The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Katie's POV

I stood in front of the full length mirror in Harry's room as I adjusted the dress I had chosen to wear that evening. It was a navy blue flowy dress, with white spots all over it. It wasn't two short as I fell about two inches above my knew. 

"Looking beautiful as ever," Harry complimented, as he wrapped his long arms around me, hugging my from behind.

"Looking handsome as ever," I replied, coping his tone. 

"Why thank you Miss Brown," He said, in the posh accent he had used earlier. "Shall we be on our way?" He asked.

"We shall," I replied.

He held out his arm to me, as I took it, holding onto his black blazer. 

"Have fun," Hallie smiled as we walked through the living room, towards the front door.

"Home by eleven," Gemma added.

"Okay, bye mother," Harry sighed.

"Well 'mother' will be home by that time," Gemma replied.

I climbed into Harry's car as he started to drive down the road. We drove for about ten minutes before we parked in a busy car park.

"Ate you sure this is a good idea?" I asked, noticing the many cars surronding us. "You are bound to get noticed," 

"Stop worring," Harry replied, opening the car door for me as I hoped out.

Instead of walking round to the front, which we had driven last to get to the car park, Harry lead we though what looked like a back entrance.

I noticed a man, who I assumed was the chef judging by his hat, smoking a cigarette behind the building.

"Well I never," He exclaimed as he noticed us. "Harry Styles, it's good to see you man," 

He stamped his cigarette into the ground behind pulling Harry into a 'bro' hug. 

"Good to see you Tris," Harry replied.

"I havn't seen you in ages man," 'Tris' spoke. He then looked past Harry and at me. "An who's this lucky lady?" He asked.

"Katie," I smiled awkwardley.

"Ooh, american," Tris commented. "I'm guessing you two will be wanting a table?" 

"I called Dave earlier, he said he could get the back room for us for eight," Harry told him.

"Well the back room is still occipied at the moment, but the people were just paying the bill when I last checked. They have kids though, so could be a while," Tris told us.

"Hey, come in though the kitchen, I'm sure Ben can't wait to see you," Tris opened a black door for us as ee walked though it.

"Ben, is one of my good friends from high school," Harry whispered, as he walked close to me. 

I nodded, thanking him for semi filling me in as I was feeling rather awkard right now.

"Oi, Ben, look who's here!" Tris exclaimed, making a tall guy spin around to face us.

He was extremly tall, towering over me and even a bit over Harry.

"Harold!" He exclaimed.

"Benjamin!" Harry replied, as they did yet another 'bro' hug. 

"So good to see you man," Ben smiled.

"You too man, it's been far too long," Harry answered.

All these cheshire guys were making Harry get a stronger accent, which I noticed he had begang to have lost over the years we have known each other.

"And you must be Katie," Ben said, looking at me.

I nodded, awkardly smiling again, before Ben took me by surprise and pulled me into a hug.

"So you guys trying to get the back room?" He asked.

"Though it would be best that way," Harry answered.

"Yeah, didn't you guys break up?" Ben asked confused.

"Long story short, yes... But no," Harry said.

"Okay," Ben nodded. "I'll go see if the back room is free, a family were just leaving i think," 

He hurried off into the main resturant as Harry talked to another guy about how 'it's been too long' and 'he missed him loads' , they also all referred to each other as 'man' which I thought was very British.

"Alright Harry," Another guy smirked as he popped his head round the door.

"Dave, how have you been man?" Harry exclaimed.

"Not too bad, how about you Mr superstar?" Dave asked, as he walked into the kitchen, where we were still stood.

Dave and Harry caught up, before he lead us though to 'the back room'. It was a small room with one table which could seat four. It was seprate to the rest of the busy resturant, meaning it was the perfect place for Harry to go un-noticed.

"Whenever I come here, I always sit here," Harry told me, once Dave had gone off to sort of drinks. "Good way to avoid the havoc. Last time i sat out there was on my sixetenth birthday, when my whole family came here for dinner. Back then I was just Harry," He said, he obviously wasn't over his 'deep talk' stage just yet.

"And now your Harry Styles' who practilly runs the world," I smiled. 

He laughed before speaking. "I quite like going un-noticed," He said. "Everyone always thinks Zayn is the mysterious one, but in fairnest I think I'm pretty good at the whole sneaking around and no one knows were I am thing," He smiled.

"I follow this 1D updates accont on instagram, you know just for the lols, and everyday without fail the accont gets picture of each one of you, listing where you are and what your doing," I told him. "And these past few days, as soon as i arrived at your parents house, there havn't been any pictures of you," 

"That's becuase we havn't left the house you idiot," He laughed.

"I think that's pretty mysterious," I shrugged.

"So what have the other lads been up too?" Harry asked.

"Well yesterday Niall went to a football match with his brother, umm, a few days ago Zayn and Perrie were in some park somewhere. Umm, Liam and Amber were spotted with the rest of Liam's family and Louis was playing football with his siters," I smiled.

"Wow, I might follow this accont and then surprise the boys when ai suddenlye know what all of them are doing twenty four seven," Harry laughed.

"I'm just waiting for the day when i make one of the pictures and the fans go crazy and managment take it down, but the fans have already screenshotted it, becuase there quick and then it is all over the internet and there's nothing Paul can do about it," I said quickley.

"Well that day will be a joyus day," Harry smiled, holding up his empty wine glass. "To when pictures of us together get leaked," He said as a toast.

I heard my emoty wine glass up, 'clinking' his, before setting it back on the table. 

Dave soon came out with some red wine setting it on the table.

"You are old enough to drink right?" He asked.

"In this country I am," I smiled at him, as he poured me a glass of the red liquid.

I thanked him before taking a sip.

"I'm sure the age limit never stopped you before," Harry said.

"True," I shrugged. 




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