Change Your Ways

Everyone always see's Liam as the responsible one right? well it's true, but what if he wasn't always like that?

After being dumped by the love his life and his band's tour ending, Liam decides to reach out to teenagers with troubled lives in his spare time. Liam has never faced a challenge as big as Luna Forrest and her five best friends, Liam find's himself experiencing a new type of love, the taste of revenge and a fight with his lingering past.

"Lifes a funny thing, the minute you think you've got everything figured, something comes along and turns it all upside down." -Zayn Malik


11. Chapter 11


Maritza’s POV

I woke up from an amazing dream, I dreamt of Harry’s lingering finger tips grazing my sensitive skin as his plump lips leaned in close to kiss mine. Soon coming to the unbelievable realization it wasn’t a dream, it had become a reality last night. “Mmm Harry, You smell amazing” I murmured snuggling close to his warm, bare chest as we lie in his king size bed. Smooth silk fabric is pulled up to my shoulders, covering me and Harry for warmth. “Happy Birthday, Marmalade.” His deep and thick accent conversed. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just call me Marmalade.” I smiled; eyes still closed as I breathe against his bare chest. “What? I like Marmalade, It suits you. It’s sweet and tastes like heaven” I couldn’t see his face at the moment but it was obvious he held a cheeky grin against his lips, dimples and all. “Haz?” I looked up to see floppy, wild curls spread across his forehead. “Yes Mar?” Long fingers brushing a section of his thick curls to one side of his head; out of his eyes. “Did we do more than? … You know” My voice coming out uneasy. I felt his large hand stroke the skin above my underwear, making goose bumps rise across my stomach. “God, how I’d like to do that again.” He spoke, referring to the oral sex he performed on me after pulling me away from the Tiki bar last night. My eyes widen slightly, not sure if we had gone to the extent of intercourse. I was already regretting my intake of booze yesterday.

He emitted a soft chuckle. “I like my girls sober; I have more class than you think darling.” I let out a sigh of relief. As much as I like Harry I wasn’t ready to give up my virginity to him. I pondered on whether I’d ever be ready to make such a big leap, the whole subject made me cringe. I guess you could say I was the innocent one of my friends.

“I did never doubt your class Mr. Styles” I laughed, gliding my hand over the rim of his boxers reaching its destination on his lower back. “Fuck, I wish you called me Mr. Styles more often. It’s sophisticated yet gratifying in a very, very sexual tense. Simple, but effective” He marveled on my new nickname for him.

Our cuddling was soon interrupted when an upset Luna burst through the door. She was in such a fuss, eyes puffy and red and her chest heaving deeply, her clothes and hair were soaked right through and her cheeks were stained with mascara. Harry sat up as did I, sliding out of bed Harry jogged over to Luna standing in the door way. “Love what’s going on?” She was at a loss for words, breath trembling and hands shaking, she only did that when she was really nervous or something awful was happening. “Babe! Please tell me what’s wrong!” I panicked sliding out of bed in my bra and underwear, It didn’t really seem as a bother to me if my best friend saw me like this or not. My only concern was her right now. “I-I h-he. The lake house, Ll-ake L-L-Liam he’s gone! He’s fucking gone!” Harry’s mouth dropped, in a flash he was fully clothed and out the door, running to the lake house along with everyone else in the cabin, Luna must’ve woke them up too. I didn’t understand… I checked my phone as I rushed down to the lake house. It was only 7 AM, why were Luna and Liam in the lake house so early in the morning? And what in god’s name happened to Liam?



