Angel's Book Of Poems

Diferent poems of mine. Hope you enjoy


9. Looking Back At Me

You are looking back at me

With my heart you will see

Night and day, your never far away

No matter where I am


You are the sun that light's my day

The rain for me

You are my rock

My only world


You made my wish come true

Because I mean so much to you

Your love for me is so strong

This is where I belong


My arm's are open wide so let me hold you

While you look into my eyes

You can see how much you mean to me

I am the mirror of your soul


Finally I'm all yours, after some time

I was brought here from a road that was hard

It is okay no matter what comes

You will never leave my side


Don't let go hold my hand

You are my rock

My rain

Across the dark you light my way


Your love leads me

Through day and night

Your looking back at me

You will be there


Looking into my heart

We are together now

Through every storm

We will find our way


You will look back at me

Me and my heart

Your love will lead me through day and night

Your never far away

No matter where I am


Your my light that guides me across the dark

Your my rain

My love

My one rock


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