My Love, My Heart

One Direction is on the top. Burning up the charts. Millions of fans. But why can't Harry find his special someone. All the others, are happy with their girlfriends, but Harry just can't seem to find one. But when he meets one.....different fan, he starts to think. About how much one person can change another.


5. What's Wrong

Louis' Point:

''What happened sir?'' The paramedic asks as they load Harry in the ambulance on a stretcher. I begin. ''He hadn't been feeling well the whole day. He was resting, but I heard noise. I walked in, and he was heading to the bathroom. But he stopped and got a weird look on his face. He stumbled around a little, then dropped down and blacked out.'' ''Thank you, but do you know the cause of his illness?'' ''No, sorry.'' ''Okay, that's all.'' He walks away and the doors close. I run a hand through my hair, and cover my face. I walk back into the bus and sit on the ground. ''Can we go to the hospital!'' I call to the driver. The bus moves foreword and the boys walk in. ''Where are we going?'' Liam asks. ''Hospital. Harry's on his way.'' He nods and grabs a glass of water. ''Here, drink something.'' I take a sip and place it on the ground next to me. ''I-I'm just so scared for him. I've never seen that happen before and I-I just don't know what to think.'' ''I know you're scared, and...that's fine. But we need to stay strong.'' I nod and smile a little, ''He's Harry. He has to be fine.''

Harry's Point:

My eyes slowly open and I feel movement around me. I moan and scan around. I'm in a car. I groan and look down, to see a stretcher. I sigh and close my eyes. Suddenly, we come to a harsh stop. I hear footsteps outside, then the doors open. ''Mr.Styles, you're awake!'' The paramedic says relieved. ''What happened?'' I ask, confused. ''You blacked out while walking to the bathroom.'' I frown, ''Really?'' He nods. I lay my head back down and rest. As I'm being wheeled down the hall, the horrible pain comes back. ''Shit.'' I say out loud, clutching my stomach. ''Are you okay?'' The paramedic asks, worried. ''No!'' I cry out in pain. He rushes me to a room quickly. ''Nurse!'' He shouts out. ''Ahh!'' I shout, as the pain becomes unbearable. I curl up and wait for help. I groan and close my eyes. ''NURSE!'' The paramedic bellows out.


My eyes and open I look around. ''Hello?'' I call out, in a strained, hoarse voice. I hear someone stand. ''Harry?'' ''Louis?'' ''Yeah.'' He walks over and kneels beside me, so he's face level to me. ''What's happening to me?'' I ask, my voice cracking. He frowns, ''What I said. Food poisoning. But really bad. They have people investigating the burger joint.'' I nod, ''How long will I have it?'' ''I don't know.'' I sigh, ''I want it to end, it's horrible and I can't take it.'' He nods, "I know, you scared us half to death when you blacked out.'' ''D-did you cry?'' ''Uh yeah.'' ''Louis, don't cry about me.'' He looks down, ''But you really scared us.'' I put a hand on his shoulder, ''I'll be fine, I just need to res-'' I cut off by my own gagging. ''Hold on!'' Louis exclaims, grabbing the trash can. I lean close and vomit. ''Everything okay?'' The nurse asks, as she walks in. ''Y-yeah, just leave him be.'' Louis tells her, as I vomit again. ''But I-'' ''Just go! Please!'' She backs out and I vomit more. ''God please.'' I mumble, and vomit AGAIN. ''Are you done?'' Louis asks. I nod and lay back, and he disposes of the trash can. ''I want it to stop.'' I whisper, closing my eyes.


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