My Love, My Heart

One Direction is on the top. Burning up the charts. Millions of fans. But why can't Harry find his special someone. All the others, are happy with their girlfriends, but Harry just can't seem to find one. But when he meets one.....different fan, he starts to think. About how much one person can change another.


2. Lazy Day

Harry's Point:

I sat on the couch, t.v. on. I flip through a magazine, uninterested in the program Liam had on. I stop when I see a page with my face. I read the title, 'Harry Styles back with old girlfriend?' I scan the page, picking up key parts, 'Back with Caroline.' or 'betraying band to see her' I close it and toss it on the table. ''What's wrong?'' Liam asks, noticing my face. ''Well.'' I begin, ''F***king press thinks I'm back with Caroline and I'm 'betraying' you guys. I mean, For god's sakes, it's been two years!'' I tell him. He shakes his head, ''Ignore it. They make up all kinds of crap about people.'' I nod and turn my attention to the t.v. ''What'cha watching?'' I ask. He smiles, ''Documentary on turtles.'' I stand up, ''I'm out.'' I walk to my bed. There I see Louis, eyes closed, ear buds in his ears. ''Louis.'' I tap him. ''Louis.'' He opens one eye, ''What?'' ''Can I talk to you?'' He nods and pulls the ear buds out. ''What's up?'' I sit next to him. ''The papers are starting rumors again.'' ''About what?'' ''Caroline.'' He makes a face, ''Really?'' I nod, ''They think I'm, back with her, and, ignoring you guys.'' ''I can't believe that.'' I nod and sigh, ''I hate when they say stuff that they know isn't true.'' Louis nods and smiles, ''But as long as we know it isn't true, everything's fine.'' I nod and Niall walks in, holding the magazine. ''Is it true you're back with this bitch?'' I shake my head. ''No. I think you'd know.'' He pauses, ''Right.'' Then walks out. I laugh and stand up. ''I'm gonna take a shower.'' Louis nods and lays down, placing the ear buds back in his ears. I close the door behind me. I pull of my clothes and step in, turning the water on.


I pull my shirt on and grab some sweat pants, pulling them on. I walk into the kitchen for a drink and see Niall at the table, head in his hands. I hear muffled sobs. ''Niall, what's wrong?'' I ask, concerned. I sit next to him, and he looks at me. ''She called.'' ''Who?'' ''Rebecca.'' His long-time girlfriend had called, ''So?'' ''So, she said we're done. She didn't want me.'' I watched the tears streaming down his face. ''Niall, it'll be fine.'' I say, placing a hand on his shoulder. ''No it won't!'' he exclaims, ''You don't know how much I loved her!'' I hated seeing so much pain in his eyes. ''You're right, I don't. But it will be okay. We're here for you.'' He nods and lays his head on the table. I stand up and grab what I came for, before walking to the living room. ''Rebecca ended it with Niall.'' I say to Liam, as I sit on the couch. He turns to me, and frowns, ''Really? That's horrible.'' I nod, ''She said she didn't love him, so now he's in the kitchen crying.'' ''Should I go-'' ''No. Leave him be for a while.''


''What do you want for dinner?'' I ask, scanning the fridge. Louis closes it, ''Cooking's overrated. Let's eat out.'' I nod and tell the rest of the boys. They agree, but I don't hear Niall. I walk to his bed and see him asleep, his face still wet from crying. ''Poor guy.'' I say, before I leave to catch up with everyone else. ''Let's stop here.'' I say, spotting a restaurant. Liam nods and I leave the bus, and race across the street. ''Good. It's a burger joint. We aren't dressed for fine cuisine.'' I say, noticing our clothes are pajamas and sweats. I walk in and up to the counter. After ordering we find a seat. ''So, is Niall doing better?'' Zayn asks, before taking a bite of his burger. I shake my head, ''No, he was crying and fell asleep.'' Louis, sighs, ''Rebecca seemed so nice though.'' I nod and sip my drink. ''She should have waited and and ended it face-to-face. Calling is pathetic.'' ''Yeah, it's almost cowardly.'' Zayn agrees. ''Like she was to scared to see his reaction.'' ''She probably was.'' Liam tells him, swallowing a bite of food. ''Anyway, are you ready to go back?'' I ask. Everyone nods. We dispose of our  food and walk to the door. My phone vibrates and I pull it out and see a message from Niall. I go to open it, but I walk into someone. I fall to the ground. ''Ow.'' I mutter. Suddenly, I hear a voice from above me say, ''I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking.'' I look up and see a girl, about my age, reaching her hand out. ''I wasn't either.'' I say, accepting help. When I get up, she freezes. "Y-you're Harry Styles.'' I nod, ''Yes I am. And you are?'' I wait for her to answer. ''Katy.'' I smile, ''Hi Katy.'' She looks down and mumbles, ''I-I need to go.'' She jogs off. ''That was weird.'' I hear Louis say. ''How?'' I ask walking to him. ''Well, usually a fan, which is what she looked like, wouldn't run off in the presence of a star.'' I shake my head, ''Maybe she was just nervous.'' ''Maybe. Or maybe she likes you.''

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