Change Your Ways

Everyone always see's Liam as the responsible one right? well it's true, but what if he wasn't always like that?

After being dumped by the love his life and his band's tour ending, Liam decides to reach out to teenagers with troubled lives in his spare time. Liam has never faced a challenge as big as Luna Forrest and her five best friends, Liam find's himself experiencing a new type of love, the taste of revenge and a fight with his lingering past.

"Lifes a funny thing, the minute you think you've got everything figured, something comes along and turns it all upside down." -Zayn Malik


6. Chapter 6


Luna's P.O.V

I arranged for Liam to meet me at my house on Friday afternoon. I would have school, pack my things for the weekend and Liam would drive me down to his cottage which was a good two and half hours from London. We told the rest of the gang our plan and everyone was up for it. Maritza was more than pleased to spend her weekend there too. Thank God for her cheerful personality, otherwise nothing would go the way I wanted it to. 

Liam's P.O.V

My car halted to a stop, I was parked in Luna's crammed driveway and I was careful not to scrap her father's car as I got out. I rang the door bell but received no answer. I must've been early so I decided to let myself in. The house was stuffy and the smell of cigarette lingered through the air. A note sat on the kitchen counter with "Luna" written in permanent marker at the top. I picked it up and began to read the cursive writing aloud. "Have fun this weekend sweetie, am safe and stay out of trouble ok? Love you! -Dad, p.s. I’m working late tonight so I'll see you when you come home on Sunday."

Her father didn't seem like the kind of guy she made him out to be, he seemed truly considered for her well being. Then again, Luna hated everyone. She wasn't even keen on me for the first day. It made me want to know more about Luna, she put this whole shield up so people couldn't find out how she really felt but I was dying to find out who she truly was.

I held the railing steadily as I padded up the creaking staircase. There was only one bedroom on the floor. I eased its door open to reveal a very wide scale, teenager’s bedroom. Luna's things were scattered across her room, stuff ranging from clothes to CD's to empty cigarette packets.

I skimmed the edges of her dresser with my finger tips as I explored her bedroom. A small leather book sat on her night table with a little lock on it; I picked it up and slid the latch out. It wasn’t locked which surprised me knowing Luna as the type of person to hide everything for everyone. I flipped through the pages of what I was assuming was her diary; I skipped to the date in which we had first met. She had summarized everything she did that day along with thoughts that left me in awe. I then flipped to the date of the concert; she talked about the after party, me and kissing her in my dressing room. I bite my lip as I read on, she couldn’t stop writing about how much she loved my un-classy behavior; of course she would.

It was my duty to teach how to her make good decisions. I wasn’t supposed feel this way about her. I set the diary down trying to clear my mind from this mess I was in. I turned to leave the room when I tripped over something forcing my body to slam into the carpet floor, something smashed beneath me; glass and lots of it. “What the hell” I winced pulling a piece of glass from hip. Luckily my heavy sweater protected most of my stomach from getting cut; only leaving petite scratches. I stood up and shook off the glass pieces from my clothing.

“Dude! You broke my bong!” Luna’s eyes darted at me as she stood in the doorway.

“I’m ok thanks for asking” I mumbled. Luna shook her and threw her backpack on the bed. “Come with me” she ordered, taking hold of my wrist leading me into her bathroom. “Sit down” She pointed a finger to toilet. I put the seat down and winced as I lowered my bottom down to rest on the toilet. Luna rummaged through her medicine cabinet pulling out bandages and peroxide. Her delicate hands ran a pink hand towel under the running water of the sink. “Take off your sweater” She ordered. I listened to her command pulling up my sweater and undershirt. “Now hold still” My eyes squeezed shut as her cool hands and towel cleaned the cuts on my abdomen. “Well that’s what you get for being noisy” she remarked, amused by actions.

I stared at her she dabbed a cotton ball with peroxide. “Your hair, it’s not blue anymore” I commented admiring her blonde locks. “Yeah, I change my hair color a lot” she replied casually. I bite my bottom lip when the peroxide made contact with my open sores. It stung slightly and I was trying my best not to wince. She placed a few small bandages, Goosebumps raised as her thumbs smoothed the bandage onto my skin. My breath hitched in my throat and lips parted when her tender fingers traced my v-lines, ‘L-Luna...” I stuttered. “shh” she hushed bringing her head down to my abdomen, She placed small kisses on each cut. My hand gripped the toilet paper holder and my heart pounded in my chest. Her index finger slid into my belt loop setting it free. Her fingers traced along the rim of my boxers making my body tense at her touch. “W-we are going to be late” I choked. Luna giggled, standing up. “I’ll go pack my stuff then” She whispered leaving me to sit in the bathroom wondering what the hell just happened.

