Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


14. Get a Room!

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

I wake up to somebody running their fingers through my hair. I always love it when people play with my hair. I open my eyes to see Liam smiling above me. I smile back. "Good morning, love", he says. I giggle and say, "Morning handsome." He smiles and pulls me out of the bed and says, "Let's go to breakfast." We walk downstairs and into the kitchen. Every one was already there. "Good morning", everyone said when they saw us. I walk over to the table and sit next to Lily. I feel bad for not talking to her much in the last few days. "Morning weirdo", I say to her. She laughs and replies, "Morning." "So, um, you and Harry didn't do anything last night did you?", I ask awkwardly "No, I'm not ready and I've only been seeing him for half a day. Did you and Liam do anything?", she replies. "No, well we almost did but he said that he would feel bad for pushing me to do anything. So nope. I'm still a virgin and so are you.", I say and elbow her. We both laugh. Luckily nobody was sitting nearby to hear our conversation. Harry was at the stove cooking. Liam was leaning on the counter talking to Harry but staring at me the whole time. I wonder if he was talking about me or just staring at me. I smile at him. He smiles back. Wow, why does he have to be so damn adorable. I can't take it anymore so I stand up and walk over to him. I put my arms around his neck and ask him, "Why are you staring at me?" He laughs and says, "What? Can't I stare at my beautiful girlfriend?" I laugh and kiss him. Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Niall yell in unison, "Get a room!" I pull away from Liam and laugh. "You guys are terrible! Let them kiss if they want to. But if their clothes start coming off then they need to get a room.", says Eleanor. We all crack up laughing. We all finished lunch and decided that it is time to go home.


Harry ends up getting a ride home with Liam, Lily, and me; so that way he can spend more time with Lily. On the ride home Liam looks at me and asks, "Do you want to do something with me today?" "Yeah. What do you have in mind?", I ask. "Um. How about we go to an amusement park?", he asks. "That sounds really fun.", I say excitedly. "Alright. I will bring you home and pick you up in an hour to go. Okay?", he asks. "Yep.", I say. Soon we are back at my apartment and we say goodbye and he heads home. 


An hour later Liam pulls into my driveway. I get in his car and he is smiling. Why does he smile so much? I don't know why he smiles so much, but I love his smile. We talk in the car all the way to the amusement park. I know so much about him and I met him four days ago. When we get to the park the first ride I head for is the roller coaster. I love roller coasters! "Um, are you sure you want to go on this?", Liam asks me. "Yes! I love roller coasters!", I say. "Um, ok.", he says. He sounds scared. "Are you afraid of roller coasters Liam?", I ask him. "Yes.", he says quietly. "You don't need to be scared of them. They are safe. Plus I will be there.", I say. "Okay. But I'm only going on it once.", he sighs and says. I smile and pull him further up the line for the roller coaster.


All of a sudden two teenage girls run up to us. They must be his fans. They giggle shyly and say,"Hi, Liam! Were huge fans. Can we get a picture with you?" "Of course." He says. He takes pictures with them. When they are done with the pictures they look at me and say, "Are you his girlfriend?" I don't know what to say. Liam puts his arm around me and says, "Yes, she is." I smile. The girls smile and say, "I'm so happy for you Liam!" Wow. Some of his fans were nice. Not like the ones sending hate about me. "Thank you girls.", he says. "Bye Liam", they say. I smile and look at Liam. He's smiling too. "I like seeing that some of my fans aren't absolutely crazy.", he says. "Yeah, I'm glad those two weren't like your other fans.", I say. By now we are at the front of the line for the roller coaster. Liam is obviously nervous. Once we are on the roller coaster and buckled in Liam grabs my hand right away. Once the roller coaster starts moving Liam says, "Why did I let you convince me to do this?" I laugh and say, "Because you love me." 


Liam survived the roller coaster and we spent a fun filled day at the amusement park. I've never had so much fun in my life. Sadly I have to work tomorrow so we head home early. While saying out goodbyes we decided he would sleepover. And yes, just sleep. We walk into my apartment where we find Lily and Harry kissing on the couch. Liam and I laugh and walk past them and into my room. Instead of wearing my normal sweat pants and t-shirt to bed I decide to wear shorts and a tanktop. After wearing El's nightgown the night before, I am more comfortable not being dressed like a nun when I sleep. Maybe I will pick up some nightgowns after work tomorrow. I guess Liam is more comfortable with me as well because he just sleeps in his boxers. I fall asleep for the third night in a row wrapped in Liam's warm, strong arms. 


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