Across the street

This is a story about a girl named megan who lives across the street from Harry Styles. She has a major crush on him but, he doesn't know. She never thought he would feel the same way.


4. The incident

Megan's p.o.v

Just seeing the smirk on Mackenzie's face made me think of the incident the day my world went upside down. Mackenzie and I used to be the best of friends that is until last year. We were going to a party together. I was wearing a short red dress. Mackenzie was wearing a purple long dress. When we got to the party all the people were dancing. Mackenzie and I were having fun until Mackenzie's major crush Louis started flirting with me he then kissed me. Mackenzie was furious. She then told the whole school all my secrets everything who I liked she even put in lies about me. Then she grabbed a home video. It was when we were being gross for a dare and stuff she then made it look like it was just me it was horrible. Everyone started laughing at me. I officially became a dork that day. Mackenzie and I went our separate ways.
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