6 AM

Luna’s POV

Liam and I giggled as we passed Niall’s room, we stopped to listen to his conversation with Charlotte as they chatted amongst themselves. I wasn’t surprised to find out that they would get to together eventually. Niall was quietly playing his guitar as she sang the lyrics to some song I’ve never heard before, She was always an amazing singer, her and Dominique both. Liam had to cover his mouth from laughing too loudly when we heard Niall using a corny pick-up line on her. I was shocked to hear her actually laugh at that, she always hated pick up lines, especially guys who used them; the talking stopped and so did the guitar. Shit did they hear us? My panic quickly converted to embarrassment when a loud moan came through the door. “Nial-ll I-I mhm, yeah.” Charlotte whimpered. I spat out the coffee I was drinking, why were Liam and I still standing here? “You give amazing back rubs” She moaned again, a few seconds later. I couldn’t help but laugh, how could I not? I couldn’t possibly think Charlotte would actually be having sex with a guy, let alone be alone with one in his bedroom. As if it was just a back rub, Liam snagged my hand and pulled me to the front door and setting my coffee down on the way. “C’mon I have an idea” he chimed. He practically yanked me all the way to the lake, trying my best not to trip as I kept up with his steady pace, I squealed slightly when he scooped me up as we went down to the water front. “You’re such a slow runner” he teased. I can’t believe he just threw me over his shoulder and insulted me, ass.

“Follow me” He said as I was set back down on the ground. “Alright, hey... Where is everyone from the party? Did they go home?” Liam only chuckled at me, like it was obvious why people weren’t here. “Well?” I tapped my foot, impatiently waiting on a proper answer. “Don’t worry about that, I have a better Idea.” Once again taking my hand in his he dragged me into the lake house. I watched in a amusement as he pulled an ancient looking Canoe from against the wall. “Here’s your life jacket, quick put it on.” I stared at him like he had completely lost his mind. “If you think I’m getting in that you’re wrong.” I snarled, he knew I was afraid of water. Sure, being the creek was nothing but I refuse to go near boats or deep bodies of water, absolutely no fucking way. “C’mon try it” He kneeled dramatically on his knees with his hands directly in front of him as he pleaded for me to go with him. “Do you see me trying to make you eat with spoons? No, so don’t make me get into that ready-to-break contraption.” I snapped, crossing my arms. Liam hates it when people mention his fear of spoons, He said something about certain fans refusing to eat with spoons after an interview he mentioned his ridiculous fear in. What Hind likes to call a “Carrot”.

One Direction’s popularity almost made me sick sometimes. I almost felt like I held this superiority over fans, I knew who Liam really was and they knew him as how he presented himself as a celebrity. You would not believe how different celebrities act when they don’t have to act like celebrities.

“Luna, please. This thing is perfectly safe; you’ll be safe with me anyways.” Liam seductively pulled me closer to him, decreasing the distance between us. Kissing my forehead, his hands cupped my hips as we swayed back and forth. “I’ll show you, it’s perfectly out of harm’s way.” He muttered. He pulled away swift and slid the canoe into the water opening at the end of the lake house where you would normally store a boat. I cautiously slipped into the canoe and made himself comfy on the wooden planks inside. “See? It’s spot on now- whoa, whoa!” The canoe began to rock, Liam losing his balance causing the whole thing to tip over with him in it. “Liam be careful! There are rocks everywhere!” I yelped, dashing to edge of the floor boards in front of the water. The large paddle in Liam’s hand went flying up into the air as he plunged into the water. It came back down on his head, smashing his cranium before disappearing into the dark body of water. I couldn’t see him, and he wasn’t coming up out of the water. Oh God, he was knocked out.

I tried my best to push all the worst possible scenarios to the back of my mind. I screamed his name repeatedly but still nothing. I sucked in a sharp breath; I knew what I had to do, face one of my biggest fears. I slid off my moccasins before diving in after him.



Zayn’s POV

6:50 AM

I stood in front of the mirror for what felt like years, staring back at myself. I let out a deep chuckle at the idea of people thinking I was “vain”. I still blame Lou for planting that idea inside people’s minds. The truth was I didn’t think I was attractive what so ever, I was constantly trying to make somewhat attractive faces in photo’s just to make myself look at least half decant. I ran a sweaty palm through the blonde streak in my hair. I was still getting used to it, I can’t believe I let Dominique and her mother dye that into my hair. Oh Dominique, even the mention of her name made my heart skip a beat, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said last week… her words left an indent in my mind. “He took me up on that offer for a lap dance.” I’m sure it was just some harmless fun, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I was being used. Like that remark was said to make Liam jealous or inferring something… Did Liam and Dommi have feelings for each other before? Was she using me to piss off Liam? Of course she was, what would a beautiful girl like Dominique want with a guy like me? I actually felt so stupid for thinking she actually cared about me.

