Change Your Ways

Everyone always see's Liam as the responsible one right? well it's true, but what if he wasn't always like that?

After being dumped by the love his life and his band's tour ending, Liam decides to reach out to teenagers with troubled lives in his spare time. Liam has never faced a challenge as big as Luna Forrest and her five best friends, Liam find's himself experiencing a new type of love, the taste of revenge and a fight with his lingering past.

"Lifes a funny thing, the minute you think you've got everything figured, something comes along and turns it all upside down." -Zayn Malik


12. Chapter 12

I popped my ear buds in, drowning the anxiety, trying to bury it down in a deep dark place and lock it up so I wouldn’t have to face it anymore. I laughed darkly, I’m not afraid of facing the anxiety at all. I know bloody well what I was truly afraid of facing, the fact that Liam was gone and never coming back.  Two hours had passed by, two fucking hours of pure and utter torture. I just wanted Liam back; I wanted to tell him how I felt. That I loved him and I wanted nothing more than to have him back. By this time, I was tired of sitting on a couch with Zayn; he was constantly asking me if I wanted tea or a warm blanket. It didn’t take me long until I snapped at him. “Get those out of my fucking face, you know what I want? Fucking Liam, but at this point I don’t think that’s ever going to happen is it?” I had said coldly, quickly regretting it as I could see that I wasn’t the only one hurting and witnessing the pain in Zayn’s wide brown eyes. Niall was here too, he was in much worse condition than myself. At first he was frantically searching for Liam, it was his best friend and I was just another girl. How could I compete? He had dived into the water before anyone could even take their shoes off. Zayn offered to take me up to house, stating he was afraid of water as well. His whole bad boy image didn’t seem as prominent anymore. After hearing him tell me his fears in some sort of attempt to make me calm down he seemed a lot less serious now, like there was an insecure little boy behind his tough guy persona.

“Niall sit down, you’ve helped enough.” Zayn instructed, pointing down at the sofa from which Niall had stood up from. “But the lad needs me! I can’t sit here while my best friend could be out there still alive” It was like the blue light that usually glinted in his eyes had faded away, leaving dull emotionless pupils. I watched intently, sniffling tears as Niall paced the room, tugging at the bleached mop of hair on his head with both hands before smashing a full fist at the wall. “For fucksakes!” he cussed, only getting angrier, doubling over in pain.

I felt so bad for the lad, I wanted to help him so desperately but all I could say was that everything was going to be ok, even if it was more than obvious that it wasn’t. Niall promptly turned to me, piercing eyes staring back at me. “Two minutes ago you said didn’t think he was going to come back, now you’re saying everything will be ok? Bloody hell you’re a pretty big hypocrite aren’t you? … y’know, this is all your fault, if Danielle was still around none of this would’ve happened in the first place.” He indicted frigidly.

My eyes grew wide, completely left speechless. Nobody had ever said something so mean like that to me in my life, other than my mother. “Holy shit Niall! Take a fucking seat and rethink what you just said, this isn’t Luna’s fault and you know damn well it isn’t!” Zayn barked, defending me. “You know damn well it is her fault mate! So you can sit here and baby her all you want but I’m actually going to make myself useful and search for Liam and when I find him I’ll be sure to make him realize you’re a waste of breathe” Niall sneered at me before turning away and running outside.

“Niall wait!- Jesus Christ”  Zayn tried to catch him but Niall was already gone, Zayn sighed loudly before turning back to meet my gaze. “I’m sorry; please don’t take it to heart. Niall is always saying things he doesn’t mean. I’d be damned if it got him into some serious trouble one day.” Zayn sighed, searching my eyes fir forgiveness. I just shook my head and shifted my head away. For a brief moment I stared out the window, looking down at what would be a gorgeous view of a simple and small cottage lake, if it wasn’t contaminated with the possibility of a dead body floating around it, I cringed at the horrible thought.

