Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


21. Don't forget to read the warning

Elizabeth's P.O.V.


When Liam and I get back to my apartment we find Harry and Lily sitting on the couch. "Hey, guys", I say. Lily runs over to me and hugs me. "Are you okay?!", she asks me. "Yeah. I just have to wear a splint until I am healed and take an antibiotic. The stitches will be taken off in a few weeks.",I say. "Okay. When Liam called while you were at the hospital I was so worried but Liam said it would probably would just be better to stay here and wait for you to come home.", she says. "Yeah. He was right.", I say and I smile at  Liam. "Mate, what's on your neck?", Harry asks Liam. Oh god. Not this again. "Nothing.", Liam says and quickly covers the bruise on his neck with his hand. Harry pulls Liam's hand away from his neck and laughs and asks me, "Did you give Liam a love bite?" "I guess. I don't remember giving it to him. He just woke up like that.", I say and laugh. Lily looks at me suspiciously and pulls my hair back. She gasps and says, "Ohhhh, Liz has one too!" "Shut up. I'm sure Harry will eventually give you one. And when he does it will be time for me to tease you.", I say. Lily blushes and so does Harry. "Alright! What am I missing? Why are you two blushing like two teenage school girls? ", I ask. Neither of them answer me they just blush even more. I stare at Lily expecting her to give in and answer me like she always does. Soon she blurts, "I slept with Harry last night!" "I thought you wanted to wait till' you were married for that?", I ask, completely caught off guard by this new information."Yeah I did. It's just I love Harry and I was ready, when I knew I was ready I didn't want to wait any longer. Do you understand?", she asks me. "Yeah. I understand. Harry, treat her well. If you don't I will hunt you down and cut your balls off.", I say completely serious. Harry looked at me completely surprised and said, "Of course. I love Lily and wouldn't do anything to hurt her." "Alright, good.", I say.


"Love, why don't you sit down. You have been standing quite a while.", says Liam. "Alright.", I say and walk towards the couch with Liam close beside me. He is really worried I might get fall or hurt. Before I sit I decide I just want to go to bed. "Liam. Can we just go to bed? I'm really tired." "Of course, love.", he says as he walks me to my room. I go to my closet and grab my nightgown. I didn't bother leaving the room to change. The first reason is because I can barely walk and don't feel like walking to the bathroom. Second reason is that it's not like Liam hasn't already seen me naked so changing in front of him doesn't scare me all that much. When I start changing Liam coughs. "What? It's not like you haven't seen me naked before.", I say. Once changed I go to lie down in bed. Liam is holding my bottle of antibiotics. "Do I have to take those tonight?", I ask. "Yes, the doctor said to take them as soon as you get home.", he says and also grabs a paper of the side table and adds, "The doctor wants you to read this. It's the warnings that come with the antibiotics." "Liam, I have taken antibiotics before. I don't need to read that, the side effects never effected me before when I took them.", I say. He sighs and says, "Alright, but you should probably still read them. I will leave it on the side table incase you want to read it." He passes my medicine and I take it. "Alright, can we go to sleep now?", I ask. "Yes.", Liam says and pulls me close to him. I fall asleep almost right away. 


The next morning I wake up to Liam playing with my hair. I look at him. He looks so beautiful in the morning. His hair is messy and he looks really relaxed. He is also shirtless which also makes him even more fun to look at in the morning. He sees me looking at his chest and stomach and laughs and says, "Are you checking me out?" "Yes, and I'm having fun doing it.", I say and giggle. He kisses me. I deepen the kiss by putting one hand in his hair and the other on his back. After a while he pulls back and says, "Are you sure you want to do this with your foot hurt?" "Yes, I don't think my foot will get in the way.", I say and kiss him again. 


A few hours later we decide to leave my room and have breakfast. Lily and Harry are already in the kitchen cooking. "Nice of you to finally join the living.", says Lily smugly. "What?" "I mean it's noon, and you guys just woke up. Thats what my parents used to say to me every time I woke up really late like that.", she says and laughs. "Trust me, we were awake much earlier than that.", says Liam. Lily looks at us, chuckles, and says, "T.M.I." 


