Yes I'm A Payne.

Laci Payne, was someone who was kept off the media radar fairly well. No one even knew who she was besides her family. When out of the blue she decides to visit her brother boy band sensation Liam Payne of One Direction the cameras are flashing like crazy to catch her. The secrets out after all this time Liam Payne is a twin. It's actually kind of strange how he was able to keep it a secret for so long, but somehow he did. That's not the only thing that the paps are going crazy for. Laci is rumored to be crushing hard on Niall Horan after the two where spotted out together more than once. This of course is just a rumor but who knows maybe he'll fall for his bandmate sister. Who knows? Things never go as planned, maybe Naci is real.


5. We only wanna have a laugh


                                                          *SOME FOUL LANGUAGE*

  As I made my way through the dancing bodies. I felt someone grab me by the waist. I turned around to see Harry with a cheeky smile. “Hey Laci. Have you seen Niall?” I looked around me trying to see if he was anywhere around.

                “Sorry Harry I haven’t.” Harry sighed and grabbed my hand.

                “Come on the lads are calling us over.” I followed him over to my brother, Louis, and Zayn. They at the kitchen table with red plastic cups in front of them.

                “She hadn’t seen Niall either.” Harry sighed; I crossed my arms over my chest and raised an eyebrow.

                “Did you guys check the pool? Or um maybe the table with all of the Food.” I pointed over to the other side of the room where Niall was stacking up his plate. I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Okay well, now that we’ve found Niall I have to get back to having fun.” As I started to walk away Louis grabbed my arm pulling me back.

                “We knew where Niall was. We just needed to get you over here.” Zayn and Liam had gotten up from their chairs.

                “Um, Why?” I looked at Liam who was staring out into the crowd. “Well I think I’m going to--” I made eye contact with who Liam was staring at; I turned away and furrowed my eyebrows. “Who invited him?”

                “Invited who?” Niall asked while taking a seat with his foot.

                “Laci’s ex--” I interrupted Liam

                “Gavin Sorenson.” I almost growled. I turned around again noticing that he was getting closer. The anger that had been my current emotion started to fizzle out, being replaced by pain. I bit my lip and looked away as I sat down in a chair I felt a hand on my shoulder. I followed it up the arm to see Liam his face masked with hate.

                “If he tries to talk to you, I want you to find one of us. You got it Laci.” All I could do was nod, not trusting my own voice. I got up slowly and looked at the lads with a weak smile.  

                “I’m going to the pool.” I quickly walked up the stairs and changed into my white crochet flounce crop top and black/white script ruched-side bikini bottoms, I French braided my hair back till I had gotten my whole head then I tied it tight, leaving the rest in a ponytail . As I stepped out onto the patio I was instantly drenched with water. I looked around and saw Justin running around the corner to the pool. “Beiber you are so in trouble!” I laughed as I took off after him. I rounded the corner and saw everyone holding water balloons and aiming at me. I tried to run back but arms encircled me and I was forced to stay where I was.

                “Fire!” That’s what started all of the water balloons to come flying at me. I squirmed and got out of the arms that had been holding me in place. I was soaking now water fell off of me and I laughed. I lifted up my hair out of my face and turned around to see him.

                “G...Gavin?” He looked down at me and smiled his green eyes soft with affection my hand immediately went to the scar right above my heart.

                “Hey beautiful.” I couldn’t help but blush. “How are you?” he flashed one of his smiles that would always make my heart stop.

                “I…err...I’m good. How about you.”

                “Great now that I finally got to see your beautiful face.” He caressed my cheek and I looked down. We had drifted away from the party and out into the huge garden. As we entered the small maze when he tilted my head up and leaned down towards me, just as our lips where to make contact he was tackled away from me. I looked up shocked to see Niall wrestling with him. I could hear as his fist hit skin, I was pulled away by Zayn. He held me in his arm protectively and made sure that I wasn’t able to see what the other lads where doing.  Louis held back Liam; his face was red with rage he kept trying to get lose. I was still able to hear and I defiantly heard Niall scream while beating Gavin.

                “How dare you come here you fucking bastard!” I flinched back as I heard a body thump. I heard running followed by another. I was shaking with fear when it suddenly hit me, Niall was getting hurt. Zayn’s grip loosened and I managed to slip away.

                “Laci!” Liam, Louis, and Zayn yelled together. Harry had joined in with Niall both of them throwing punches at Gavin. He had managed to crawl near me; he grabbed my ankle and pulled. I fell back and everyone around could hear the hard impact the side of my head made against a huge rock. He scrambled on top of my and grabbed my left arm in his huge hands. I could feel my bone start to bend the way he wanted. He looked down at me and grinned when he heard the snap. Gavin’s hand released and he was pulled away. I screamed out in pain and held in my tears. My good arm felt a warm liquid trickle down the side of my head. Niall and Harry hurried over both hovering above me.  My eyelids started to droop and I was shaken awake. Niall was gone and all I could see was Harry’s green eyes above my own. I could hear Louis’s voice yelling out to someone.