My heart jolted when the bathroom door swung open, I was greeted by a very, very drunk Dominique. Her exotic body still dressed in the hula skirt and coconut bra, I couldn’t help but let my lips part slightly in reaction to the goddess standing before me. “I’ve been looking for you all night, first you’re grabbing my boobs and dancing with me… now you’re avoiding me, is everything ok?” Dominique tried to hold it together, leaning against the door so she wouldn’t fall over. “I can’t have this conversation with you, you’re piss drunk.” I said in a low voice, looking away. Dominique’s face twisted in confusion. “I’m not that drunk, and that shouldn’t bloody matter whether I am or not. If you’re avoiding me I would like to know why.” She snapped. I just put my head down and stared at my shoes; I didn’t know what to say. “I need a light” I grumbled, pushing past her and retrieving a pack of cigarettes from my pocket. In a quick movement she had me pinned against the wall outside the bathroom. “Not until you tell me why you’re acting this way.” She hissed. Why did she care? “I’m sorry; I just don’t feel like being your rebound. Now let me go” I snarled. She didn’t let go, she only pressed my wrist harder against the wall. “Rebound? You think you’re a fucking rebound? Is this about the whole lap dance thing?” Her gaze pierced through me, I nodded slightly as I held the tears in. Men don’t cry, even if I am this broken. Dominique slowly released her tight grip and backed off. “I didn’t mean anything by that Zayn, it was a joke. I didn’t actually offer him a lap dance or even have feelings for him.” Her smooth hand made contact with my rough cheek; I hadn’t shaved in a few days. “I love you, I wouldn’t ever use you Zayn” She… said she loved me. Dominique said she actually loved me. This time I did cry, but not because I was hurt or sad, it was tears of pure joy; I abruptly swept Dominique off her feet before setting her down on the counter in the kitchen. “Have you even slept?” I asked, noticing the dark circles around her eyes. “No… I’ve been having too much fun.” I watched as she flipped her long dark hair over her shoulder, her gaze traveling over to me. “God you’re sexy Zayn, especially with that blonde streak in your hair.” She breathed, running her fingers through the blonde chunk as she said it. I chest felt like a huge weight had been lifted off it, I didn’t feel like shy, insecure Zayn anymore. I wasn’t afraid to be myself around her, I was coming out of my shell a bit. I let my hands gild up the soft skin of her though and placed rough, wet kisses on her shoulders and neck. I wasn’t like the other guys when it came to sex, we shared everything and I was the only one who enjoyed taking control the most. I liked making the girl beg for mercy and scream my name. I gripped Dominique’s hair, pulling her head back as I kissed her jaw line and sucked on her earlobe. I pushed myself between her legs and whispered profound things in her ear. “Oh Zayn” She giggled, heat coming from her cheeks. I didn’t care if someone walked in us; I shifted my fingers to her back about to untie the silly outfit when a blood curdling scream pitched through the room. “What the fuck?” I cussed, Letting go of Dominique completely. “That sounds like Luna, let’s go” Dominique ordered. We both rushed to the patio window that peered out over the lake. I spotted Luna sprinting out the water and up to the house. What the hell was going on?


>>>>>>>>------------------AUTHORS NOTE---------------------<<<<<<<<

Hey guys! Thank you sooo much for reading!

Sorry if the grammar isn’t perfect, I’m really tired ;c Anyways so yeah sorry I haven’t updated too because of school and work and stuff but march break or spring break in coming up in a week so I’ll have tons of time to write.


Tables have turned eh?

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