Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


26. New house

*The next day*

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

"Liam can you pass me an empty box?", I ask as I start pulling my clothes out of my closet. He sets a box near me and I start throwing clothes inside. "What do you want me to pack for you?", he asks. "Uh, can you take my jewelry boxes and all of the breakable stuff and put in a box?", I ask as I pull more clothes of there hangers. "Alright.", he says then kisses me on the cheek before walking away. All of a sudden I feel nauseous. I run over to my trashcan and I start getting sick. I can feel Liam kneel on the floor beside me. He pulls back my hair and starts rubbing my back. The nausea leaves just as quick as it comes and I sit back on the floor. "Sorry, love. That's not the only time that that will happen in the next nine months.", Liam says calmly. "Morning sickness sucks.", I say sourly. It's only my first time having morning sickness so far and I'm already tired of it. "Well throwing up isn't supposed to be fun.", Liam says. I look at my stomach and say, "I love you. But why do you have to make me vomit?" Liam laughs and says, "And I'm the crazy one?" I raise my eyebrow and say, "Yes. You had your ear pressed up to my stomach trying to listen to something that still only has one cell." He laughs and says, "Okay. I guess I am a little crazy." "I'm going to brush my teeth.", I say. As I'm brushing my teeth Lily walks into the bathroom and asks,"Why are you brushing your teeth in the middle of the day?" I rinse out my mouth and say, "First case of morning sickness." "That sucks.", she says. "You have no idea. One second your normal and the next you feel extremely sick and then it disappears almost as quick as it shows up.", I say. She giggles and leaves the bathroom. 


*An hour later*


"Is everything in the moving truck?", I ask Liam. "Yeah. Let's get going.", he says. He grabs my hand and pulls me towards his car. The moving truck will be following us to our new house. When we get there Niall is waiting outside the house. He jogs over to the car and says, "I thought you guys might want some help moving stuff and I had nothing to do." "Thank you Niall.", I say. All three of us walk over to the moving truck and we start bring our stuff inside. After we have all of our stuff inside Niall walks over to me and asks, "How are you doing?" "I'm great. I'm really happy right now.", I say. "That's really good. Do you miss America yet?", he asks. "Not really. I'm guessing that you miss Ireland a lot.", I say. "All the time. I think I'm going to go visit home for a week soon." "You should. I'm sure your family misses you.", I say. "Thats not the only reason I'm going back.", he says. I give him a questioning look. "There's a girl back home that I used to be friends with. Recently I have gotten back in touch with her. I really like her and want to see if her and I could have anything more than friendship.", he says while smiling. "That's great Niall. I hope everything works out.", I say. "I haven't told any of the lads about her yet so could you keep this between us?", he asks. "Of course Niall.", I say. He smiles and gives me a hug. Niall walks away and Liam walks up to me and asks, "What was that about?" "We were talking about how much we miss home.", I say. "That makes sense. He's been barely talking to anyone lately. I'm glad that he's willing to talk to you.", he says. I lean my head on his shoulder and say,"You know we don't have any furniture, right?" He laughs and says, "Yeah, I noticed that. Let's go shopping." 


Three hours later and our house is full of furniture, except for the baby's room we will get furniture for that when we find out the baby's gender. Now it's time to unpack our stuff. I'm not really in the mood for unpacking and I don't think Liam is either. Liam sets up a pair of speakers and his Ipod on the kitchen table so that unpacking is less boring. Were listening to mostly upbeat songs and he's having fun bouncing around to the beat while unpacking. I've never seen him act like this, but I'm loving it. I find it absolutely hilarious. It's very distracting. I spend more time laughing than I do unpacking. I turn to look away from him so I can unpack instead of laugh. He taps me on the shoulder making me jump. I turn around and he kisses me. I try to deepen the kiss but he pulls away, flashes me a quick mischievous smile, and turns and runs up the stairs. I laugh and run after him. I make it to the top of the stairs and look for him. I don't see him but I can guess where he is. I walk to our bedroom and push open the door. I walk in and I don't see him. I walk further into the room and I still don't see him. All of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder and I jump and turn around. Liam kisses me. He pushes me back until I fall on the bed. And I think you can figure out what happens after that. 

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