Mabye Tomorrow

Ana White was just an adverage 19 year old girl working at a CD shop for money over the summer. That all changes when she begins to get strange text from an unknown number. The mysterious man knows where Ana lives and where she works. But once she meets Harry both of their lives are put into harms way. Harry's past is in the dark and quite dangerous, when his secrets are unleashed. Ana White's life will never be the same.


1. Meet Ana White

   "Bye guys! I'm leaving for the day!" I yelled over my back to my co-workers. They didn't notice they were to busy helping a few stragling customers before closing time. I walked outside into the warm summer breeze. While I was walking I got a text. It was him again, he has been stalking me for the past month. Hey baby. Walking home from work I see. Fear immediatly laced through my body. He know knows where I live and where I work? This was all getting a bit out of hand. I walked the rest of the way up the sidewalk to my apartment complex. I walked swiftly up two flights of stairs and unlocked my front door. I had just dropped my bag in the livingroom when my phone rang. "Hello?" I asked into the phone with a hint of curiosity. It was an unknown number, just like the one that has been texting me. My stalker. 

   "Hey!" My friend Morgan's voice filled me with releif.

   "Hey Morgan." I said with a sigh.

   "Are you ok? You sound a little shaken up. I was just calling to tell you that I got a new number i will text it to you later. Ihave to be on unknown right now, trying to shake off an ex." She said.

   "No, yeah. Um I'm fine it was just a hard day at work." I lied.

   "Oh, ok. Just call me later when you want to talk. Or if you need anything." She said symphathetically. I have to remember to delete her old number later. I walked into the livingroom and watched TV for a while until I got bored. I decided to take a shower and go to bed. I walked through my master bedroom and into the bathroom. While I was in the shower I tryed not to think about the man that knows where I live and where I work. Also trying not to think about all of the discussting text that incuragged for me to do awweful things. I took a deep breath and let all of the worry and fear wash off of my body and down the drain. I got out of the shower, dryed off and rolled lazily into bed. Mabye Tomorrow will be better.

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