Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


27. Meet the parents

Elizabeths P.O.V.

I wake up to the sound of knocking on the door downstairs. I look for Liam, but he's no longer in bed. I can hear the shower running so he must be taking a shower. Great, that means I have to answer the door. I get up and get dressed. I run downstairs to answer the door. When I answer the door there is a couple probably in their 40's standing there. "Hello?", I say. "Hi. You must be Liz, we're Liam's parents.", the woman says. "Oh. Nice to meet you. Um, Liam is in the shower right now. Why don't you come in and I will go get him.", I say. They step in the house and I shut the door and walk up stairs. I knock on the bath room door and walk in. "Liam, hurry up. Your parents are downstairs.", I say. "What? Really?", he asks. "Yeah.", I say. "Alright. Give me a minute to get dressed and I will go downstairs.", he says. I walk out of the bathroom and sit on our bed. Liam walks out of the bathroom and we walk downstairs. "Mum! Dad!", Liam says happily. Liam hugs both of his parents. "What are you doing here?", Liam asks. "We wanted to see you.", says his mom. "We also wanted to meet your girlfriend", says his dad. "Well why don't we go sit in the living room?", asks Liam.


Once seated in the living room Mrs. Payne asks, "Liz, how are you doing? We've seen all of the hate you're getting and we have seen the interview you did." "Um, I'm getting better. I haven't been going online to look at hate lately. I'm not a fan of social networking, so it's not that hard to ignore.", I say. "You are starting to get quite a few good comments, a lot more of those than hate lately.", she says. "Really?", I ask. "Yes. I think the fans are starting to like you.", she says with a smile. I look at Liam and he smiles. "Um, I might start getting hate a lot more soon though.", I say. She looks at me questioningly. "Mom, Liz and I are getting married.", Liam says. She grabs my left hand to look for the ring and gasps. "Congratulations!", both she and her husband say. She gives Liam and I each a hug. "Wow. My mom and dad got mad and started crying when we told them.", I say and laugh. "I am really excited. Neither of Liam's sisters are getting married yet. This is great.", she says. "How do you feel about being grandparents as well?", Liam asks them. "I would love that.", she says. "Good, because you are going to be in eight and half months.", Liam says with a huge smile on his face. After his mother and father stop freaking out over these two pieces of new information they decide to go back to their hotel and get some sleep. I guess they flew here over night and didn't get any sleep on the plane. "Well that went well.", I say to Liam.


Later that night Liam and I are almost done unpacking our stuff, finally. We hear a knock on the door and Liam goes to answer it. It's Niall. "Hey. Can I come in?", asks Niall. "Yeah.", Liam says and steps aside to let Niall in.  "Hey Niall.", I say and jump up and sit on the counter in the kitchen. "I just wanted to stop by to tell you two that I am leaving tomorrow to spend two weeks in Ireland.", he says. "That's great.", says Liam. "That is great. Don't forget to call every few days. I'm gonna miss not seeing my little leprechaun everyday.", I say. "Yes, I will call.", he says and adds, "I better get going. I still to pack my clothes." One thing that Niall forgot to tell Liam is that he's visiting home to see about dating one of his old friends. I hope everything goes well.

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