                “Stop! That’s enough! Niall! Liam!” the sound of a last punch thrown reached me. “If you as much show you fucking face around here again, I won’t stop them. Get the fucking hell out of here and never speak to Laci again you fucking Bitch!”



As Laci disappeared up the stairs to change I turned to Liam. He was looking around the crowd his eyes moved quickly. I cleared my throat drawing his attention away from the moving bodies.

                “So…why is Gavin so bad? I know she’s your sister but everyone has ex’s.” Liam sighed and motioned for him to sit. Harry was already at the table talking quietly with Lou. Zayn was leaning against the wall keeping a watchful eye on who went out to the pool and who came in.

                “How do I start this,” he shook his head and looked at me. “It was when we were both sixteen. It was before Laci decided to leave home. She had just started going out with this guy she met at Work. Gavin, back then she worked in a cake shop.” I saw Harry look up he had been listening apparently.

                “She worked in a cake shop?”

                “Yes, she was one of the best there. She was amazing, she frosted and decorated the cakes and helped make numerous orders. But let’s get back to the story.” This time Louis and Zayn turned to listen in. “After a few weeks they had gone out on several dates but as a month past things got serious with them.” I looked away jealousy boiled in my stomach.

“They had decided to move in together and well that’s kind of when everything started to go downhill. She would constantly call me crying saying that he had hit her. Of course I wanted to do something about it but she wouldn’t let me. She kept saying that it was fine that he just got mad.” My eyes widened, I had to grip the table to keep myself from punching something. I was shocked no one should ever hit a woman. Especially Laci. She’s so sweet and caring, it made me sick to think anyone had every laid a harmful hand on her. I loosened my grip as Liam went on.

“One night I had decided to go see if she was alright. It had been several days since we last spoke. When I got to their flat the door was unlocked.” He paused a minute to get himself together. “I...I walked in and Gavin stabbed Laci in the chest with knife. I was horrified and scared, I didn’t want to lose my sister.” That was all it took for me to lose the last of my strength from going to find Gavin. I got up from my seat making it fall back and ran out onto the patio. I rounded the corner and saw them walk into the garden and into the maze. I clenched my jaw shut and ran after them. My heart was beating faster than if ever has but with rage. Just as I entered the maze I could hear Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn following me.  After running for what seemed like forever, I finally saw them. Gavin lifted Laci’s chin gently and leaned forward to kiss her. Just as their lips were about to touch I charged at him, taking Gavin to the ground hard. Laci looked down at us just as my fist started to make contact with the bastards face. I heard a crunch and felt small satisfaction. But I wasn’t done; Laci was pulled away by Zayn when I looked. Louis held back Liam. Of course his face was red with rage he kept trying to get lose and I nodded to Louis when I had the chance. He let Liam loose and he leaped at Gavin. He punched blindly and it made contact with my left eye. I fell back the breath knocked out of my lungs. When I was able to get it back I screamed

“How dare you come here you fucking bastard!” I got to my feet and turned just in time to see Liam fall to the ground. Gavin came charging at me his eyes wild, I quickly extended my arm and hit him full in the chest. He hit the ground with a thud and I smirked. It quickly faded when I saw Laci escape Zayn’s arms from the corner of my eye.

                “Laci!” we all yelled together. Harry had just entered the maze and joined in the fight. Lucky that he was the one that boxed started hitting Gavin hard in the chest and face. Gavin had managed to crawl away from Harry and I; I was all slow motion from there, he reached out and pulled on Laci’s ankle. I actually felt my heart stop. I watched as she fell back. My voice caught in my throat as I heard the hard impact the side of her head made against a bolder.  Then the snap of her arm; Liam had pulled him away quickly kicking him in the stomach. My legs felt like jelly when I saw the stream of crimson liquid fall down the side of Laci’s head. Harry and I made it to her side at the exact same time, my eyes watered as hers started to close. I heard Zayn yell out and I quickly went to his aid. After getting elbowed in the jaw I heard Louis scream,

                “Stop! That’s enough! Niall! Liam!” Gavin punched my left eye again but he didn’t get the last punch “If you as much show you fucking face around here again, I won’t stop them. Get the fucking hell out of here and never speak to Laci again you fucking Bitch!” As he limped away out of the maze I ran to Laci. Tears rimming my eyes, I grabbed her hand and she looked at me. The blood falling faster,

               “Zayn make sure he’s gone, Harry call an ambulance. Louis calm everyone down” Liam called from the other side of the clearing. He walked over slowly to us and squatted. I removed my shirt and pressed it against her wound. Soon enough we heard the sound of the ambulance pull into the driveway. I would now feel the pain from my own cuts and bruises. I felt a sharp pain from my right hand. I tried to open it and swallowed a scream.  My left eye had swollen shut and blood from my busted lip hit my skin making it look pale. I looked away from Laci and everything spun. I fell beside her still holding her hand.

                “Niall!” Harry called guiding the ambulance attendance towards us. I looked over at Laci’s now tear streaked face and that was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.




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