Change Your Ways

Everyone always see's Liam as the responsible one right? well it's true, but what if he wasn't always like that?

After being dumped by the love his life and his band's tour ending, Liam decides to reach out to teenagers with troubled lives in his spare time. Liam has never faced a challenge as big as Luna Forrest and her five best friends, Liam find's himself experiencing a new type of love, the taste of revenge and a fight with his lingering past.

"Lifes a funny thing, the minute you think you've got everything figured, something comes along and turns it all upside down." -Zayn Malik


10. Chapter 10

                                                                          Luna's P.O.V

"Here, I'll light it for you" I rolled a small joint and held it out to Liam. He briefly starred at it before taking it in his hand and shakily placing it between his lips. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to" I reassured, my subconscious begging me to convince him out of it. "A little joint won't hurt me" he said casually, pulling it out of his mouth and placing it back between his plump lips again. His big hand reached out to my small one, intertwining our fingers together as I held out a lighter, igniting the flame as it lit the end of the paper. I watched in amusement as Liam carefully sucked, inhaling the drug deeply before exhaling the smoke in a smooth, relaxed manor. Small rings of smoke escaped from his mouth. I was in awe as the rings grew bigger as they blew out. "I bet Harry didn't teach you that one either" I winked. "No, I can thank Nialler for that, you wouldn't believe what he gets away with." He chuckled as he passed me the joint, a keen grin plastered across his face. I loved it when he smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkled slightly and he seemed so innocent, so young. But that wasn't the case anymore, I knew his story and this entire time that he's been trying to change me, really I've been changing him back into the person he used to be.

Still sitting with Liam in the cabin the room was a total blur, my mind focused on nothing but Liam. It took me a brief moment to realize Dominique and Zayn were huddled in a circle with us too. "Where did everyone go?" I wondered aloud. "They're all down at the campfire, Niall and Charlotte went to bed together...If you know what I mean" Dominique tossed her long dark tendrils of hair and wiggled her eyebrows at her suggestive comment. "Come on, let's go dance" My almost limp body was abruptly yanked up by Dominique and Liam, I threw my arm around Liam's shoulder as Dommi and Zayn followed us out of the cabin.


"Can I ask you something?" I finally spoke, breaking the silence as me and Dominique sat at the tiki bar while the boys stood by the campfire. Dominique popped a cherry in her mouth before answering. "Shoot" I observed as she threw the pit of the fruit in a small glass bowl. "Have you and Zayn... like, done it yet?" Dominique set her Pina Colada down and furrowed her eyebrows, studying my face. "No, why?... Oh my God! Did you and Liam?!" She squealed, making people in the bar turn heads. "Shhh... keep your voice down Dommi." She compiled by quietly whispering in an excited tone. "Well did you? you did didn't you?!" I shook my head and laughed, taking another sip of my drink. "No Dominique. I don't think he likes that." I hadn't even looked at her yet but I knew her mouth was hanging open in disbelief. "You are kidding right? I see the way he looks at you, he treats you like gold. How could you possibly think he feels different?" I bit my lip as I searched for Liam in the crowd. He was dancing with a blonde haired girl with bright red lips who was in nothing but a tiny pink bikini just barely hanging on to her tan skin. I felt anger pick up in my chest as I breathed heavily, watching them close the distance between them. The girl pulled a small silver pill package from her bikini bottoms and revealed it to Liam. There I was thinking it was a condom I slid off my barstool and darted towards them as fast I could. "H-hey where are you going?" Dommi grabbed my wrist before I could crash into the couple.

"I'll be back" I squirmed out of her grip.