I stared at wall, trying to bring my breathing to a normal pattern. What was this girl doing to me?

*On the road* Charlotte’s P.O.V

Everyone climbed into a bus that Niall rented out for the weekend. Much like a school bus the seats were leather and difficult to open. “I’ll drive!” Louis announced jumping into the driver’s seat. “I think I will mate, we want to get there as fast as we can and um, you’re not the fastest driver.” Niall said taking over the seat. Louis mumbled something sassy and made his way to the back of the bus. Niall didn’t look at me as helped me with my bags, I wouldn’t blame him for being mad at me if that was the case. He probably thought I was some cock tease, “thanks” I mumbled before taking a seat in the back of the bus.

Niall turned up the radio, blasting a Ke$ha song called “Crazy Kids”. Harry and Yessica stood up in their seats singing along, nearly shouting the lyrics. Ignoring everyone I popped my ear buds in and closed my eyes, taking a well needed nap.

I eyelids fluttered open when the bus was halted to a stop. I looked out the window to discover we had made a stop at a gas station. “Sorry guys, I gotta pee so badly” Maritza grabbed her purse and walked off the bus followed by Hind and Luna. My face felt sticky and itchy, I placed my hands on forehead, I gasped and help up my phone to see my reflection. In bright red lipstick someone had wrote “penis” across my forehead. I jumped from my seat to face the group. “alright, who did it?” I furrowed my eye brows and scanned the people sitting there. Harry began to chuckle deeply, completely giving him away. “You cheeky bastard!” I accused jumping on top of him, tickling him until he couldn’t breathe anymore. “Ok, Ok, You got me! Now release me woman!” Harry desperately gasped for air. I licked my thumb and rubbed it on his cheek. “Oh God EW! You’re just like Niall! You two should date, oh gross” I stepped off him, no longer laughing. “No more writing on my face” I muttered before returning to my seat. Well That was awkward as hell I thought to myself.

Hind’s P.O.V.

“I’m going to get some snacks from the convenience store, anyone want anything?” I asked the girls before they entered the ladies room. “Get a Whispa and a Yorkie bar for me please” Luna replied passing me a few pounds to pay for the sweets. “Nothing for me thanks” Maritza hastily spoke before rushing into the bathroom. “Be back in a minute” I mumbled walking over the store. I was searching for Luna’s sweets when I felt a large hand squeeze my bum. Assuming it was Louis I turned around, “Hey-I uh” I was caught of guard when I realized the man standing behind wasn’t Louis. “Hey sweetie, you looking for some fun?” The scary man looked me up and down, his gaze studied my chest. “Uhm, No thanks creep” I stepped back from him. It only made him come on stronger. “Oh come on baby, I see how you’re dressed. You obviously want to” I was wearing a low-cut short shorts and a lacy tank-top, Threw my arms up to my cover my breasts, just wanting him to go away.

“I think she told you she wasn’t interested” Louis spat walking towards the man.”Oh, yeah? Why do you care pretty boy? I’m not bothering you, am I?” he shifted his head to me, expecting me to say everything was fine. I shook my head. “You’re just a washed up sleaze anyways” The man backed off shaking head.

“Don’t talk about my girlfriend that way scum bag” Louis snapped, His muscles rippled in his arm as he threw a hard punch towards the man. His fist smashed right into the guy’s cheek bone. “Oh my god!” I shrieked as the guy hit the floor. “C’mon lets go” Louis furiously placed his hand on my lower back leading me out the room before anyone witnessed the scene.

I walked onto the bus dumbfounded, my cheeks burning red at the thought of Louis calling me his girlfriend. “Hey, where are my sweets?” Luna noticing I was empty handed. “Oh shit, I forgot... I’ll buy you them at the next stop” I said weakly before sitting down. Louis sat down in the seat with me, holding my thigh tightly. “Thank you” I whispered. Louis smirked at me. “I’d do it again love”

Niall turned on the ignition “Alright, Swiss Cottage here we come!” He yelled, revving the engine and pulling onto the road.

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