Yes I'm A Payne.

Laci Payne, was someone who was kept off the media radar fairly well. No one even knew who she was besides her family. When out of the blue she decides to visit her brother boy band sensation Liam Payne of One Direction the cameras are flashing like crazy to catch her. The secrets out after all this time Liam Payne is a twin. It's actually kind of strange how he was able to keep it a secret for so long, but somehow he did. That's not the only thing that the paps are going crazy for. Laci is rumored to be crushing hard on Niall Horan after the two where spotted out together more than once. This of course is just a rumor but who knows maybe he'll fall for his bandmate sister. Who knows? Things never go as planned, maybe Naci is real.


4. Up All Night


After placing in another bottle of soda, I looked back at Liam. His eyes where focused on his phone his fingers tapping away rapidly. “Hey, earth to Liam.” I waved my hand quickly in front of his face he looked up a blank expression on his face

                “Sorry I was talking with Sophia.” I looked away slowly, I didn’t really like Sophia. I mean it was a little weird to be around her. Danielle and I were really close, and well still are.

                “Is she coming to the party tonight?” He wasn’t looking at me, his eyes focused on the floor

                “She is, why?” I didn’t really want to tell him that Danielle was going to be coming over too. He wouldn’t enjoy himself.

                “I was just, wondering.”  He had placed four more sodas into the cart and I arranged them towards the back, making room for all of the other things the boys were supposed to bring back. “Hey guess who else is coming tonight.”

                “I don’t want to guess.” What was wrong with him, he was normally cheery. I blame it on his girlfriend, she was always causing him to worry and be upset. 

                “Never mind.” I said softly before looking away a little hurt. Harry turned around the corner and headed towards us, after placing in a few cases and bottles of alcohol he cleared his throat. Seeing that my eyes where focused on the ground he looked to Liam,

                “Hey Zayn wants you to go to the electronics, so he can put the speakers in the cart.” Liam nodded without saying anything and left. Harry lifted my chin and looked into my eyes, “What’s wrong?” I pulled away slightly

                “Nothing’s wrong I’m fine.”

                “Liar.” Harry crossed his arms looking down at me. “Really, tell me what’s wrong.” I sighed and started walking.

                “Come on.” He walked beside me, his pace slowed to match mine, “It’s just that Liam isn’t acting the same. I mean I think it’s all because--”

                “Sophia.” He finished for me, we had ventured off into the toy aisle “They’ve been fighting more and more.” I nodded slowly, before grabbing a bouncy ball from the pen

                “I’m just worried about him.” Harry smiled weakly

                “We all are. He’s more stressed now that the tours starting soon.” He grabbed the ball from my hands and started to bounce it. I smiled, “Hey what’s your favorite color?”  He asked still focused on the ball

                “It’s well, I guess the sunset.”

                “So orange?” I shook my head

                “No it’s more of an orangish pink with yellow. Why?” I hit the ball out of his hands and grabbed it

                “Just wondering.” A small trace of a smile formed on his lips.  “What about flower?” I laughed

                “I guess roses.” He nodded slowly, his phone started to vibrate in his pocket, he answered quickly

                “Hey Niall…Yeah…No…Okay, see you in the front.” He ended the call and replaced the phone into his jeans. “Time to go.” He grabbed the ball and threw it into the pen again with a smile,  we walked together to the front to meet the others at checkout.

As I closed the door to my bedroom I rushed over to the closet and started searching. My finders ran across a black dress with a rose floral print. “This is the one.” I could hear the excitement in my voice as I pulled it off of the hanger.  I kneeled down and picked out a matching pair of wedged shoes that laced up a little higher than my ankle. I quickly snatched the golden bronze lock heart ring Liam gave me and the silver chained necklace with a small tear shaped glass bottle pendent that held a red rose.

                As I walked out of the closet I stopped seeing Niall on the bed. “Hey Niall. Do you like my dress?”

                “You’ll look perfect.” As he got up I barely caught a glimpse of the flower behind his back.

                “So what’s up?” I asked causally swaying back and forth slightly

                “Um, Laci I was wondering, if well, if you’d like to go to the party with me?” I looked up at him speechless.


                “Of course it would be as friends.” He smiled weakly

                “Oh, Well okay.” I looked down broken. ‘Just friends…Maybe that what it always will be them. He’d never like me….’



                When Laci walked out of the closet my heart almost stopped. She is so beautiful; I got up slowly with a small smile.

                “Hey Niall. Do you like my dress?” As she spoke all it made me want to do was smile more, her voice was just like wind chimes in the breeze, or a stream running over stones. I looked at the dress and smiled warmly

                “You’ll look perfect.”  ‘In anything.’ I added silently to myself. I held the rose gently in my hands behind my back and just looked at her. What perfection, what beauty. She was everything that I ever wanted. I didn’t hear her last question because I was lost on thoughts. I was so nervous that she would say no. “Laci I was wondering, if well, if you’d like to accompany me to the party?” I looked at her and tried not to shake I could tell that I had taken her by surprise.

                “Niall--” When she said my name it sent warmth throughout me, but I quickly interrupted her

                “Of course it would be as friends.” Right as the words finished coming out of my mouth I wanted to take them back. I wanted to kick myself. ‘Just Friends! Really Niall! Really! The whole reason you came to ask was to ask her out on a date! You idiot.’

                “Oh, Well okay.” I pulled the flower out from behind me, and held it out to her

                “I got this rose for you.” When she took it from me our hands touched each other’s for a moment, I could feel my face start to get warm

                “Oh Niall! It’s just beautiful.” She examined the rose carefully a sparkle in her brown eyes. ‘Yeah but not as beautiful as you.’

                “I’m glad you like it, I’ll see you in a bit Laci. Sounds like Harry’s calling me.” When I exited the room I sighed and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

                “How’d it go mate?” I looked up to see Louis, Zayn, and Harry at the table.

                “I asked if she would go with me.”

                “That’s great! Did she say yes?” I looked over at Zayn and nodded. Louis leaned back and scratched his chin.

                “But? You don’t seem to happy.”

                “I said that would go as friends.” I finally said I laid my face on the table and moaned. “I screwed up everything.”      

                “Ouch. Really?” Harry said before looking up at the person who had just entered the room

                “Really? What.” Laci stood in the door way her brown hair wavy the dress fitting her body perfectly. She wore black floral pink wedged to match the dress. “Is anyone going to answer my question?”


                “Niall was just telling us that you look beautiful in your dress.” Zayn said with a smile, I looked over at him and smiled gratefully

                “Really?” Laci asked leaning against the wall. “That’s really sweet.” I opened my mouth to speak but Louis interrupted.

                “You know Niall.” Louis smiled

                “Sweet and very kind.” Harry added. Laci moved her hair out of her face. She heard the doorbell ring and her head turned towards the door the same time as mine.

                “I’ll get it.” As she started to walk away I got up

                “Let me Laci.” I stepped in front of her and blocked the door. With the heels she was almost as tall as me.

                “Thanks again Niall.” I watched as she turned towards the lads a huge smile on her face. Liam had joined he stood beside Louis, Harry, and Zayn. “Who’s ready to stay Up all Night.” She laughed






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