Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


18. That's a Very Personal Question

Elizabeth's P.O.V

The next two days Liam and I stayed my apartment at all times. I liked spending time with him. The picture was taken on tuesday. We had an interview on friday night. I was extremely nervous. I do not like speaking in public. Luckily it was not a live audience interview, but it will be live on tv. We were in a small room with just the interviewer, the camera man, someone from Liam's management, and Liam and I. We sit down in front of the camera and the camera man gave us the signal that the camera was recording. "Hello.", says the interviewer. "Hello", both Liam and I say. "My name is Emily.", says the interviewer, then she adds, "I know that you are Liam, but who is this young lady by your side?" She asks Liam. "This is my girlfriend Elizabeth.", he says. I smile. "So you two are dating?, Emily asks. "Yes.", I say. "Alright. So you two are here to adress the picture of you two that has been all over the news papers.", she says. "Yes we are.", says Liam. "How on earth did someone take that picture?", asks Emily. Liam looks at me. So I decide to explain. "Well Liam was at my apartment and there was a knock on the door. So I answered it. When I opened the door there was a paparazzi standing there. I tried closing the door but he pulled it open. Liam was wondering who was at the door so he came to see who it was. Thats when the paparazzi took the picture. Liam then grabbed the door and slammed it shut.", I explain. "Wow. I've never heard of a paparazzi going and knocking on somebody's door before.", says Emily. "Neither have I.", says Liam.


"Another thing I'm interested in learning is why you two were dressed the way you were. Liam, you were only wearing boxers. Elizabeth, you were wearing a night gown.", Emily says. I sigh. "Well, I spent the night at Elizabeth's apartment. That day we just decided to make it a lazy day so we just sat and talked all day. We didn't bother to get dressed because we were alone.", explains Liam. "You stayed the night at her apartment?", asks Emily. "Yes, I did.", says Liam. "Are you two sleeping with each other?", Emily asks. Did she seriously just ask that? "I don't believe that is anyones business. That is a very personal question.", says Liam. "But I'm sure that everyone is wondering the answer.", says Emily. Liam doesn't reply. I can sense him getting angry. "Emily? Do you remember losing your virginity? Do you remember how much of a personal thing that is?", I ask. "Yes, but what does this have to do with what I asked? We aren't asking how you lost your virginity.", she says. "But that is exactly what you are asking about. You asked if Liam and I are sleeping with each other. Yes, Liam and I have slept together. Once and only once. And that was when I lost my virginity. That is why it is very hard for Liam and I to answer your question. It is a very personal question to us. It's very hard for me to talk about now.", I say and sigh. Now the whole world knows, great. I feel a tear run down my cheek. Liam pulls me into a hug. "Turn the camera off.", says Emily to the camera man. "I'm sorry.", says Emily.


I can't help but cry. Liam carries me to his car. We are surrounded by paparazzi the whole time. Liam puts me in the car and we drive off. Liam decides to take me to his house instead of my apartment. Everybody was already at his house watching the interview. He carries me straight up to his room as soon as we get there. He sits on his bed and pulls me onto his lap. While hugging me he rubs my back and he starts singing. I recognize the song right away. It's "Moments". His singing calms me down almost right away. By the end of the song I am done crying and I am smiling. I love his voice. "I love seeing you smile, it makes me sad when you cry.", he says and kisses my cheek. "Can we go downstairs. I want to let everyone know that I'm okay. The looked really worried when we walked in earlier.", I say. "Yeah.", he said quietly. We walk downstairs and into the living room. All of the guys, El, Perrie, and Lily were all sitting in the living room. None of them talking. When we walk in they all look at Liam and me. The first one to talk was Niall, he says, "Thank god your okay. You had us all worried to death." "I'm fine, Niall. Thank you.", I say and I hear Liam and Harry whisper to each other. I look at them and they both look at me and stop talking. That's odd. I  go sit next to Lily on the couch. There wasn't any room left on the actual seat of the couch so I just sit on the arm of it. Everyone is still quiet. Liam clears his voice and says, "Liz, can you come with me for a minute." "Uh, sure.", I say and follow him out of the room.


He grabs my hand and pulls me toward the back door of the house. We walk out the door and the first thing I see is a ton of white lights everywhere. They were beautiful. The were hanging all over the trees. And lights all around the pool in the middle of the yard. I have never been in the back yard here before. I turn around to ask why there were lights everywhere and why we were out here but I never ask because Liam kisses me when I turn around. When he pulls away he smiles and asks, "Do you remember when we were talking at your apartment the day the picture was taken and I asked you what your perfect date was?" "Yes. I said that there would be a ton of sparkling lights in the dark and we would go swimming under those lights. You thought it was and odd perfect date.", I say and smile. This is exactly what I described to him as my perfect date. He pulls me back inside and passes me a box. I open it and inside is a sparkly silver bathing suit. "I thought that a silver bathing suit would look amazing under white lights.", he says. I smile and run to the bathroom to change. On my way to the bathroom I noticed that everyone left the living room. Did they all know about this? Whatever, this is amazing. I change and run back to the back yard. Liam is there sitting with his back to me with his feet in the pool. He's now in his bathing suit. I sit down next to him and smile. "So, how long have you been planning this?", I ask. He laughs and says, "Since Tuesday morning. I've been texting Harry the plans so that he could get it ready for today.", Liam says. I am going to love this date.

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