytime soon," Liam laughed. "And we might not use it,"

"Yeah you better not," Harry said.

"Pizza time!" Louis exclaimed as the door bell rang.

"You gonna pay or am I?" Harry asked me.

"Let's just think about who is the billionare and who is not," I smiled.

Harry sighed before standing up and walking towards the door. 

Eleanor was just smiling at me, she then opened her mouth to speak.

"Don't," I warned her, she closed her mouth.

Harry walked back into the lounge with eight pizza boxes in his arms. He handed them around, I kind of had to guess everyone's orders, but everyone seemed happy to swap a few slices here and there.

I lay in between Harry's legs with my back against his chest as I ate my pizza. Eleanor sat by my outstreched legs with Louis by her side. Amber sat on the large armchair with Shayla balancing on the large arm of the armchair. And Liam and Niall sat opposite my on the floor.

The room quieten down as everybody dug into their pizza's. The pizza's were soon demolished and empty pizza boxes were chuckled around the room, the fight was started by Louis. Everyone was now in mid conversation about the boys touring some place I had never heard of before.

"I want you so bad," Harry whispered in my ear.

"Well your going to have to control yourself," I whispered back, turning my head to the side, so only he would be able to hear me.

He pulled me closer into him, drapping his arms over my shoulders and resting his chin on the top of my head. I saw as Eleanor rummaged in her bag, before pulling out her phone.

"Put your phone down Eleanor Calder," I told her.

She rolled her eyes at me, putting her phone back into her bag. 

About an hour passed and everybody was still unmoved, everyone was more disscussing the next holiday we should go on seeing as the camping trip was a complete failure. Louis suggested Italy, Niall prepered Spain and I thought Australia. 

After about another two hours of banter and a bit of karoke, everyone began to leave.

"Byee," I called to Niall and Shayla as they were last to leave.

"Finally," Harry sighed, closing the door and pulling me into him.

"You so desprate," I giggled, kissing his lips. 

He started to walk backwards again, until we were in the same postion as before on the sofa. I unbuttoned his shirt as I run my finger down his chest, he moaned into my lips as I giggled. 

A few minutes later and I fell down beside him, as we both were panting heavily. Harry then stood up, scopping me uo and carrying my bridel styles into the bedroom. He throw he onto the bed, before sliding ontop of me and reconnecting our lips.

"Round two," He smiled against my lips. 

He began to kiss along my jawline and down my neck, nipping at my skin and leaving clear marks. 

"Harry," I moaned as he kissed along my collar bone.

Suddenley his phone began to ring on the bedside table beside us. He disconnected his lips from my body as he rolled his eyes before grabbing his phone and putting it too his ear.

"Yeah, uh ha," He spoke down the line. "Wait, repeat that," He said, kissing at my neck again with the ohone still too his ear. I couldn't help but let a moan esape my mouth as Harry put his finger to my lips as I giggled.

"Okay, yeah, bye Louis," Harry said, chcuking his ohone onto the floor behind him. "Now where were we?" He smirked.


About 10 minutes later and I lay under the covers as Harry was making tea. I lay still for a few minutes, before checking my phone. I noticed a text on my lock screen which I had recived sevral minutes ago.

Louis: good round? ;)

I ignored the text, rolling my eyes at the screen.


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