Across the street

This is a story about a girl named megan who lives across the street from Harry Styles. She has a major crush on him but, he doesn't know. She never thought he would feel the same way.


1. Introduction

Megan's p.o.v

I looked out the window it was a rainy day. I saw my neighbor Harry get into the car with the populars. It was our first day back from summer vacation and it wa raining. I had a major crush on Harry. He is popular and I'm a nerd. We live in two while separate wolds how could he ever feel the same way. I got into my new car my mom got me for my 16th birthday. My Dad was always at work he owned a huge record company. I like to keep tht part a secret though because I want to be treated normally. I love to sing I also keep that a secret from well everybody. I watched as Harry drive off with all his friends. They were real jerks but, Harry I know isn't like that although he does act like it all the time. It was so annoying how the girls drooled all over him and his group. I got to school only to face the school it girl Mackenzie.

Mackenzie: Hi Freak love the outfit
Megan: Really?
Mackenzie: No you know what would make that out fit look better this latt'e

She poured all over me it was so humiliating I heard everyone burst into fits off laughter. I mean I wasn't really that dorky I had long brown hair and bright brown eyes. I just didn't dress that preppy for that and the reason of that terrible event I have become the school dork. The memories of that event make me want to cry. I went back to reality to see all the populars including Harry pointing and laughing I saw a look of guilt in his eyes. But before anyone could say anything I left and cried. Usually this stuff doesn't bother me but, today it did because it was in front of Harry and he laughed at me. I took a deep breath and was prepared to face my first day back In school

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