The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


8. to orlando


emily POV

i couldn't sleep. he was in my mind. he is haunting me. finally at like 3 am i fell asleep. it only felt like 5 minutes.


"em wake up it's time to wake up." someone said.


i could hear them but i didn't want to open my eyes.


"go away i don't want you let me sleep" i said


"so not a morning person i guess" that was liam i knew his voice.


"what are you doing here?" i asked still closing my eyes


"we are going to orlando why didn't you sleep early"


Because he was on my mind i couldn't get him out of my mind  he kissed me and never said anything after it i am mad.


"YOU KISSED HER" zayn nearly shouted


"wow did i say that out loud god " i said.


"lets get you cleaned up em and we go" liam said and he took me out of bed and pulled me to the bathroom. "you guys make her bed and put her stuff in the bag and i will help her with the rest." liam said


we got in the car harry was driving he is such a great driver even though he is the youngest.


"so where are we going you woke me up so early" i asked


"it's a surprise but first when we get there we have to eat breakfast" liam said


i looked at niall and we both shouted "iHop"


"wow guys you are weird but em get what em wants" louis said


"yay thanks big brother." i said


"any time anytime em so we have an hour drive" louis said


"well you have an hour of driving. i have a date with sleep so good night and who ever wakes me up before we arrive is gonna be dead. i am telling you DEAD" i said


"you really are not a morning person" harry said


"says the guy who is not a morning person either ." zayn said and everybody laughed. i rested my head on liams shoulder and drifted to sleep thinking about him.


"should we wake them up?" people were talking


"but they look so cute" that was totally niall his irish accent is obvious.


"wow guys why are there 8 eyes looking at me drive harry" i said


"there is still two eyes left where are they" i said they all looked up and then i looked liam was sleeping next to me ohh ya i remembered i slept on his shoulder and he rested his head on mine.


"aww he looks adorable" i said


"if he hears you saying he looks adorable he would kill you" louis said


"drive harry why did u wake me up?" i asked


"we are almost there only 5 more minutes.


"did he really kiss you! like mouth to mouth kiss you?" louis asked


"you make it sounds like it is bad and yes he did kiss me" i said


"how was it?" zayn asked


"you really wanna know?" i asked


"ya" everyone said


i looked at liam he was still sleeping he won't hear me.


"PERFECT" i said with a smile on my face.


"you really like him." harry said while driving


"yes but i am not supposed to he is a pop star and I am! i am just emily the 16 year old girl that noone talks to! i know it's liam and everything but he is gonna break my heart at the end and i will end up alone." i said


Liam POV


they were talking about the kiss really? but she said it was perfect. she is the prefect one. they didn't know i was awake they think i am a sleep. "you really like him." harry said while driving


"yes but i am not supposed to he is a rock star and I am! i am just emily the 16 year old girl that noone talks to! i know it's liam and everything but he is gonna break my heart at the end and i will end up alone." em said. that made me said i am not gonna break her heart i can't i really want to be with her i really do like her.


"don't say that em he really likes you and he won't do that at all. it's liam we are talking about" louis said. i wanna thank him for that.


"then tell me why didn't he say anything about the kiss. does he even know that was my first kiss" em said. i knew it was her first kiss but louis called and i didn't know what to say.


"tell you what let's just drop it okay" em said.


"drop what?" i said. i have to wake up i don't want them to defend me i want to make this the right way tomorrow. everyone looked at me and emily just moved away.


"umm you're awake we are almost there" em said. and i didn't say anything.





"you are taking me to universal" em shouted i knew she would be happy i knew that.


"it was liam's idea" louis said


"thank you thank you thankyou" she hugged me and kissed my cheek. i love it when she smiles it lights up the whole world.


"shit i didn't get any money" em said


""who said you need money i am paying" i said


"well I can't let you pay everything I promise i will pay you back" em said. i would never let her pay anything


"i would never let you pay anything! now what do you wanna start with" i asked


"everything!!" she jumped


"lets go" eveyone said.


"i don't like roller coasters" harry said


"i am scared of them too harry but it is gonna be fun and i don't wanna miss anything! you could be my rollercoaster buddy we could be scared together," em said with a smile on her face. she really is amazing.


"you are the best! em i love you" she said kissing her cheek. she held his hand and we all went to guitar roller coaster.


"are you sure you wanna do this em you just ate abig bag od french fries" i asked


"don't be lame liam she is good right em?" zayn asked


"of course" she said


"please buckle up miss we are going to start the ride" the man said.


i was sitting with niall. and zayn was siting with louis.



"that was sick. i love it" em shouted


"but you kept squeezing my hand harlod!" she said


"ya yes i did because it was freaky but i am glad i was your coaster buddy" harry said


"well think about what we gonna do next it's still 5:30 we still have time but i gotta go to the bathroom wash my face i feel a little dizzy" em said


"sure em we are gonna wait here" i said. and she went


"tell us liam who the hell told you to kiss her and never say anything?" louis asked


"well because harold here broke something in the house and i gotta go remember you called me" i said


"ohh ok well i understand but she thinks you are gonna break her heart even though you are liam" he said.


"i know how to fix this" i said and went to sit alone on the bench.






my phone was ringing ohh it's em! wonder what she wants.


"hello!" i said


"missed me" she said.


"yes! it's been like 2 minutes without you" i said and she started laughing her cute laugh.


