Across the street

This is a story about a girl named megan who lives across the street from Harry Styles. She has a major crush on him but, he doesn't know. She never thought he would feel the same way.


2. My Science Partners are who?

Harry's p.o.v

I feel bad for laughing at Megan. If I didn't though people would start to think I like her or something. I mean I do like her, I have had a crush on her since who knows when. But, ever since the day if the incident she seemed so in cool to everybody I didn't want to lose my friends.

Normal p.o.v

Mr. Briggs our science teacher always gave us a big assignment at the beginning of the year.
Mr:Briggs walked in "Okay class you will be paired into groups of four"

Megan's p.o.v

I was very scared of what the out come would be and who I would be paired with. Mr. Briggs than called: Megan, Harry, Louis, and Mackenzie. I am happy to be with Harry but not at all with his friend Louis and Mackenzie will torture me.
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