The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Katie's POV

We had 3 waiters serve our food that evening. All of them chatting with both Harry and I, they were all super nice and friendly which helped seeing as I had only just meet them. After we had eaten Ben came and sat with us for about ten minutes, before we said goodbye to everyone and then left the way we came in.

"That was nice," I smiled to Harry as he started to drive out of the less busy car park.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the evening." He replied.

"And the food there," I spoke. "Wow, it really was the," 

"I told you it would be the best italain you had ever been too, and did you believe me, na uh," He answered.

"Well sorry for underestimating your chosse in italian resturants," I said.

By the time we had driven home it was ten to eleven. I followed Harry up the driveway as he unlocked the front door and then we walked inside.

I removed my high heels as soon as we got inside, as they were hurting my feet, and held them in my hand.

"Hi guys!" Ann called from the living room. 

I walked behind Harry as we entered the living room to find Gemma, Hallie, Amy and Ann all sat on the sofa's with face masks on their face's.

"Well I'm glad I went out this evening," Harry commented. "You doing that dream stuff again?" 

"No, your not meant to do it too many times otherwise it cloggs up your lungs or something," Hallie told us.

"How was the meal?" Ann asked, looking over at me.

"It was so nice," I smiled. "I didn't know Italian food could ever get that good,"

"No-one does until they go there," She replied. "Did you see Ben?" Ann asked Harry.

"Yeah, he came and sat with us for a bit," Harry smiled.

"Good good," She nooded. "Glad you had a good evening," 

We ended up sitting and talking with everyone until it was almost midnight. At about ten to, Ann relised the time.

"This time tomorrow we will be counting down to the new year," She smiled.

"Mum, no-one counts down from ten minutes," Harry laughed.

He was sat on the floor, leaning against the sofa. I sat inbetween his legs leaning back against his body, i started bouncing up and down against his chest as he laughed.

"Well we should probably all be heading to bed soon," Ann said. 

We all stayed put.

"Come on kids, beddy bies." She laughed.

Amy was the first to move, standing up with the blanket still wrapped around her shoulders as it dragged behind he as she walked upstairs.

Hallie and Gemma then followed her, as I stood up and Harry just pouted at me holding his arms out.

"Come on Styles," I said, holding his hands and trying the pull him up. "You too heavy," I laughed.

"Mother will you help this poor weak girl?" Harry said.

"I'm not weak," I exclaimed.

An held one of this arms as i held the other and we both managed to pull him up.

"You could have just stood up," I sighed. 

"That would back in too easy Kitty Kat," He replied. 

We said goodnight to Ann before finally walking up the stairs and into Harry's room.

I looked over at the digital clock on his bedside table. It read 00:00. 

"Isn't it weird to think this time tomorrow it will be a different year?" I asked.

"Well I hadn't really thought about it, but i guess it would be weird for you as you have only ever experienced eighteen new year's," He said, sitting on the edge on his bed.

"Oh cuz you've had so many haven't you, nineteen, wow," I replied.   

"One more than you," He smirked. "An you've never had a new year at the Styles' so really you haven't  had a proper new year," He shrugged. 

I rolled me eyes, laughing at him, before brushing my teeth and changing into my pyjamas. 

"Happy new year's ever," Harry whispered against my forehead as he held me tightly under the covers.

"Happy last day of 2013," I replied, before closing my eyes and falling asleep. 



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