Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


8. Truly, Madly, Deeply

Elizabeth's P.O.V

Liam and I walk out of the kitchen. Liam is now smiling. I like seeing him smile. We sit down and Liam says, "Alright let's continue this game." The other four boys of One Direction look at me and all raise an eyebrow. I shrug as if I didn't know why Liam was all of a sudden in an amazing mood.


"Alright", says Zayn then he adds, "Liz why don't you go." "Ok. Hm. Liam, truth or dare?", I say. "Um, dare.", says Liam and he smirks at me. "I dare you to sit in nothing but your underwear for the rest of the game.", I say and smile innocently. He laughs and pulls his shirt off. Oh wow. He must work out. His abs were very distracting. He notices me staring at him and he throws his shirt at me. I dodge it and laugh. All of the guys started laughing as well. Liam stands up and takes his pants and socks off, leaving him in his boxers. "Alright, done.", He says.


"I believe its my turn now.", Liam adds. He looks at me. I can see the wheels turning in his mind. Uh oh. "Liz, truth or dare?", he says. I'm not going to make myself look like a wimp so I'm going with dare. "Dare.", I say. "I dare you to kiss me.", he says. I laugh and get up from where I am. I sit on his lap with one leg on each side of him and put my hands on his bare chest. I can feel his heart beating very fast. Do I really have this sort of affect on Liam Payne? I lean down and kiss him slowly. I feel Liam place his hands on my waist and slide my shirt up to just above my belly button. I wrap my arms around his neck and continue kissing him.


I hear one of the guys clear there throat and I snap back into reality. I sit next to Liam and he puts his arm around me. "My turn!", says Niall. "Harry, truth or dare.", he asks. "Dare!", Harry says proudly. "I dare you to kiss Louis!", Niall says. "Seriously?", Harry asks. Niall nods. Harry turns to Louis and kisses him. Ew! It wasn't a long kiss like mine and Liam's but it still was one. I'm not a homophobe, but I know they're both straight so ew. "You guys are disgusting.", I say. They all laugh.


We continue the game until Liam and I decide that I should be headed home. Liam walks me home. I actually don't live far from him, the only reason we took the car to his house was that we were going to the bowling alley before we went to his house. He walks me to my apartment door. We stand their looking at each other not wanting to say good night. He leans down and kisses me once again.


The kiss lasts for quite a while only to be interrupted by Lily opening the door of the apartment. She smirks, "Sorry for interrupting. But maybe you should head home now Liam, I need to talk to Liz alone." "Alright", he says and starts walking away. I grab his arm and turn to Lily and I ask, "Can you just give us a couple more minutes of privacy to say good night?" She nods and closes the door. I look at Liam and say, "I had a lot of fun tonight. Thank you." "Your welcome. I think you should get going before Lily gets mad at us. Call me when your done talking to Lily and we will figure out when we are going to go on another date." "I'll call you soon.", I say and he kisses me once again. After the kiss ends I turn around and walk into my apartment. 

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