My Love, My Heart

One Direction is on the top. Burning up the charts. Millions of fans. But why can't Harry find his special someone. All the others, are happy with their girlfriends, but Harry just can't seem to find one. But when he meets one.....different fan, he starts to think. About how much one person can change another.


1. Leaving The Stage

Harry's Point:

''Thank you all! You've been so amazing!'' Liam shouted, over the shrieks of the crowd. ''Goodnight everybody!'' We raced off stage, sweaty and tired. ''That was fun. They were great.'' Liam said, pulling off his shirt and grabbing a clean one. ''I think we did great!'' Niall exclaimed. I nodded and pulled off my blazer. ''One of our best so far.'' I threw it on the table and sat on the couch. ''How many shows do we have left?'' Louis asked, running a hand through his messy hair. I thought, ''Two.'' He smiled and sat next to me. Liam tossed me a water bottle and I pulled off the cap. I drank some and closed it back up. ''Thanks.'' I mumbled. He sat down just as Paul walked in the door. ''We gotta leave for a signing in 10.'' he informed us before walking away. ''Already?'' Niall groaned, flopping back onto the couch. I sighed and grabbed a new t-shirt, ''I'll be changing.'' I told them, before I walked to my dressing room. I closed the door and pulled of my shirt. I slipped on my new one and left. ''Ready?'' I asked the boys, as I prepared to leave. They nodded in unison, and stood up, heading for the door.


"Here you go love.'' I said, handing a young girl her picture I signed. 'Thank you.'' She shyly said, before waving goodbye. I smiled as she walked back to her parents. ''Excuse me, could you sign this for me?'' I looked up and saw an older woman holding a CD. ''My daughter was too nervous to come and ask. "Of course. What's her name?'' ''Abby.'' I scribbled down the note and handed her the CD back, ''Thank you.'' I smiled, ''No problem.'' I turned and saw Liam hand me a picture of us, ''You're turn Haz.'' he said. I signed my name and handed it back. I took a sip of my water, before another girl reached me. She was older than the little girl. ''Hi, I'm Debby. Can you sign this for me?'' She handed me her phone case. I signed my mane and gave it back. ''Bye.'' I called as she waved and walked off. I looked back and saw the final person for today had walked up. ''Do you mind signing this?'' She kindly asked, handing me her poster. ''No problem love.'' I quickly signed and handed it back. ''Thanks.'' she walked off. I stood  up, and the boys did the same. ''Ready to leave?'' I asked. ''Yeah.'' Niall answered. We quickly walked to the tour bus and climbed inside. I jogged over to my bunk and climbed up top. I pulled out my phone and checked the time. 9:00 pm. ''I'm gonna sleep now!'' I yelled to the boys, before tossing my shirt to the floor. I pulled the blankets up and lay my head on the pillow. I slowly drift to sleep.


''Harry! Breakfast!'' I hear Louis call. I sit up, squinting at the sunlight, shining through the open window. I carefully climbed down and picked up my shirt. I slipped it on before walking to the table. ''Morning.'' I groggily said, sitting down. Louis chuckled, ''Someone's tired.'' I nodded and grabbed the toast that was set in front of me. ''Next concert is this weekend.'' Liam informed us, walking in. I swallowed and said, ''That's enough time to rest.'' He nodded and sat down across from me. I took another bite of my toast as Niall grabbed a piece. ''Was I the last awake?'' I ask, as Zayn takes a seat. He had been Louis cook. Liam nodded and bit his toast. ''I was tired.'' I defended myself. Niall laughed. ''We all were. But you slept 'till 11;30.'' ''What?'' I looked at the clock. Sure enough, it was 11:30. ''Why didn't you eat without me?'' I asked. ''Because. That would be rude.'' Zayn answered. ''Not if it's 11:30!'' I exclaimed. Louis sat next to me, ''Harry, it's fine. We waited for you. There's nothing wrong with that.'' I smiled, ''You're right. But next time...wake me up. I was hungry in my dreams.''

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