My eyes were locked on them, I didn't know what to say to her as I made my way over. I'm going to punch you out because you're trying to fuck the guy that doesn't even like me. It sounded worse than I thought. I found my feet halt to an abrupt stop and my whole body froze in its place. The package wasn't what I thought it was. It was a pill package, Blondie popped the white pill out of its packaging and lifted it to Liam's smiling lips. He complied, opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue. All I could do was dash in between them, grabbing Liam's face and pulling it to mine. The girl must of taken off because Liam hadn't let go of my rear. His lips caressing mine in front of everyone, fingers cupping the back of my thighs as he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I gasped for air as I drew back from the kiss. "What do you think you were doing?" My tone becoming serious. "Nothing, its fine ... now be quiet and kiss me" He leaned in again but I jerked away and made contact with the ground once again. "That wasn't just nothing Liam, that could've been an extremely dangerous drug. You can't just lie to me like that, I'm not a child." "Luna, I-" He reached out me but I pulled away.

"Don't touch me" I barked. I felt the tears well up as I ran back to the main cabin, not bothering to look back at his petty face.

I left Dominique to sit at the bar completely stunned, I could only imagine what she was going to do to Liam. I trudged into the house ignoring everyone inside, slamming my bedroom door. How could I have been that stupid to think he would be able to handle himself with drugs again? Walking over to bed I stripped off the stupid hawaiian outfit and rummaged through my bag. "Shit" I muttered, realizing I forgot to bring sweats and a t-shirt. I slipped on a pair of underwear and slid under the covers, bunching the duvet up to my neck. I wiped the salty tears from my eyes and cheeks as I sobbed in silence. I was interrupted by a soft knock on my door. "Go away" I sniffled. I heard a loud groan come from the other side. "Please let me in" A deep British accent said smoothly from behind the door. I scrambled up, clutching the duvet to my chest. Hesitantly I unlatched the door knob and stepped back. The door slowly eased open revealing Liam with an extremely unreadable expression . He came into room without force and proceeded to shut the door behind him, leaving us in darkness. "You can turn the light on" I murmured looking away from him. Ignoring me he leaned against the door and spoke. "I can handle myself Luna, I just don't want you to worry about me that's all. I wasn't trying to make you feel like a child, If I thought you were a child I wouldn't do this." I felt his warm hands grab my hips and grinding them with his. The duvet still hung loosely between or close bodies. His plump lips making contact with my cold skin as he kissed my neck affectionately. I was too in love with him to pull away this time. I winced slightly as he sucked at the tender skin, forcing the blood to rise to the surface as I fisted his hair. After a short while his lips left my neck and traveled to my trembling lips. There he sucked on my bottom lip briefly before placing a soft kiss to the corner of my mouth. "Stay" I whispered as he held me tight. He nodded handing a t-shirt of his to me. "I knew you'd forget to bring pajamas" he whispered, chuckling under his breath. I smiled as I slipped the top over my head before settling in with Liam for the night.

                                                                        Hind's P.O.V

Aside from the hideous hula skirt and coconut bra, this party was a real hit. Unfortunately Maritza disappeared before we could even give her the birthday cake me and Lou made. I'm sure she was having fun though. I decided it was getting too hot to sit by the campfire as I walked across the property; my beer cup in hand. "Hey Hind! want to come play some pool with us?" A group of guys had all stopped on their way to the cabin. "Sure, why not? Don't be surprised when I beat you though. I'm wicked at pool." I challenged them taking one of the guys hands. I felt awkward going with them back to the cabin, especially dressed the way I was, Louis was going to kill me. Especially since he's the jealous type.


"Ok guys, I'm going to take a break from beating you all. Be back in a minute." I waved them off as I padded my bare feet towards the bathroom line up, I didn't have the patience for this. I found my way to the basement, trying not to fall as I stumbled down the staircase. I had way too much to drink tonight, I wasn't always this much of a heavy drinker. I guess Luna and Dominique were starting to rub off on me.

"Schisse" I cursed.

The bathroom door was locked, just great. I lifted the mat and checked behind a flower pot for a key. Nothing. "Looking for something?" A tall slender guy with dirty blonde hair and striking blue eyes from the pool group stood in the doorway, he looked like an older version of Niall almost. He held a small silver key in his right hand, waving it around. "Oh thank you so much" I walked over to take the key but he held it up out of my reach. "Not so fast babe, Your names Hind right?" I stepped back, eyeing him. "Yeah, why? Do I know you?" I crossed my arms, keeping my distance. "No, but we can get to know each other... you're a model right?" He had me basically pinned against the wall in the dark basement. "Please, just let me use the bathroom in peace." I pleaded. He made my skin crawl, I didn't like where this was going.

