The Fan fiction That Changed My Life

Aubrey was a 18 year old girl. Who is a secret from everyone. She judges fan fictions and what will happen if she has to judge homemade fan fictions from the band them self? What happens if it was the band she absolute dislikes? Will she fall in love with 1/5 of one direction or will she cause problems? Read this story for love, hate, heartbroken and drama


1. Intro

Hi. My name is Aubrey. I'm 18 and I'm an only child with no mom and dad. They died in a car accident when I was 15. Nobody cared about me so I moved to America. I have a house and I work with my friend and my job is really easy. I work as a judge on fan fictions. I have to do a celebrity every week. Last week was The Wanted and I am absolute disgusted. There was not one story with out sexual scenes. Anyway today I'm supposed to find out which celebrity I have for the week. I have to go work time . Bye!! :-)
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