My Love, My Heart

One Direction is on the top. Burning up the charts. Millions of fans. But why can't Harry find his special someone. All the others, are happy with their girlfriends, but Harry just can't seem to find one. But when he meets one.....different fan, he starts to think. About how much one person can change another.


6. Hello Katy

Louis' Point:

I walk down the hall to the coffee shop, and hear a familiar voice pleading with the nurse. ''Please, I need to see Harry!'' I turn the corner and see Katy at the front desk. ''We can't allow you back there.'' I walk towards her. ''And why not?'' She turns to me, and stutters, ''Oh m-mister Tomlinson. D-do you know this girl?'' ''As a matter of fact, I do.'' I put my arm around her and walk with her to Harry's room. ''Thank you. I really want to see him.'' ''Why'd you leave the last two times?'' ''I um....I get really nervous around new people. It didn't help that he was Harry fricken Styles either.'' I chuckle and open the door. I hear soft snores come from Harry's mouth. ''Harry. You have a guest.'' His eyes slowly open and he yawns, ''Who is it?'' Katy walks foreword. ''M-me.'' ''Katy? Why are you here?'' ''I wanted to apologize for running off.'' He smiles, ''How'd you know I was here?'' ''You're Harry Styles.'' ''Right.'' She giggles. I pull out a chair and offer it to her. ''Thanks.'' she says sitting down. I walk to my chair and plop down in it. Harry turns to face Katy. ''This was a bad time to properly introduce myself. I probably look horrible right now.'' He says, holding out his hand. ''No, you look.......yeah pretty bad.'' Katy laughs, shaking it. Harry lays back down, and sighs, ''How long does severe food poisoning last?'' ''What? Severe food poisoning?''' ''Yeah. It's pretty bad. But do you know how long it'll last?'' She shakes her head. ''No idea. Sorry.'' Harry sighs and closes his eyes, ''Great, just great.'' He mutters under his breath.

Harry's Point:

''Harry, when did you get sick?'' Katy asks. ''It started today. It was from the burger place, where we met.'' She gasps, ''Oh my god! Really?'' I nod and open my eyes. ''That's what we think.'' She curses under her breath. ''What?'' I ask. She sighs, ''I know about that place. They've been in trouble for that before.'' ''Really?'' ''Yeah, they gave food poisoning to Justin Bieber once.'' My jaw drops, ''Really?'' I repeat. She nods and says, ''Do you know when you're getting out?'' ''No, why?'' ''Because, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime?'' ''Well, we're hanging out now.'' ''No I mean for real.'' I smile, ''Sure, that'd be great.'' ''Okay, well, I gotta go'' She gets up, and I wave as she walks away.


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