"Oh c'mon, why not have a little fun while I'm here. You won't remember anything in the morning anyways sweets. I've been watching you tonight Hind, I've never seen a girl drink as much as you in my lifetime." His head was now in the crook of my neck, his hot breath just inches away from my skin. I froze there, unable to move. His lips met my tender skin. "P-please, stop." I whispered, fisting his t-shirt to push him away. He grabbed my wrist and held it to my chest, "Your accent is so cute, It only makes me want you more babe." He whistled in his Irish accent. "Get away from me!" I screamed, slapping him in the face. I sprint away from his grasp and ran farther into the basement, trying to lose him in the darkness. I curled up behind some old cardboard boxes. The whole area reeked with the stench of must and rotting wood. I slowed down my breathing so he wouldn't hear me catching my breath.

"Oh c'mon baby, I don't like playing games. I'm not all that bad If you give me a chance." I heard his footsteps come closer to my hiding spot. What the hell do I do now? I panicked. Leaning back onto the wall, I soon realized It was door as I fall back into the room. Scrambling up, I ran in and slammed the door. It was a spare bedroom, My hands pressed firmly onto the door as I got to catch my breath, A few minutes later thinking I had lost him I let go, I really wish I hadn't.

"I know you're in there sweets" he whistled.

The door swung open, hitting me in the shoulder roughly, forcing me to fall flat on my back. I was unable to fight back, the room fading out and I knew I was going to be attacked by this creep. My eyes fluttered shut as my body levitated from the ground; he was carrying me to the bed. "please, don't" I said weakly, under my breath. He shushed me as he massaged my injured arm, his kindness didn't last long before he roughly pushed his hands up my skirt. I whimpered as he placed small kisses to stomach and hip bones. "Stop!" I cried painfully. His large hand came over my mouth as he palmed just over my underwear. My screams muffled as he pinned me down, forcing himself onto me. "You legs are so smooth, Don't say you weren't asking for this, you're all groomed." I wanted to throw up from his disgusting words. His large hands grabbed both my thighs and pushed himself between them, so he could lean over me. His large hands tightening around my breasts. When my mouth was free I tried to scream out for help, but only a small squeak escaped my lips, the wind had been knocked out of me.With my eyes squeezed shut I could hear his belt buckle pop open. I had lost the struggle and whatever strength I had to fight back.

His hand was just about to slip under my bra when it was quickly yanked away, his whole body was ripped away from mine, crashing against the ground. I looked up to see Louis beating the shit out this guy, his fist violently pounded down onto the guys face like rain in april. "You don't ever lay your hands on a woman without her permission, especially not my girlfriend." I watched the blood ooze from the guys mouth and nose. "Louis you're going to kill him! Please stop!" Louis rolled his eyes and pulled the guy up from his collar. "If I ever see you near her again I will personally snap your neck. You got that?" The guy nodded frantically before fleeing the room. Louis walked into the guest bathroom to rinse his bloody hands, coming back out, his eyes had softened a little, even though it was dark in the room I knew he had somewhat relaxed, but nothing could shake off what just happened.

"I told you I'd protect you" He said panting. I finally realized why he was looking at me so wide eyed. I had tucked my knees to my chest in a tight ball; completely shaken. He took a small step towards me making me to flinch. "I'm not going to hurt you Hind" His voice low and hurt. "Can you walk me to Yessica's room?" I whispered, I was so afraid to be alone. "You can always stay with me, you might feel a little safer love" he offered.

"I don't really think that's a good idea Lou, not right now ok?" I was still trying to move past the image of Louis almost punching a man to death. "Of course babe" He cautiously walked me up stairs not saying a word. I refused to touch him as I entered the room and shutting the door,I just wanted to go back home.


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