The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


108. 108


Harry's POV

The table was set nicely as we were all gathered in the dining room talking with a glass of champayne in our hands. Mum said I was allowed a glass of champayne and a glass of wine at dinner, but that was it. I'm sure she wouldn't notice if I had a beer or something whilst we watched the London fireworkd from out TV though.

"Okay, please be seated," Mum smiled, putting on a posh voice as she stepped into the dining room with a cooking apron over her dress.

We all took ours seat. Hallie was head of the table, with Katie to her right and then me. And Gemma to her left and then Amy. Mum hurried back in holding a plater of melon and palmer ham. My favourite!

She placed it on the table before running out and back into the kitchen. She soon returned with a tray of tomotoe and mozerella. She placed it next to the melon, before removing her apron and talking her seat at the other end of the table.

"Dig in," She smiled.

Everyone passed around the food as we all helped ourselves to generous servings, whilst light conversation filled the room. 

"This is a very sophistacated dinner party Mum," I smiled.

"Thank you Harry dear," He replied, obvioisly proud of the work she had pit into this.

After the starter had been finished, Katie helped my Mum carry the trays back into the kitchen. Gemma also went to help bring the main course in. Katie came back in holding two bowls full of vegatables.

"I know you like you veggies," She smiled at me, placing the two large bowls in front of me.

Gemma then came out carring a bowl of roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings. And finally Mum came out holding a large roast chicken.

"Help yourself," Mum smiled, as we all looked at her waiting for her que.

"Chicken anyone?" I asked, holding up the large cutting knife.

"Meee!" Everyone choursed.

I worked my way around the table starting with Mum and ending with Katie, before cutting myself a generous portion. The vegetables and potatoes were then passed around before we all dug in. 

Katie looked extremley nice tonight. Her hair was down and curly and she had done something noce with her eye makeup. She was wearing a really nice black dress, which was kinda of pencil skirt, but a dress. It was quite short meaning whenever she stood up to help my Mum, I got a great view. 


Katie's POV

"Ann, you are an amazing cook," I smiled, as I set my cutlery on my plate omce finishing the gorgeous meal.

"Thank you dear," She beamed.

I helped her clear away everyone's dishes as we walked inti the kitchen placing them on the kitchen side. 

"I hope you noticed my son staring at you the entire meal," Ann laughed.

I blished slightly. "Yep, I noticed that," I replied, beginning to load the plates into the dishwasher.

"You know, I don't think he has ever looked at someone like that," She continued.

I smiled as I carried on loading the plates.

"Anyway, why are you loading the plates? Your meant to be our guess! One of my lazy kids should be doing this," She laughed.

"Ann, it's fine really," I answered.

"Well thank you Katie," She smiled.

We finished loading the plates into the dishwasher, she insisted I go and get Harry to help with the dessert out though.

"You Mum wants a hand in the kitchen," I said to him walking into the dinning room.

"Why were you not very good at it?" He chuckled. 

I rolled my eyes before he got up and walked into the kitchen.

"Harry can't keep his eyes off you in that dress," Gemma giggled.

I defiently felt the heat going to my cheeks. 

"But I mean who can't," Hallie laughed. "Gurl, you lookin' fine tonight," 

I giggled as she said this.

"And for dessert tonight ladies, I present," Harry said, walking into the dinning room. "Eton mess," he cheered.

"Guessing you like this one," I said, seeing the smile on Harry's face as he placed it on the table.

"My all time facourite," He said, flashing me a smile.

"Hey, what happened to your cakes?" Gemma asked.

"Mum burnt them," Harry said.

"Stop putting the blame on your Mom," I said, playfully hitting his shoulder. 

"Stop abusing me," He replied.

"Anyway, Mum was the one who put them in the oven," Harry pointed out.

"But then she told us to go and check on them and we may have got distracted by the sims," I giggled.

"We got a dog now," Harry smiled.

"Aw, what's is called?" Amy asked.

"Rose," Harry told her.

"Cute," Hallie smiled.

"So it's Harry, Katie, Ashton and Rose," Gemma said.

"It is indeed," I replied.

"Still can't believe you called the cat Ashton," Harry muttered.

"Come on, get over it," I sighed.

Ann soon returned with bowls and spoons and we all dug in. It truelly was an amazing meal. 



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