Yes I'm A Payne.

Laci Payne, was someone who was kept off the media radar fairly well. No one even knew who she was besides her family. When out of the blue she decides to visit her brother boy band sensation Liam Payne of One Direction the cameras are flashing like crazy to catch her. The secrets out after all this time Liam Payne is a twin. It's actually kind of strange how he was able to keep it a secret for so long, but somehow he did. That's not the only thing that the paps are going crazy for. Laci is rumored to be crushing hard on Niall Horan after the two where spotted out together more than once. This of course is just a rumor but who knows maybe he'll fall for his bandmate sister. Who knows? Things never go as planned, maybe Naci is real.


1. Who Is That?

I sat patiently in the car as the driver turned into a long drive way. The sight of my brother and the boys made me smile, as they walked to the tinted windows my smile widened as Liam tapped on the window his light brown eyes filled with curiosity. I grabbed my bag and opened the door, they immediately stepped back waiting to see who was going to step out. I swung my legs out and placed my hand on the top of the door. As my feet touched the driveway I stood up, I saw Liam’s eyes brighten. He started to run towards me his arms out.

“Laci!”  He grabbed me and squeezed me tight. I laughed as he spun around once. When he set me down he put his arm around my shoulders protectively seeing the boys staring at me. “Lads this is my sister Laci.” He kissed my cheek giving my shoulder a squeeze. I look at Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Niall their mouths a little opened. When Liam cleared his throat Zayn spoke first.

“You have another sister?” Liam and I nodded at the same time; we looked at each other, his brown eyes a little darker than my own. “Where twins.” We spoke together, the boys looked baffled at what they just had heard. I saw that Niall had dropped the pizza that he had been holding. I raised an eyebrow and the boys looked back and forth from Liam and I.

“Okay well, May I come in?” the four boys standing across from me nodded making Liam laughed.

“Harry, Louis why don’t you get Laci’s bags?” The two smiled at me and walked towards the trunk of the challenger that had brought me here. As Liam guided me towards the front door he stopped once we where inside, “Does mum know you’re here?” I shook my head lightly. It had been a while since I talked or seen my mum. We had gotten into a fight after mine and Liam’s 16th birthday. I ended leaving home and staying with one of my friend. Now I’m 19 and decided to come home. I looked at Liam and his eyes were still on me

“I can’t Liam, you know I can’t. I just…” I stopped and looked down, I blinked away tears as I thought of my mum and the terrible fight we had. Liam sighed and leaned against the wall; I looked up and turned my head when I heard singing come from the living room. When I rounded the corner I realized it was my phone, as I pulled it out of my bag the music stopped I looked at the screen seeing I had missed a call, the number wasn’t in my phone but I recognized it. It was my ex Gavin.

 “Who was it?” Liam asked looking over my shoulder

 “It was no one.” He looked at me with concern in his eyes then away when I didn’t say anything else

 “Hope you’re hungry.” Zayn walked in and set down three boxes of pizza on the glass coffee table.

“I’m always hungry.” I said as the exact same time as Niall. We looked at each other then away a light blush on both of our cheeks. Louis laughed and pinched Niall’s cheeks.

“Is someone blushing?” Louis smiled and looked over at me. Liam rolled his eyes and nudged harry with his foot who was on the floor with his phone. I blushed deeper and bit my lip, “Oh our little Nialler had a crush.” Louis teased. Niall’s blush grew; he grabbed the pizza boxes and shoved Louis away gently. He smiled weakly and started eating.

“Want some?” He looked over at me and held the box out to me.

“Thanks Niall.” I said as I grabbed four slices and sat next to Harry. I watched as Louis took his seat again and started to eat a slice of pepperoni pizza, Harry started to flip through the channels I suddenly stopped him by shouting,

“Paranormal Activity’s on!” He set the remote down on the arm and sat back crossing his legs. I smiled and leaned back against Harry’s arm lightly. From the corner of my eye I swear I could see him smile.


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