Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


28. I do

*Two weeks later*

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

I was suddenly awaken by something slapping my face hard, it was something hard like plastic. "Jesus! What was that?!", I say rubbing the side of my face. "Sorry, love. Niall was calling me and my phone was on the other side of you. I went to grab it and I accidentally dropped it.", says Liam says sheepishly. "Well thats a pleasant way to wake up.", I say and sit up. All of a sudden I feel nauseous. Damn it, not again. Well doesn't this morning just keep getting better (see the sarcasm there?). I get up and run to the bathroom. Liam of course is not far behind me. I get sick and Liam rubs my back and pulls back my hair as usual. He's so supportive, it's amazing. Sadly Liam has to go back on tour in about four and a half months. That means I am going to be spending the last three months of this pregnancy alone. Finally the nausea is gone. I sit up and say, "Liam? You realize that I am going to be spending the last three months of this alone, right?" "I never really thought of that. I will have to call management and talk to them. I wont let you go through that alone.", he says. "It's a tour. People have already bought tickets to it, you can't cancel it.", I say. "No, but we can reschedule it.", he says. "I don't think people will be happy with that.", I say. "Well there is nothing they can do about it. I am not going to leave you alone during this.", he says and pulls me close to him. "Okay, thank you.", I say quietly. 


*Three month's later*

"Wake up!", Lily yells. As she, Eleanor, Anna (Anna is Niall's girlfriend), and Perrie jump on my bed. "Get up!", says El. "Come on it's your wedding day!", says Perrie. "Get your lazy ass out of bed.", says Lily. I open my eyes and look at my four very excited friends. "Why do you have to wake me up so early?", I ask them tiredly. "Because your wedding is at eleven and you need time to get your nails, hair, and makeup done.", says Anna in her strong Irish accent. "Alright.", I say groggily and climb out of bed. I had a hard time sleeping last night because Liam wasn't here, he and I aren't allowed to see each other today until the wedding. I guess it isn't good luck. Liam slept at the 'One Direction' house. I get dressed in a sweater and jeans, I don't really need to dress up to go get my nails, makeup, and hair done. 


Liam's P.O.V.

I wake up to the guys jumping on my bed and singing the wake up song. I groan and throw a pillow in a random direction hoping that it will hit one of them. "Come on, mate. Get out of bed and enjoy your last few hours as a free man.", says Louis. "Lou, don't compare marriage to prison.", I say and sit up. "Now that your awake we need to get you showered, to the lake, and dressed in your tux.", says Harry. Liz and I decided to have the wedding at the lake that we visited on the third day I knew her. The ceremony will be on the edge of the lake and the reception will be in the back yard of the house. I get out of bed and take a shower. 


*Five hours Later*

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

"Louis, is Liam up in his room?", I ask popping my head through the door of the lake house. "Yeah, it's all safe for you to come in. Go up to your room quickly though.", he says smiling at me. He's already dressed in his tux, he's one of Liam's groomsmen. Liam's groomsmen are Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. My bridesmaids are Lily, El, Anna, and Perrie. I run up to my room followed by my four bridesmaids. Our dresses are already up in my room. I make it to my room without being seen by Liam. All of the girls help me into my dress which is a pearl colored, tight, floor length dress, it is specifically tailored to fit correctly even though I have a baby bump. It's the middle of November so thank god it's warm today, because I would freeze wearing this outside on a normal fall day. Once Lily zips up the dress they all step back and smile. My and Liam's mother walk into the room they smile as well and I see a tear run down my mom's cheek. "Mom, don't cry. You're going to make me cry and if I do that my makeup will get messed up.", I say. She wipes the tear off her cheek and says, "My baby girl, you're all grown up." "I love you mom.", I say. "I love you too, baby girl. I'm going to check to see if the guys are all set.", she says and leaves the room. All of the girls are still staring at me. "Girls, I think you need to get changed into you're dresses.", I say. They pull their dresses out of the dress bags and they start getting dressed. They all are wearing floor length baby blue dresses. The groomsmen will have baby blue ties to match. All of them look amazing.


I hear the door to the room open and I turn around to see my older brother William standing in the doorway in his army uniform. "Will! I thought you are supposed to be in Hawaii at your army base?", I say running to hug him. "Mom called me and told me about the wedding and the baby, so I asked for the day off so I could come. I wasn't going to miss my baby sisters big day.", he says. "I missed you.", I say. "I missed you too.", he says. He pulls me away from him and he looks me from head to toe. "You look beautiful", he says and adds, "And very much pregnant." I laugh and hug him again. "I have to go. The wedding is about to start, dad will be here any minute to walk you down the aisle.", he says. I nod and turn to look at my bridesmaids. They are all smiling at me. I walk over to them and give them each a hug. My dad walks in and smiles at me. He looks very close to tears. "You look beautiful. I'm so proud of you.", he says. I hug him and he says, "I think it's time to go, ready?", he asks. "Yes", I say. I'm not going to lie, I am really nervous.


All of the girls leave the room and head outside, my father and I follow them. We make it outside and we stay near the house until it is our turn to go down the aisle. The girls take there turns walking down the aisle. Lily first followed by El, Perrie, and Anna. My father links arms with me and I take a deep breath. We slowly make our way down the aisle. I look around and realize that I don't know many of the people we invited. But, I see my mother and brother, I see my bridesmaids smiling at me, I see the groomsmen smiling at me as well, last my eyes settle on Liam. I am suddenly not nervous anymore, I smile widely. He looks extremely handsome in his tux. He also has a huge grin spread across his face. It is the smile that I fell in love with and still love dearly. My father and I finally make it to the end of the aisle. My father hands me over to Liam. I don't listen much to the priest. I just stare into Liam's eyes and repeat whatever to priest asks me to when it is time. We place rings on each other's fingers when it is time. Finally we get to the I do's. "Elizabeth, do you take Liam Payne to be your husband?", the priest asks. "I do.", I say easily. Liam smiles even bigger than before. "Liam, do you take Elizabeth Smith to be your wife?", the priest asks. "I do.", says Liam happily. "I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.", says the priest. Liam puts his hand on my cheek and kisses me passionately. I can hear everybody cheer and clap. He pulls away from me still smiling and says, "Hello, Mrs. Payne." "Hello, Mr. Payne.", I say and he pulls me back for another kiss. 



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