The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


102. 102


Katie's POV

"So Mum left a note saying she was out all day, so I guess we can do what we want till then," Gemma smiled.

"Breaky?" Amy asked, everyone nodded in response as we followed her downstairs.

I sat down on one of the spinning breakfast bar chairs as the rest of the girls mingeled around finding ingrediants. I sat spinning for about two minutes, before I reliased I should probabley be helping them.

Hallie told me we were making lancakes and asked me to measure the flour. I did as I was told, as the other's measured the diffrent ingrediants, before Gemma whisked them all together.

"Harry!" Amy called up to him as he had failed to follow us downstairs.

"Okay, Hallie you heat the pan, Amy you get pancake toppings, Katie you go find my idiot brother," Gemma instructed.

I nodded, before skipping up the stairs. I walked into Gemma's room where we had left him, however he was no longer there. I followed the corridor round to his own bedroom where I found him snuggled up in the mound of covers.

"Time to get up sleepy boy," I said, approaching the bed.  

He stayed silent and unmoved. 

"Hey!" He exclaimed as I ripped the covers off of him.

"Breakfast is ready," I said.

"That's not a very nice way to get people up," He scrowled.

"Well, you shouldn't have gone back to bed," I smirked.

"Fine," He sighed, jumping out of the bed and following me out his bedroom door.

He slung his arm over my shoulder as we walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"And here come the married couple," Amy smiled. 

I rolled my eyes, smiling at her.

"Pancakes are ready," Gemma announced. 

We all sat around the table eating our breakfast with various diffrent toppings, before I helped Gemma wash the dishes and then we all went to get changed.

"So, I'm thinking quiet day in?" Harry suggested, as I rummaged though my suitcase for the outfit I had chosen.

"Sounds good," I answered, my back to him. "We can play some sims, watch some movies," I smiled.

"And then tonight, I'm going to take you to my favourite resturant ever," He said.

"Your not very good at the whole 'ask a girl on a date' thing," I sighed, my back still away from his. "The whole point is, your meant to 'ask' her," 

"Well then Miss Brown, would you do the honour is accompaining me to dinner tonight?" He asked, speaking in a deep and posh accent.

"Well, off course Mr Styles," I smiled, turning around to face him. 

"Jolly good," He replied. 

Seeing as we were speanding the majority of the day inside, I changed into some grey sweatpants and an oversized black t-shirt. Harry wore a similar outfit which consisded of the sweatpants I had got him and a white t-shirt. 

We sat playing sims for about an hour, before Gemma intruputed us.

"Well seeing as you guys arn't planning to leave the house, would you like us to get you anything from town? We are just heading out there now," She said.

"We're good," I answered.

"Anything for dinner?" She asked.

"We're gonna go to L'talliana," Harry replied.

"Ah, cute romantic dinner," She cooed.

"Shut up," Harry answered, as I turned back around to sort of our sim charcaters.

"You know Katie, I've never seen someone so similar to Harry in my life before," She smiled, leaning against the door frame.

"Ew, I'm not similar to him," I replied. 

"Same humor, same intrests, same dress sense," She replied, noting our practilly matching outfits.

 "You may leave now," Harry instructed, as he turned back to the computor scene.

"Clcik 'ask out on date'" He instructed.

"Woo there, you have only just given me a friendly introduction," I answered.

Regardless, Harry clicked it.

"I'd love to hang out, we could to a movie or just talk," I read out from the scene.

"Okay, let's go on a our date," Harry said, taking conrol of the mouse.

"Wait, let me feed Ashton first," I said, taking the mouse back and feeding him.

"Okay, stop fussing the cat," He said, taking the mouse and clicking on the park.

"Go here with date," He said, clicking on it.

"Can I leave the date yet?" I asked. "I miss the cat," 

"We havn't even arrived, we are still in the taxi," Harry said, pointing the scene.

"But your boring," I sighed as I watched the scene.

Harry started clicking on various romantic things as I just watched, leaning my elbow on the desk.

"You havn't got Ashton to follow me on twitter yet," I said in a silent moment.

"Let me just remind you, I am your boyfriend," He answered, eyes not leaving the screen.

"It's just a follow," I pointed out. "Pleaseeee," 

"No," He answered.

"But Callum, Luke and Micheal follow me, why dosn't Ashton?" I complained. "You just have to hint it at him, give him a little push," 

"I'll be giving him more than a little push," Harry said, eyes glued to the screen.

"Aw, your so cute when your jealus," I said, poking his cheek until a smile appear and I poked his dimple. 

"Aw, you little dimples are so cute," I giggled, leaning my head on his shoulder and zoning out for just a minute.

I looked back up at the screen to find our sims making out.

"That was quick," I commented.

"I don't waste time," He smirked.

"I am re-an-acting our love story," He smiled.

"I do not remember making out with you in a park on our first date," I said.

"Well, we will start the re-an-actment now," He smiled.

"Can I buy another house, so you are my next dooor neighbour?" He asked, looking at the map view.

After about five minutes of searching we discovered you couldn't have more than one house, so we made seprate bedrooms in this house.

"Now knock on my bedroom door," Harry instructed, I now had conrol of the mouse.

"Hi I'm Katie, you next door neighbour and I'm really lazy and can't be bothered to go to the shop, so can I bozza some tea?" He said, in a typical 'girl voice'.

"That was not what I said," I laughed.

"Then again you were just like: 'urg yeah cool, come in.'" I said in a low voice. "An then you just stood  there awkwardly scratching the back of your neck.  

"Well, what was a I meant to do when I stranger wanted to borrow some tea?" He exclaimed.

"Be polite to them," I laughed.

"But you were awkward as well, you were just like: 'oh your Harry Styles right?'" He said, changing the pitch in his voice when speaking my bit. 

"I had to confirm it, otherwise it would have been more awkward," I sighed.

"Okay, okay, this re-an-actment is boring, " Harry said, grabbing the mouse. "Let's make our house look really cool," 



I know I am a bit late at this, but I just read the fault in our stars, it took my two days to read and I was in tears. Going to see the movie on wednesday, got my tissues ready. 


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