Angel's Book Of Poems

Diferent poems of mine. Hope you enjoy


13. A Shadow

A shadow is following me

Every where I go

It knows my every move

How far can I go?


I feel a breeze upon my cheek

A single tear falls

I silently wish upon a star


A shadow on my shoulder

Watching me

whispers my name


A shadow that won't go away

It holds me still

I cannot move


It is like a shadow of silence

So quiet not a sound to be heard

A silent shadow


A shadow of the night

Knows everything

Like a shadow on the wall


Each night as I try to sleep

I see a shadow on the wall

It will not leave me alone


It comes in the stillness

Of the night

Like a whisper of the wind


A shadow that plays with my mind

I feel so shallow and slow

When will this shadow leave me alone?


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