“No, he’s right, this is entirely my fault. How stupid was I to actually think I could mold him into the guy I want, rather than accept him for who he is? He would’ve never done something that stupid with Danielle, am I correct?” before Zayn could even muster an answer I stormed away,  swiftly shutting the bathroom door as I entered the small closed in room. I clasped the sink with both hands, think Luna think, He has to be somewhere. I opened the sink cubby and retrieved a pair of children’s pool goggles, and found my sliver bikini drying on the towel rack. I quickly got dressed and tugged Liam’s Burberry tee over my head and searched for an escape; Zayn couldn’t see me. No one could, they wouldn’t allow me to be out there searching. They already think I’m emotionally unstable for crashing into the house like a mad women. I would have to sneak into the forest without being seen and find my way to the back of the Lake House.


I quietly slipped into the French doors of the lake House, carefully taking small steps in the dark room just in case anyone was nearby. I searched the many cabinets against both walls for a source of light. With great luck I came upon a water proof flash light, I didn’t even think that sort of thing existed, either way I was extremely pleased with it.

I gulped; this was my second go at finding Liam. My bare feet padded across the wooden floor boards towards the space that was no longer occupied by a boat, so that’s where everyone went. I highly doubt they’d have any luck finding Liam while riding in a stupid boat. I slowly dipped my feet into the cool water, taking my time as I carefully inched my body into the lake.

That’s when I felt something hard smack the back of my head, next thing I knew everything was black as night and I couldn’t feel anything, as if I didn’t exist. All I could possibly think was, is this what death feels like?

Louis’ POV

“Any sign of him?” I asked solemnly as I shifted the boat into a new direction around the lake. “Nope” Dominique sighed sadly. We had been searching for what felt like hours, I just didn’t want to give up hope now. “Holy Shit is that Niall?” My eyes grew wide as we approached the shore; Niall was hauling something out of the lake house. “Lou, make this thing go faster!” Charlotte emphasized, just as eager to see what it was Niall was holding.

The second the boat had reached the sand everyone immediately piled out, dashing towards Niall. “Mate! Is that what I think it is?” I yelled, not sure whether to be happy or upset. Niall’s face fell at the sight of us, as did mine when I saw what was in hands. “Why do you have my kayak?” I asked crossly, yanking it away from him. “I was just trying to help.” He frowned. “Niall, at this point there is basically nothing you, or any of us can do. I know you want to help but taking my kayak out onto the lake isn’t going to help.” I watched the tears form at the corner of his eyes, a single teardrop slid down his reddened cheek. “Come on mate, go get something to eat. Lou’s got everything under control; he’ll take care of it from here.” Harry stepped forward, taking a sulking Niall back to the cabin. “I just want my best friend back” Niall whimpered. “I know dude, but we’ve got to stay strong ok?” Harry threw his arm around Niall as they left. It hurt everyone to see Niall like this; he was definitely taking this the hardest out of all of us. I couldn’t imagine what state Luna must be in right now.

I nudged Charlotte, who was sort of shell shocked by the whole thing. “You should go to; it would be good for Niall to be with you for a bit.” Charlotte nodded and trotted off to catch up with Harry and Niall. Leaving me with the other three girls and the love of my life, Hind.

What was happening to me? I used to be such a silly, fun loving guy when I was with Eleanor, I had never felt obligated to protect Eleanor in the same way as I wanted to protect Hind. She was so fragile, like porcelain. I’d hate to admit it but I was constantly being overwhelmed with jealousy. I felt my back muscles tense and my fists clench thinking about what Niall’s Cousin Max tried to do to Hind last.

How was she still together? She must be traumatized. The bloody prick was going to pay for it, if it’s the last thing I do.

“Lou? You ok?” Hind’s smooth finger tips touched my tensed muscles of my bicep. “Oh my God” she muttered, admiring my build. “You’re pretty fit yourself love.” I chuckled. A shy smile crept on her lips. “Thank you… thank you for last night too.” She whispered, her voice becoming small and weak as she finished her sentence. “Don’t thank me; I’ll always defend the ones I love.” I gave her a reassuring smile before kissing the back of her hand, cheesy, but it lightened the mood a bit.

“Now let’s get this back into the lake house” I ordered everyone back in the boat.

