Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


10. I'm not leaving.

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

The next morning I wake up with pressure on my stomach. I looked down and see an arm resting on my stomach. What the heck? I look next to me and see Liam asleep. Then I remembered what happend last night. Wow. I made a fool of myself. Liam must think I am so weak now. My stomach growls so I slowly move Liam's arm so that I can get out of bed without waking him up. I fail miserably. He wakes up and looks up at me and smiles. "Good morning, love.", he says. "Morning", I say. "What wrong?", he asks. "I feel like an idiot.", I say while looking down at the bed. "Why?", he asks like he has absolutely no clue. "Because I just cried my eyes out over something stupid.", I say still looking at the bed. He puts his hand under my chin and pulls my face up so that I can look in his eyes. His eyes that I am completely in love with. He says quietly, "Love, you don't have to be ashamed. It's normal to be upset after seeing stuff like that. Most girls that the boys and I have dated left us because the don't want to stay with us if people are going to say stuff like that. I should have warned you about that, but I forgot. I'm sorry that it caught you by surprise. Are you still willing to stay in this relationship? I will understand if you don't want to."


I jump on the bed and kiss him. He is the most amazing guy I could ask for. I pull away from the kiss just for long enough to say "I'm not leaving, I love you." and then Liam pulls me back into the kiss. I have no clue how long the kiss lasted. It was amazing but I had to end it because Liam go carried away and tried to take my shirt off. I pull away and say, "Sorry Liam. But thats as far as we can go for now. I'm not ready for anything more yet." "Sorry, I just got carried away.", he says and blushes. I laugh and get off the bed and throw a pillow at him.


I walk to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I'm not sure of what I'm going to do all day. It's Saturday, I have Saturday and Sunday off from work. So does Lily. I take a shower and walk back to my room in my towel forgetting that Liam is in my room. When I walk in he clears his throat which makes me jump. I look at him and say, "Um, sorry. I forgot you were in here." He just laughs and walks out of the room.


Once I'm dressed I walk to the kitchen to find myself breakfast. Liam is already in there cooking and he is turned facing the stove so he doesn't see me. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his stomach. "Hello, love.", he says. "Hi", I say. "So. The boys and I are taking a trip to the lake for the day. Louis and Zayn are bringing their girlfriends. You can come if you would like.", he says happily. "Sounds fun! But I would feel bad leaving Lily here alone. Could she come? I know Harry wants to meet her.", I say. He laughs and says, "Grab my phone and Harry is in my contact list, call him and see if he wants her to come." I grab his phone and go to his contacts and find Harry. I call him and Harry tells me he wants her to go. "Yay! I'm going to ask Lily to come!", I say to Liam and run to her room. I wake her up and ask her to come which she excitedly says yes to. We eat breakfast, grab our beach stuff, and head out.


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