The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Author's Note:

Sorry I haven't updated for a little while. Firstly I have just come to the end of my school term and I am offically in Summer holidays as of last Friday, so many more updates will be coming. Secondly the reason I have not been updating is becuase I have been working on my new movella 'Trouble Maker' which I am hoping to put on movellas some time during the summer, so look out for that! Also I kind of had an amazing idea for this book as in like continuing it (like 5 years later sort of thing) ... So if you guys would be up for a next door neighbour 4 let me know.



Katie's POV

The day rolled by extremley quickley and was filled with chit chat and hot chocolates, seeing as despite having he heating on our flat was super duper cold. 

It was now about nine in the evening and Harry and Brad were discussing fitness things and kther stuff I really didn't care about. I lent against Harry's side as I pretended to be intrseted in what they were saying, but I son ofelt my eyes grow heavy and I fell asleep.


"Katie," I heard someone say as they nudged my shoulder.

I groaned as I was rudely awoken, but kept my eyes shut as I moved my head.

"Katie, wake up," I heard the boice say again.

"I'm awake." i replied, rubbing my eyes before sitting up and seeing El sat on my couch.

"How to heck did you get in here?" I asked.

"The can we dance guy let me in," She smiled.

"Is there a reason for your need to wake me up?" I questioned, crossing my arms ober my chest.

"Yes!" She exclaimed. "I don't know how you haven't heard about it yet," 

"Just tell me," I encouraged. 

"Well this morning at 5am, Perrie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Jamie," Eleanor exclaimed.

"Oh my god," I replied, smiling. "Do you have a picture?" I asked.

"I sure do," She answered, rummaging around in her bag before finding her phone.

"Here," She said handing my her phone.

"Oh my god, he is so cute." I said looking at the tiny baby on my screen. 

"But come on now, I came over to get your lazy ass out of bed, or the sofa as it may seem, to go and visit them," El smiled.

I was already wearing a hoodie and some sweats that I wore yesterday evening, so I slipped on my vans and we were out the door. We arrived at the hospital fairly quickly and I stopped off at the gift shop to quickly grab Perrie some flowers before I followed El to Perrie's room.

"Hiyaa," I smiled, as I entered the room, handing Perrie the flowers.

"Babe, they are gorgeous," She smiled, placing them next to her as baby Jamie was in her arms.

I sat down on the hospital chair next to El as we cooed over Jamie for a good hour, before Brad called me asking where I was.

"I'm in the hospital," I replied.

"Why? Did you hurt yourself?" He asked.

"Has she fainted again?" I heard Harry say in the background.

"No, no, no, I'm fine. Tell Harry that Perrie gave birth to a baby boy," I instructed.

"Katie says that Cerrie gave birth to a boy called James," I heard Brad say.

"Who the fuck id Cerrie?" I heard Harry reply.

"Perrie, gave birth to Jamie," I said louder.

"Oh Perrie gave birth to Jamie," Brad repeated.

"Say congrats from me," Harry said down the line.

"Ok, ok," I said. "I'll be back in a minute," 

"Harry says congrats," I smiled as I walked back into the hospital room. "But i gotta dash, my cousin is over and him and Harry will probably burn the house down in the next five minutes." I laughed.

"See you later," El smiled.

"Byeee," Perrie said. 

I walked out the hospital room and along the long corridor before I came outside. 


Eleanor's POV

"How long do you think it will be before she works out she can't drive and doesn't have a car?" I asked Perrie.

"I would say she will be stood in the car park for a good two minutes," Perrie replied, I chuckled at her answer. 

But before two minutes had lasted, we saw Katie turn the corner back into the room.

"Can I have a lift?" She said.

"We were just seeing how long it would take you to realise that you had no way of getting home," El smiled. 

"See ya Perrie," Eleanor said, grabbing her bag and following me out of the hospital. 


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