Yes I'm A Payne.

Laci Payne, was someone who was kept off the media radar fairly well. No one even knew who she was besides her family. When out of the blue she decides to visit her brother boy band sensation Liam Payne of One Direction the cameras are flashing like crazy to catch her. The secrets out after all this time Liam Payne is a twin. It's actually kind of strange how he was able to keep it a secret for so long, but somehow he did. That's not the only thing that the paps are going crazy for. Laci is rumored to be crushing hard on Niall Horan after the two where spotted out together more than once. This of course is just a rumor but who knows maybe he'll fall for his bandmate sister. Who knows? Things never go as planned, maybe Naci is real.


3. Party Till We See The Sun

Jumping into the car, I flipped on the radio with a smile “Harry there’s a nice café a little ways from here. I think you’ll all like it.” I grabbed the GSP and tapped in the location. After placing it back on the dashboard I sat back and looked behind me. My eyes made contact with Niall’s a small blush spread across my cheeks.

“Hi.” He said softly, my eyes wandering down to his lips. They curved up at the ends, he was smiling.

“Niall, a little to close if you know what I mean.” Liam said over the music, the handsome blond chuckled under his breath before retreating and sitting back. The blush was still there and I knew Liam saw it. I quickly turned away and bit my lip. What was happening, it had been a while sense I had this feeling. The butterflies in my stomach and the racing of my heart.

“Laci!” Liam yelled, my head shot up I looked over at him slightly startled.

“What? Why are you yelling?” Shifting in my seat to look at him

  “I’ve called you three times and you obviously weren’t listening. We’re here.” I looked around the car almost empty the others standing in the parking lot. I cleared my own throat and unbuckled myself. Mumbling quietly to myself

“Sorry I was thinking.” I looked over at Zayn who was staring at the paps who had just arrived.

                “We have company.” He smiled weakly and looked at the lads, body guards already ushering us into the café. Oh and to make it better fans were starting to arrive. I felt a hand on the small of my back and looked up.

                “Staying together.” Harry smiled his dimples popping out. I smiled a little letting him guide me through the open doors. Screams arose as the boys where seen, girl where everywhere along with the flashing lights of cameras.  I looked around the windows filled with the excited faces of fans. Security held them back, seeing the struggle they had I turned away looking up at the menu.  Seeing the boys had already ordered I stepped forward.

                “I’ll have a banana orange smoothie and uh...” I paused for a moment scanning the possible options “A Paysanne salad please.” I handed him £11.25 and walked towards the boys who had taken a table in the center of the café.  We sat there awkwardly for a moment before Louis spoke up.

                “How do you like the noise, Laci?” I laughed and looked at him, I never understood how they handled it, the screaming and the crowds.

                “It not the most pleasant sound. I couldn’t even here you guys talking as we walked in here.” Zayn leaned back his hands behind his head

                “You get used to it eventually. It’s the crowds that are the wor--” He was cut off as an overly happy blonde waitress walked over our meals in her hand.

                “Hi! I’m Hannah and I’ll be your server today. Here’s your means.” She placed them in front of the boys purposely showing her exposed cleavage. I bit the inside of my cheek hard as she walked away from Niall. Why was I getting so jealous? I looked away quickly as he turned to me. After she finally gave me my food she stepped back a smirk on her face. “Is there anything else I can get you boys?” I scoffed and looked up at her. “Oh, what about you?” smiling sourly

                “No that’s all you can leave now.” I said bitterly before turning away from her and opening the lid to my salad. Liam laughed causing me to look up

                “Looks like someone got a little jealous.”

                “I don’t get jealous” I snapped looking down at my food. I let out a breath of frustration and looked back at my brother “Sorry. She just didn’t need to throw herself at you guys.”

                “It happens, plus it doesn’t mean we take notice of it. Well I mean the ones in a relationship” Louis said after swallowing the food in his mouth. I looked over at Niall who had stuffed his mouth, and Harry sat there sipping from his drink. Both obviously distracted from the conversation.

                “I prefer brunettes over blondes.” Niall said softly his eyes traveling up to Laci’s, looks like he had been paying attention after all. Embarrassed I grabbed a French bean from my bowl and bit it in half chewing it slowly. The boys all talked amongst themselves leaving me to eat my salad in peace. I looked out the window seeing the crowd had multiplied instead of vanished. ‘Great’ I sighed to myself. The thought suddenly struck me a smile widening on my lips.

                “Guys?” The boys all looked up at me as I spoke for the first time since my outburst. “How do you all feel about a party tonight?”


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