Even though I got hurt I still have to go to work the next day. For the next week and a half everything is pretty much normal. I go to work, spend most of my time with Liam, Liam sleeps over everyday; sometimes we just sleep, but sometimes we do more than that ;) . One morning while I wait for Liam to come back from taking a shower I notice something on my side table. I pick it up and recognize what it is. It's the paper of warnings for my antibiotic. I'm bored so I start reading. One of the last warnings makes me gasp. Of course it was written in more scientific terms, but what it basically said was 'birth control may not work while taking the antibiotic.' Oh shit. As I sit there looking at the paper with my mouth hanging open Liam walks in. "What's wrong, love.", he says as he sits next to me. I can't speak, I'm too shocked, so I pass him the paper and point at the warning. He reads it and looks at me. He looks just as shocked as I am. "Love, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. It says "may not" not "will not", there is a possibility that your birth control has worked within the last week and a half.", he says as he pulls me into a hug. "What am I going to do if it didn't work?", I ask him quietly. "Liz, if it didn't work than we will be parents, and we will be damn good at that.", he says. "I'm scared.", I say as I feel a tear roll down my cheek. "I will schedule an appointment with a doctor and we will see if you really are.", he says as he rubs my back soothingly. "Why don't you go call the doctor and I will go talk to Lily. I need someone from outside of this situation to help me think." "Alright. I love you, and I will always love you and not even that you might be carrying my child will change that.", he says as he lets me go.  


I walk into the living room. Lily sees me crying and stands up from the couch rushes over to hug me. "What happened?!"she asks. "Um, Harry can you go to my room? Liam is on the phone right now, but he will explain to you after he is off the phone. I need to talk to Lily alone.", I say. He nods and goes into my room. Lily pulls me to the couch and sits me down. "What happened?", she asks looking into my eyes. I take a deep breath and stop crying. "Lily, there are side effects to my antibiotic that neither Liam or I knew.", I say. She looks confused. "I forgot about the warning paper the doctor gave me with my medicine. One of the warnings was that birth control may not work while taking the antibiotic.", I say and Lily's eyes widen. "Lily, I slept with Liam more than three times within the last week and a half. I might be pregnant.", my voice cracks on the last word. "What did Liam say?", she asks me. "He said that he loves me and that he will stay with me even if I am pregnant.", I say. "What is he doing right now?", she asks. "He's scheduling an appointment with the doctor.", I say. "You will be okay.", she says and pulls me back into another hug. 


Liam's P.O.V. 

I look at the warning paper that came with Liz's antibiotic. I read it and look up at Liz in shock. I think through what I am going to say. I don't want her to think that I wont stay with her if she is pregnant. Then I say, "Love, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. It says "may not" not "will not.", there is a possibility that your birth control has worked within the last week and a half.", I pull her into a hug. She looks absolutely terrified. "What am I going to do if it didn't work?" she asks quietly. I think and say, "Liz, if it didn't work than we will be parents, and we will be damn good at that." I will never leave her because of a child. If anything it will make me love her more. "I'm scared", she says and I see a tear roll down her cheek. "I will schedule an appointment with a doctor and we will see if you really are.", I say and I rub her back. "Why don't you go call the doctor and I will go talk to Lily. I need to talk to someone from outside of this situation to help me think.", she says. "Alright I love you, and I will always love you and not even that you may be carrying my child will change that.", I say. As soon as she leaves the room I call the doctor. I see Harry walk into the room and close the door behind him. I speak to the doctor and schedule for Liz to have a pregnancy test done at eight the next morning. Liz is going to have to call out sick from work tomorrow. I hang up the phone. I turn to look at Harry. He is sitting on the bed, his eyes are wide. "You got Liz pregnant?!", he asks in disbelief. "Possibly. We didn't know that the antibiotic might make her birth control stop working. So I am bringing her to take a pregnancy test tomorrow.", I explain. "Liam, I'm sorry I'm saying this but you are a complete idiot. Even I know that birth control isn't completely effective, you should have been using extra protection in the first place.", Harry says to me. Okay, Harry isn't as dumb as I thought. "I know that I am an idiot. Don't you think I know that by now? I can't change anything now, so I am going to be supportive of her whether or not she is pregnant." "Good. If we do find out she is pregnant and you leave her, I will kill you myself.", he says. I sit down next to him on the bed and say, "I know. I will never leave her. I love her way too much to do that. Plus, one day I want to be a father and I already know I want to spend the rest of my life with Liz. So if she is pregnant than I will just be a father sooner than later." "If you want to spend the rest of your life with her than why don't you ask her to marry you?", Harry asks. "Um, I have only been seeing her for about three weeks, I don't think she will agree to it if I ask her this early in our relationship." "Mate, you two act as if you have been seeing each other for years, you share a bed every night, know almost everything about each other, and you are extremely comfortable with each other. Just ask her to marry you.", he says. How could it hurt? The worst she could do is say no. Then we will just date until she is ready for marriage. "Harry? Do you think Lily would know Liz's ring size?",I ask. He smiles.

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