"well liam! i missed you too!i wan............ahh"


"Em? EMily what happened"


i could hear her voice but far from the phone


"leave me alone i promise i'll do anything" she was saying and i freaked out i started running looking for and kept the phone so i could hear anything. she was at the bathroom. what happened?





i went to 3 bathrooms and i was running to another one when i saw at the back of the bathroom from the outside a guy he was pushing someone to the wall and i knew that was emily i ran as fast as i could i hop i wasn't too late. he was kissing her neck and trying to tack her shirt of that's when i came and punched him in the face he had a knife in his hand i punched him again then he ran away. emily just fell on the floor crying and hugging her legs burring her face between them. i came and sat next to her.


"em he's gone everything is fine right now!" i really didn't know what to say. why her? she didn't do anything! she's an angle. i knew she wouldn't say anything so i just came closer to her and hugged at first she she stayed the same but then she moved and hugged me and started crying in my chest then i noticed her hand was bleeding so bad.


"em your hand it's bleeding did he cut you?" well i know he cute her what else i ripped her t-shirt and tied it around her hand.


"thank you liam.." she was still crying i kissed the top of her head then she moved and stood up.


"let's go get you a new shirt, em" i said then she hugged me then i started moving to walk.


"don't leave me alone, Li" she said.


"i'll never leave you I will always be there for you" i kissed the top of her head again and we walked but she stayed in my hands hugging me she was still afraid! well who wouldn't? I got her a t-shirt to change and she wanted the dispicable me one and i think it's really cute.


"thank you liam! you know it's one of my favorite movies" she smiled. i gave her a warm smile.


"you're welcome Em and i love that movie" i smiled


"shit!" i said


"what's wrong?" she asked


"10 messages and 35 missed calles it's 6:30! i totally forgot all about them!" i said


"ohh they must be worried call them" she said


i called harry.


"where are you guys you got us all scared?" he asked


"ya umm we will tell you later where are you guys?"


"we are at the kid's zoon place louis wanted to go there so badly"


"haha ook we will meet you there"


"why are you laughing?" em asked me


"they are at the kid's zoon because louis wanted to go there"


"typical lou" we both laughed. i didb't want to remind her but i had to ask


"hey Em?"




"umm do you by any chance want to tell them why you..i mean we were late?" i asked her beautiful smile faded away and i felt so bad.


"i have to they are my friends anyways and they are gonna ask about my cut”


"ok em" i held her hand and went.






"where were you guys?" harry jumped and hugged em but she didn't hug him back she pushed him away i guess she doesn't want anyone to touch her.


"don't touch me" she said.


"what did i do? i thought we were buddies?" harry asked


"harry it;s not you it's just kind of complicated" i said


"car to explain?" harry said. i looked at emily and she was looking at me i gave her a warm smile and i hugged her.


"well you let him huge you and not me" harry made s sad face.


"okay the thing is" emily started and we told them the whole story and emily ended up crying again in my arms. everyone was surprised how could this happen and the niall came to hug her but she pushed him away.


"i am sorry it's not you it's just i can't" emily started crying again and ran.


i ran after her

"why do you keep coming after me i am just a normal girl and you you are liam payne" she said


"i promised to never leave you alone and you are anything but normal you are pretty and beautiful talented girl" i said she smilled a little


"let's go back to the lads and go eat something aren't you hungry?" i asked


"do thing harry would be mad at me?" she asked


"no he would totally understand he just didn't think your reaction would be that way"i said.


we went back to the lads but we didn't eat first we went and played the ater games and we got soaked and it was amazing and em kind of chilled and got back to normal.






"there's this food place in the cartoon zone do you wanna eat there?" i asked


"where ever you want i am hungry i just want food" em said


"ok then there it is" zayn said


"okay! me zayn harry louis are gonna go order niall stay with her what do you want em?"


"anything!" she said





"we leave you for 15 minutes and you make her go to sleep were you that boring?" zayn asked. emily was asleep in the booth. "really niall" i said


"it's not me i excused myself to the restroom and when i got back she was asleep she looked peaceful and she kind of had a long day so i didn't wake up" he explained


"ok" louis and harry and zayn said


"em! food here" i started shaking her.


"go away" em said


"em it's liam come onyou were hungry! don't you want food! wow you're freezing and you're soaked come on let's get you changed" i said when i touched her face she was really freezing i don't want to get her sick.


i pulled her and got her to the family restroom.


"come em help me here just raise your hands to get you out of these wet cloths" i said


"wait i don't have anything to wear"


"i am gonna give you my sweatshirt"


"no you will get cold then"


"no i am fine,love. i don't want you to get sick." i said she then gave up and raised her hands i took her shirt of she was really skinny i couldn't help but look at her body.


"HEY you said you are gonna help me wear you shirt not take of my shirt and look at my body"


" you go all set and done let's go eat" i said. i was kind of embarrassed






"anything happened inside?" harry asked playfully


"no he just helped me change my shirt i was really tired i still am!" em said


"Niall….why did u eat my food! ugh i hate you" em shouted at niall


"sorry em i couldn't help it and you know you love me" niall said


"come on you could share with me i am not that hungry after all" i said


"thanks Li" she said and kissed my cheek i missed her kissing my cheek she used to do that all the time but then she just stopped after.. after you know.



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