The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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I laughed way to hard at this. I don't even know why.


Katie's POV

The next few days were all the same. Harry woke me up each morning whilst he tried to sneak out to go to the gym. Then it consisted of a lot of whining and complaining coming from me, before he left and i fell back to sleep. 

I then mopped around for the rest of the morning on my own, watching TV, reading magazines. Then at around noon, Harry would come back all sweaty and gross. And then either the girls, boys or both would come round or we would go to theirs and spend the afternoon with them. 

Then Friday the 5th of January came. This was the day Brad was coming. I was sat around watching a movie when I heard the door bell go. I had given him directions to get to my flat and seeing as he was an hour late, I figured he got lost.

"Bradley!" I exclaimed, greeting with him with a hug as i invited him in.

"I got lost," He simply replied.

"I figured," I answered.

"Well do come in," I said.

He walked in as I closed the front door behind him.

"So, how have you been?" I asked.

"Very well, and yourself?" He asked.

"Your so british," I laughed, rolling my eyes.

"Nice place," He commented as we walked into the living room.

"I better show you to your room," I smiled, pretty excited as no-one had ever stayed in our 'guess room'. 

"Niceee!" Brad exclaimed as he walked into the room.

It was a simple room, with a double bed with a grey duvet with a cool pattern on it. There were two matching lamps on each bedside table and a candle on the window sill.

"Don't get too excited, it's just a bedroom," I laughed, as he dumped his sports bag on the bed.

"Drink?" I offered him, as he replied him a nod and a smile.

I came back with a wine bottle and two wine glasses.

"What are you watching?" He asked, noticing the TV was paused on a movie.

"Oh, the notebook," I answered.

"Well you better pour yourself more wine, all girls cry in this film," He sighed.

"That is so sexiest," I told him. 

"It's true," He shrugged. "All girls cry in silly love films," 

"Bradley Simpson, you cried in Marley and me," I reminded him.

"Yes, but that's not a silly love film," He spoke.

"It's a children's film about a dog," I answered.

"it's not just any dog though, it's Marley," He replied.

I rolled my eyes in response. 

We spend the rest of the evening talking and then we both headed to bed. Harry was out with Niall for drinks all evening and I fell asleep before he got home.


My eyes fluttered open to face a fast asleep Harry. I noticed seeing as he had woken me up every morning for the past few days, I may as well do it to him.

"Harry, let's get up, get up, get up," I exclaimed, shaking his shoulders.  

He groaned in response, rolling over, so his back was facing me. 

"Come on, aren't you meant to be going to the gym?" I asked. 

He groaned again.

"How much did you have to drink last night?" I questioned.

He groaned once again.

"Come on let's get up," I said loudly, shaking his shoulders and rolling him over so he was lying on his back. 

"Noo," He groaned.

"What time did you get in last night?" I asked, sitting cross legged beside him.

"About four, so let me sleep," He said.

"Oh, like how you have let me sleep in every morning?" I questioned.

!Is this what this is about?" He groaned.

"Yes," I replied. "Pay backs a bitch," 

"Ok, you win, I'm awake," He sighed, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. 

"Good," i smiled, climbing out of bed. "Let's work this hangover off of you," 

"First though, tea," Harry smiled, walking out of the bedroom. 

I followed him into the kitchen. He put the kettle on as I hoped onto the kitchen work surface.

"So now I'm awake," Harry said, walking towards me. "And seeing as you so rudely woke me up, I think i deserve a good morning kiss," He smirked. 

"Oh really," I said, raising my eyebrow at him.

"I don't think you do," I giggled.

"Too bad," Harry answered quickly, before pressing his lips against mine.

Our mouths moved in sink for a few seconds as he held my waist and my hands snaked around his neck. He already stood in between my legs, so I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him closer into me.

"Uh hum," I heard someone say in the distance. 

I ignored the voice and deepened the kiss, allowing Harry's tongue to explore my mouth. 

"Uh hum!" The voice shouted.

I pulled away from Harry, my hands still cupping his face. I saw Brad stood in the doorway of the kitchen. 

"Oh, morning Brad," I smiled awkwardly.

"Good morning," I replied. 

"Katie, you never told me your cousin was coming to stay," Harry said, turning around his face Brad.

"Harry, my cousin is coming to stay." i said, before pushing him out of the way and hopping off the work surface. 

Harry rolled his eyes at me and I went to make three tea's.

After the awkward start the morning, the rest of the morning was okay. We all talked and watched TV with our breakfast. Harry and Brad seemed to get along which was good, I think it is because they are quite similar really. 

Harry then went off going to have a shower as me and brad stayed in the living room.

"You never told me you lived with Harry," He said when Harry had left the room.

"Hadn't I?" I asked, raising my eyebrow, I must have mentioned it.

"Nope, you forgot that detail," He laughed. "See I thought you too were just like hooking up, I never actually though it was 'we live together' serious," He said.

"Well I only moved in with him like less than a month ago." I told him.

"Where did you live before?" He asked.

"In the flat next door," I replied. 

He gave me a weird look. "It wasn't planned, I swear," I laughed.

"That's a bit weird," He replied.

"Yeah, that's how we met actually," I said. "But when we both lived somewhere else and I lived next door to him there," I sort of explained.

"Stop talking about me." i heard Harry call from the bedroom. 

I rolled my eyes, laughing at him.

"I am so confused, I'm not even going to ask," Brad sighed. 


Harry and Niall on their wild night out!



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