Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


22. Doctors appointment

*The next morning*


Liam's P.O.V.

"Love, wake up.", I say waking Liz up for her appointment. Today is the day that we find out if Liz is pregnant or not. It is also the day that I am going to be asking her to marry me. Last night Harry and I went out to get the ring, luckily Harry was able to get Liz's ring size from Lily. I hope everything goes well. "Morning, Liam.", she says groggily. I kiss her forehead. "We have to be at the appointment in an hour.", I say. She closes her eyes and sighs. "Liam, will you be upset if I am pregnant? Because I kind of wouldn't mind having a baby, I just don't know if I am ready for one right now.", she says. "Liz, I would love to have a baby with you. I was just surprised last night that's why I wasn't excited when I found out that you might be. Also I feel bad that I might have gotten you pregnant and we aren't even married.", I say and she smiles. 


Elizabeth's P.O.V.

I actually wouldn't mind having a baby with Liam. He seemed like he would make a great father. He met the kids that I nanny a few times and he was so good with them. The six month old thinks he's the funniest thing on the plant, she is always laughing at him. He got along well with both of the teenagers as well. I just don't know if I want a baby right now. If I am not pregnant after all I will want to wait a while before I decide to have children. 


At eight we arrive at the doctors office. I am not going to lie, I am really nervous. All of the boys decide to come to the appointment and so does Lily. So in all there is five people in the waiting room wait to find out if I am pregnant. After a long wait Liam and I are called into the doctors office. Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Lily have to wait in the waiting room. I hope they don't drive anyone crazy while we are gone. I take all of the pregnancy tests and the doctor leaves us alone waiting in the doctors office. About ten minutes later he comes back and asks, "Do you two want to have a baby?" "Why does that matter?", asks Liam. "Because I am wondering if I should tell you it like it is good news or like its bad.", says the doctor. It's complicated so I just say, "I want a baby.""So do I.", says Liam. "Well then I have good news. You are pregnant.", says the doctor. I look at Liam and he smiles and kisses me. I can tell he is crying even though my eyes are shut. We both are. I'm excited. It's happening a little earlier than I really want it to, but I happy that I am going to have a baby. We walk out to the waiting room and everyone stands up. "We have good news.", says Liam. "You're not pregnant? I wanted to be an uncle.", says Niall who is obviously disappointed. "No, Niall. I am pregnant and I have decided that I am happy about it and so is Liam.", I say. Everyone cheers and I ask, "Did you guys want me to be pregnant?" All of the guys smile and Zayn says, "We all like children so we kind of hoping you were." "How about you Lily?", I ask her. "I am happy if you are happy.", she says and hugs me. "Alright, we are having a celebration party at our house. Don't worry it's just us and also Eleanor and Perrie.", says Louis. "Alright. Sounds good", I say.

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