Luna’s POV

I woke up groggy and my head was pounding. A large, rough hand brushed the matte of hair out of my face, my vision slurred and I couldn’t make out who it was, I quickly realized I was in someone’s lap, my head resting on their chest. The sweet smell of aftershave filled my nostrils, making my head snap and I was now fully awake. “Liam?!” I exclaimed, fisting his tee-shirt with my hand so I could prop myself up for a better view at his face. His tan skin was ice-cold and he still had a little bit of a scruff left on his cheeks. “Oh my God, we’re dead aren’t we?” I briefly glanced at the room surrounding us; we were in the loft of the lake house. Oh, so we aren’t dead…

“How long have we been up here? What’s going on? Where were you this whole time? Did you knock me out?” I asked, he still hadn’t spoken. “I’ll explain in a minute, here’s something for your head.” Liam passed capsule and mug of water to me; I gladly took them and swallowed the capsule. “Well?” I said impatiently after a few minutes of silence. “I had to get away for a couple of hours, that’s all. I knocked myself on the head on purpose. I didn’t actually get hurt. I had to make you think I was anywhere but up here.” He explained, my face twisted in confusion. Why the hell would he do that? Why did he want to be up here? I began to notice the dark circles under his chocolate orbs. His lips were almost blue, and he was twitching slightly.

“Bloody hell Liam, are you on drugs?” Liam smiled widely in response. This wasn’t funny. “Why did you hit me Liam?” I asked again, scared to know the answer. “Oh, I thought you were the government watching me… I can’t remember pulling you back out but um have you have watched the weather channel recently? The weather lady is absolutely buzzin’ ” My eyes darted towards a small white baggy behind Liam. “Liam what is that?” I questioned about the pack grabbing it before he could. It was untouched though, the small baggy was filled to the top with a white powder, cocaine. “What were you using to get your high?” I continued to ask questions, but he was useless for answers. I observed the small loft for drugs, but I didn’t find anything.

“Whatever, let’s just get out of here yeah?” I pulled away from Liam to get to my feet but he refused to let go. “No, let’s stay here.” He said darkly, his entire mood had changed. Liam pulled me closer and I could pull away, I tried prying myself out of his grip but he was ridiculously strong. A smirk spread across his pale lips, even when he looked this sick he was still utterly beautiful. I couldn’t help but gasp slightly as lips were placed between my breasts. His warm touch left a wet trail right up to my collar bones, giving me Goosebumps. “For being submerged in nasty lake water you still taste like sugar.” He murmured, moving his mouth to the crook of neck, pushing my soaked, strawberry blond behind my shoulder.

The hairs on my skin rose as cool hands grazed over my now bare shoulders, just realizing the Burberry tee was gone and I was only wearing my bathing suit, that’s explained why I was freezing. “Mm, I bet you’re tight” Liam hummed, my eyes grew wide. “Excuse me?!” Liam laid a large hand over my mouth shushing me as he continued to kiss my neck. “I’m not stupid, I know for a fact you haven’t lost your virginity” He made me feel so… innocent, wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around? This wasn’t like Liam at all, I just wasn’t sure if I liked it.

“I want to make love to someone I love” I said honestly, butterflies were already filling my stomach. I had never gone farther than making out with a boy. Being a slut wasn’t exactly something I was known for. “Well then let’s not make love, let’s fuck” Liam pushed me seductively to the lofts floor boards, I didn’t protest, I’m not sure why I didn’t. But it soon clicked in my head; I was in love with Liam.

“I really should be mad at you” I whispered, hungrily kissing his smirking lips. I retracted, tasting something tangy on his lips. “were you smoking pot?” Liam nodded, not understanding why I was asking the question. “I think it was laced with something” Liam’s eyes grew wide with fear, which in all honestly I didn’t expect.

Normal Liam had resurfaced, getting up off me beginning to panic. “What the hell am I doing? How could I be so stupid? I-I’m sorry, I promised you wouldn’t see me like this again and I didn’t keep that promise” Liam ran a now sweaty palm through his brown hair. “We need to get out of here before the others are even more worried.” He spoke again, reaching out a hand towards me. I complied and took it.

“Let’s just tell them you were knocked out on shore ok?” I blurted, nobody could know about the drugs. Especially not Harry, I broke his promise about taking care of Liam. I didn’t need another One Direction member hating me.




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