The Fan fiction That Changed My Life

Aubrey was a 18 year old girl. Who is a secret from everyone. She judges fan fictions and what will happen if she has to judge homemade fan fictions from the band them self? What happens if it was the band she absolute dislikes? Will she fall in love with 1/5 of one direction or will she cause problems? Read this story for love, hate, heartbroken and drama


2. Bad News

I was walking to work after I got my coffee from Starbucks. As I opened the door, my friend Avery ran up to me and screamed "GUESS WHAT!" "WHAT!? DID ADAM LAMBERT ACCEPT OUR DEAL?!" I asked really excited. "Well no. But we are going to work with the most campuses band ever." "What? Is it Little Mix?" "No! It is...... ONE DIRECTION AAAAH!" What? Oh great now I have to spend the whole week with those immature boys. "And guess what else?" "What?" I asked annoyed. "We're starting today. AAAAAH" WHAT! No no no! I can't start today..... It's my parents Annual Death Year!
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