Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


1. Wake up!

Elizabeth's P.O.V

I wake up to the insistant blare of my alarm clock. I turn in bed to see what time it was. The big red letters read "4:30 am". What the hell? Why was I waking up that early? I sit in bed and think for a minute. The reason hit me like a truck. Holy crap! Today is the day I go to England with my best friend Lily! I get up and run across the small apartment that Lily and I share. I run into Lily's room and jump on her bed. "Wake up! The sooner you wake up the sooner we get to leave this damn town!", I scream excitedly. Lily sits up in bed and puts on her glasses. She groans and asks, "Elizabeth,  why did we choose the take the plane that leaves at six in the morning?"  I roll my eyes and reply, "Just get your lazy ass out of bed and get ready." 


She stretches, yawns, and gets out of bed. She walks over to the mirror on her wall and starts combing out her long brown hair. I sit on her bed and watch her. I always thought Lily was beautiful. She has long brown hair, beautiful eyes that changed with the season (currently they were blue), no acne, and perfectly skinny even though she ate like a pig. Sadly I was stuck with blonde, very thick, and hard to manage hair. Along with weird blue colored eyes, acne (luckily it has calmed down lately, leaving me with only one pimple), and yes I am skinny but I work very hard to keep it that way (I am a naturally chubby person). 


Lily snaps me out of my daze by asking, "What is the first thing you want to do when we get to England?" I laugh and say, "It would probably be a good idea to drop our stuff off at our apartment." Yes, we're gong to be staying in an apartment instead of a hotel. We're going to be in London for a year. Both Lily and I got nanny jobs in London. We have been planning this trip since we were fourteen, now we are twenty years old.


Lily looked at me and sarcastically says, "No duh. I thought we would just leave our stuff at the airport." We both started laughing. "Well maybe we should just walk around London and get used to the area.", I said in reply to her previous question.  She nods and smiles. "We're finally going to England!", she screaches excitedly. I started laughing and look at the clock. "Hurry up and get ready! We have to be at the airport in an hour and it takes a half hour to get to the airport!" I say. We both rush off to get ready. 


Thirty minutes later Lily's brother Robbie pulles into our driveway to give us a ride to the airport. Thirty minutes later we are on the plane to England. 

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