Change Your Ways

Everyone always see's Liam as the responsible one right? well it's true, but what if he wasn't always like that?

After being dumped by the love his life and his band's tour ending, Liam decides to reach out to teenagers with troubled lives in his spare time. Liam has never faced a challenge as big as Luna Forrest and her five best friends, Liam find's himself experiencing a new type of love, the taste of revenge and a fight with his lingering past.

"Lifes a funny thing, the minute you think you've got everything figured, something comes along and turns it all upside down." -Zayn Malik


7. Chapter 7


Luna’s P.O.V

“Dominique, stop that tickles” I groaned as I swatted her fingers away from my neck. “Wake up sleepy head” The raspy voice cooed, it definitely was not Dominique. I forced my eyes open to take a peek; Liam sat on the king size bed I was tucked into, his brown eyes trained on my face. “When did I fall asleep? How did I get here?” I questioned him, when I was finally awake and alert. “You passed out on the bus so I carried you to bed. We got here at like 9 pm I think.” Liam gave me a half smile before walking over to a large black dresser. I watched his muscles ripple as he struggled to pull out a jammed drawer. “Need any help?” I winked, a smile plastered on my face. He laughed mockingly “If I can’t open this then you definitely can’t open this”. He flexed his arm to show off his enormous bicep. Shaking my head the entire time I popped up behind him and shoved him aside. I pushed up the drawer and carefully slid it out without struggle. uncontrollable giggles escaped my lips when I discovered the contents of the drawer. I heard Liam scoff, I was about to turn around to tease him when I felt his hands grab my hips and swing me over his right shoulder. “Liam put me down! What do you think you’re doing?” I fisted his t-shirt and fought his strong grasp; I was almost out of breath from laughing when he set me back down on the duvet. “Wrong Drawer” He mumbled. I watched in amusement when he pulled two large boxes of latex condoms out of the drawer, His rosy cheeks burned with intensity as I doubled over in laughter. “Mr. I’m a goodie two-shoes, Why would you have those?” I teased making his cheeks flame in embarrassment. “They’re not mine!” he protested, shaking his head frantically. “Sure, whatever you say babe.” I rolled my eyes.

“So what time is it?” His muscles began to relax as I changed the subject. “It’s 8am, we’re having a morning bonfire so throw something warm on” I bit my lip in response to his command. “Fuck, I forgot my sweater” I yanked at the roots of my hair in frustration. “Don’t worry you can wear mine, I’ll go grab it from my room… you can put your things in there” He pointed his index finger to the black dresser, which previously held the condoms. He quickly left the room to retrieve the sweater, mumbling about something under his breath. I wish he didn’t treat life like a job, he was uptight about everything and it was beginning to irritate me. Why was I putting up with this? The only connection we ever held was the night of the concert, both during and after. I began to wonder if he was pre-drinking that night, why would he flirt with me on stage in front of an audience of strangers? It was almost like he was putting on a show, like he intended for someone to see it.

But who?

My bare feet padded across the cabin room floor, I picked the condom box from the top of the rubbish bin. I giggled at the thought of Liam buying these; I shook my head in disbelief as I threw it back into the trash. He definitely was not the owner of them; I didn’t even think Liam could be sexually active.


The Cabin was a fine work of craftsmanship, every inch of it was a wood carved design of some sort. The cabin had several bedrooms connected to a grand sitting area with numerous couches, a pool table and a bar. Outside sat a hot tub and the sparkling lake. Liam and the boys left us girls to sit at the fire while they retrieved more fire wood; Harry and Louis drove to town to pick up booze and food for Maritza's tiki themed birthday party tonight. Liam wasn’t pleased when he found out about the alcohol involved but he quickly dropped it after receiving a nasty glare from me.

I walked down to meet the other girls sitting by the fire wearing Liam’s baggy sweater, It smelled amazing; Just like him.

Liam's P.O.V

"It's this way mate" Zayn stopped me before I walked off trail again, "Oh, my bad" I shrugged, shaking myself from my thoughts.I struggled to keep up with Niall and Zayn as we continued our way through the forest. I didn't even have half as much firewood collected as the other two and I found myself wandering aimlessly past trees and shrubs. "Penny for your thoughts?" Niall stood just in front of me, his back was leaning against a thick oak tree. He waited patiently for me to answer, I knew he wouldn't leave until I did. Sighing loudly, I told him everything, including what happened in my dressing room and the creek.

"I feel like a different person Niall, I was so depressed when Danielle broke up with me. I don't think I've thought about Danielle once since we've started to hang out with Luna and her friends. Luna is different from danielle, Luna isn't afraid of what other's think either, I really like that." Talking about Luna made my heart pound and my mind jumble. Niall shook his head in confusion "I thought she was too immature for you? I thought your plan was to make her a better person and now you like her, you're letting us have booze at the party, have you even slept with her yet?" I shook my head and laughed when he asked me that, my mind went back to when I kissed her in the water, My hands moving up her soft skin and her chest pressed to mine...I was brought back to reality from Nialls next question, "Is she going to be your next fuck buddy?"

I thought about it for a second before giving an honest answer. "I think she’s more than just another girl Niall”

Luna's P.O.V

"Why are you so surprised that Liam had condoms in his guest room?" Hind and the other girls acted as if they expected him to have them. "But he's not a regular guy, you guys have to remember that. It's Liam Virgin Mary Payne we're talking about here." I argued back, The girls only laughed at me and gave each other looks, I felt like they weren't telling me something. "Luna.. Liam isn't exactly who you think he is" Hind struggled to keep a straight face as she spoke. "He kind of has a reputation for being... a little bit of a slut" My mouth dropped when Dominique finished Hind's sentence. How would they know and not me?

"Are you fucking kidding me right now?" Liam wasn't a slut, I didn't believe it for a second. "No it's true! I'll prove it! Charlotte give me your phone" Charlotte handed Yessica her phone. I watched as Yessica typed on the IPhone before she passed to me.

On the screen was an article on Liam's past relationships. According to the webpage Liam rarely had girlfriends, he was known to have friends with benefits, in other terms "Fuck buddies". I was almost disgusted with what I was reading... Not only did the article talk about his sex life it talked about a drug addiction he dealt with when he was only fifteen years old. It was like I didn't know Liam at all, I felt tears form at the corner of my eyes.

"Luna, why are you crying?!" Dominique grabbed the phone from me to read the article. "Did you guys even read the this?" Dominique asked the group with annoyance in her voice. "N-no I just pulled it up from google, why? What does it say?" The phone was passed around to all the girls. "I'm so sorry Luna, we should've told you about him sooner.." Hind tried to apologize but I cut her off. "No, it's my fault. I should've looked up more about him. I think I'm gonna go take a shower, I'll talk to you guys later" I stood up and started to walk back towards the cabin, ignoring there pleads for me to stay with them. I just needed time to think.


I stood in shower letting the steaming hot water beat down on my shoulders while I was trying to make sense of everything. It only hurt so much because I was such a bitch to him the first day, I treated him so badly. how was I supposed to know that when he was fifteen he suffered from drug abuse? That had to be why he joined that community reach group, he didn't want kids to end up like him.

I quickly turned of the shower head off and wrapped myself in a soft towel. I texted Harry with my new phone to come meet me in bathroom, it was the only place we wouldn't be heard. Sucking in a deep breath, I got dressed and waited for Harry to return from town.

I needed answers about Liam and he was the only person who could tell me.

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