Everything About You

Elizabeth takes a year long trip with her best friend Lily to London England where she falls in love with a famous singer from a boy band. Liam, she falls head over heals for him.


31. Colton and Isabella (Last Chapter)

*5 months later*

Liam's P.O.V.

I am woken up very abruptly by something hitting my chest. My eyes fly open. I look at Liz she looks terrified. "Love, whats wrong?", I ask. "We need to go to the hospital now! The baby's are coming.", she says holding her stomach. I bolt up and throw on clothes. I help Liz down the stairs and outside to the car. The whole ride to the hospital Liz is obviously in pain, but she is still trying to calm me down. I carry her inside the hospital and she is wheeled off in a wheel chair, I follow closely behind her. Once set up in a bed the doctor lets us know that she is not ready to push yet. I hold her hand and call the boys and let them know what is happening, they of course decide to rush over. In about ten minutes it's time for her to push, she never once lets go of my hand. She pushes for about an hour before I hear the first baby scream. I sigh, but it isn't over yet. Ten minutes later the second baby screams. I sigh and kiss Liz on the forehead. She takes deep breaths and her breathing slowly calms down. The nurses bring the baby's in the room and asks me which I would like to hold. "I want to hold my daughter.", I say. She hands me the baby in the pink blanket and passes Liz the baby in the blue. I look down at my daughter, she's so small and has fuzzy brown hair at the top of her head. I look at Liz and she is smiling at our son."What are we going to name them?", I ask. We still haven't decided on any names. "Well I was thinking of Isabella and Colton." "I love it. But what about middle names?", I say. "How about Anne and James? Those are two common middle names", she asks. "Colton James Payne and Isabella Anne Payne. I think that will work.", I say happily. I stand up to get a better look at my son, I haven't yet seen him. All there is to explain about him is that he has fuzzy light blonde hair on the top of his head and he is tiny. 


*4 years later*


Elizabeth's P.O.V 

I watch out the window while I stand in the kitchen washing dishes. Liam got home from being gone for three weeks yesterday. He's in the back yard playing with Colton and Bella. They both jump on him and he falls to the ground. Colton jumps on his stomach and Liam lifts Bella up into the air above him. Her carmel brown curls hanging over her face and her blue eyes filled with joy. Liam sets Bella down and starts tickling Colton. Colton's blonde straight hair bounces around wildly as he laughs and his chocolate brown eyes squint with his laughter as Liam has always done. Liam gets up and sees me watching him and he sees me watching him. He looks down at the kids and says something. They all run into the house and Liam picks me up and carries me to the couch. As soon as he drops me all three of them start tickling me. We all laugh for a very long time, but we all eventually run out of breath and stop. I sit on the couch with my children and husband sitting on top of me. Liam kisses me and both of the kids say, "Ew!" and run out of the room. Liam and I laugh and chase after them.


As Bella gets older she decides that Louis is her favorite uncle. She always loves seeing him and she starts acting almost as crazy as he is. And very dramatic. She loved being in plays growing up. Her drama became somewhat an issue in her teenage years but we made it past that rough spot. She went on to become and actress. Colton picked Niall as his favorite uncle. Niall taught him how to play the guitar at a young age. He started writing songs when he was twelve, he also had an amazing voice much like his fathers. He went on to be a singer/ songwriter. I could never have been this happy in life if I had not met Liam that summer day in London.

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