My Love, My Heart

One Direction is on the top. Burning up the charts. Millions of fans. But why can't Harry find his special someone. All the others, are happy with their girlfriends, but Harry just can't seem to find one. But when he meets one.....different fan, he starts to think. About how much one person can change another.


3. Back To Work

Harry's Point:

''Get up!'' I hear Louis yell. I pull the covers over my head, and try to stay asleep. ''Harry! I said, get up!'' ''Fine!'' I push the blankets off and quickly climb down. I walk to the kitchen, stumbling as I go. ''Uh Harry?'' ''What?'' ''You forgot your clothes.'' I look down and see I'm just wearing my underwear. ''Dammit.'' I mutter. Louis hears, ''Grumpy today, aren't we?'' I ignore him and run back to my bed. I open a dresser drawer and grab some pants and a shirt, slipping them on as I walk back to the kitchen. ''That's better.'' Liam says, as I walk in. I drop down into a chair and close my eyes. I open them when Louis says, ''Here, eat.'' I see a bowl of oatmeal sitting in front of me. ''I'm not hungry.'' I say pushing it away. I stand up and walk out. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. ''Shit.'' I moan, clutching it. I hurry to my bed, and instead of climbing up, I lay down in Louis' bed. I wince at the sudden pain, then let out a loud groan. I close my eyes and try to block out the pain. Then, I hear footsteps. ''You okay mate?'' I hear Louis ask, in a concerned tone. I stay still. ''Harry? Please talk to me.'' I roll over and open my eyes, ''No. I'm not fine.'' ''What's wrong?'' I moan again and clutch my stomach. ''My stomach hurts.'' ''Since when?'' ''I was walking here and felt a pain. Now it won't go away.'' I close my eyes and feel Louis' hand on my shoulder. ''Anything I can get'cha?'' "Water please.'' I tell him, in a quiet tone. I hear him walk off and come back. ''Here.'' I sit up and take the glass, taking a small sip. ''Thanks.'' I say as I place it on the side-table and lay down again. ''I'll be with the boys.'' Louis says before walking off. I try to fall asleep, but the pain comes back again, and I can't help but let out a small moan. I start to feel tired, and drift to sleep.


''Harry, you all right mate?'' I hear from beside me. I open my eyes and see Liam sitting on the floor next to me. ''You were making noises. Loud ones.'' He says. I rub my eyes and look around. ''Where are the boys?'' ''Getting ready. I'm done.'' ''But, why didn't you tell me it's time to go?'' Liam sighs, ''You're sick and staying here. We talked it through with Paul.'' I nod and feel a nauseous feeling come over me. ''Harry? You alright?'' I shake my head and push him out of the way, as I rush to the bathroom. I kneel in front of the toilet and vomit. ''Harry? What's going on?'' Louis says, running in, shirtless. ''I threw up.'' ''I know that. Do you know why?'' I shake my head and vomit again. ''What did you eat last?'' ''Um that burger.'' ''Shit.'' he mumbles. ''What?'' ''Maybe it's food poisoning.'' ''Maybe I'm just sick.''


''Okay we're leaving now Harry.'' ''Okay bye.'' As the door closes, I roll onto my back, staring at the bunk above me. ''Go to sleep.'' I muttered, before drifting off.

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