The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


4. the surprise


i became really good friends with emily she seems pretty cool and chill. we've been talking for 2 weeks. she is really interesting. there is always a thing to talk about with her. i told the lads about her first they said that it is wrong but then they coped with it. "talking with your lady friend?" harry said yes i was but i didn't know what to say i was texting her that i had an interview after an while and she had a quiz she i wished her luck. "Yes my lady friend has a name haz and it is em well it's emily but she likes to be called em she thinks it's too formal. and is 16 and she just moved to US this year to florida and she hates it and she hates school she sometimes skippes school. just like i was when i was young....." "hey you can tell me all about her after the interview she seems really nice liam and i am happy for you my old LILI is back. but don't move too fast you with her you haven't met her yet like face to face." harry cuts me while i was talking so i replied "i know harry but i feel like i could relate to her. We never get bored when we text. i just think she is different, harry" we were cut off by yelling that we have to get moving to go to the interview.

the interview was so boring i wanted to end so badly I felt my phone vibrates and I wanted it to be em maybe she finished her quiz so while everyone was talking i tried to see my phone sadly it was from harry who was sitting across me .


Dude focus we all notice you are not with us what happened are you thinking about that emily firl focus the interview will be over after 20 mis go start talking.

so I put my phone back in my pocket and started talking and that is when the host asked " So guys tell me who is taken." noone dating actually it was just louis so he said " i am taken by my love Elenour" then the host said" so liam you and danielle is over for good and how are you holding up!! people said you were sad at first what about now" ohh how i hated that talk but right know i don't care anymore i got over danielle all thanks to em but it is still a touchy thing, "LIAM??" ohh i was daydreaming "ohhh ya we are over yes and for good!! i was sad at first but i feel better all thanks to EM.... the lads." i was about to say emily's name ohh god then harry saved my but "ya he was depressed but we got him out of it right lads?" "YES YES" they all said together and harry glared at me like he was gonna kill me.

finally the interview was over but i was about to get my ass kicked by harry. "what the hell happened to you are you seriously going to expose emily? she is just a little girl i saved your butt!!!"

"I know harry and i am sorry but she is not a little girl she is 16 almost 17"

"i didn't mean it like that i meant she is little to be exposed to be in public fans will give her death threats and hate do you want her to be sad?"

"ya you're right harry!! i want her to be safe and her life already sucks thank man"

he was right i might put her in a dangerous place. after two weeks we have an interview in orlando and it is near where she lives and wanna ask the lads something. "Everyone meeting in the living room in 5."

everyone was in the room and they were feeling weird then louis said:"we didn't do anything to the kitchen i swear it is clean daddy" and everyone was laughing even me but i wanna cut to the chase so i began "Soo everyone we have an interview on two week in orlando and these two week we don't have anything it's off so what do you think we go there from tomorrow?" i knew they would say yes. everyone cheered and were happy but then i said. "one more think we are not gonna stay in orlando we are gonna stay at daytona beach it's an hour away from Orlando so we won't be attacked that much from the paparazzia and because umm because emilylivesthere." i tried to put it as fast as possible. "what did you just say?" zayn said

 "wait i didn't get what you said at the end liam" niall said after.

 so i said it slowly "because Emily lives there" and they all looked at me and harry said:"did you tell her anything or not yet and i don't mind at all i would love to meet this em girl" a smile curved on my face and said" no i want it to be a surprise and thank you harry what about you guys are you ok with it?" they all noded i was so happy i am gonna meet phone started to vibrate and i look answered with out looking at the caller and there was no answer "hello?" i said then i looked at the call EM IS SHE CALLING ME ? SHE WE NEVER really talked she said she doesn't know how to talk to people that she is shy but idk why then she started talking her voice sounded off it cracked ohh she is crying first time i talk to her and she is crying and i am her freind and i can't help it. and i told her about i have a surpise for her. her voice light up when she heard that i tried to Cheer her up and then she had to go. i knew everything about her she walks to school and her where she lives what she studies. i also know she loves drawing and she wants to be an artist in the future, and she plays the piano i wanna hear her play she told me she wasn't that good but i bet she is good. she wants to learn the guitar but her mom didn't let her. we are going to travel tomorrow but i won't gonna see until after so i would go to her school and know what she's up to and then i wanna surpise her. i can't wait for that day.

we packed and ready to go. so we will arrive there 4 am in the morning have like 3 hours before i follow em around her school or like other people say stalk!! i wanna know all about her i want to be her close friend. the plane ride was cool we didn't do much just niall telling us how much he is hungry after he finished most of the plane food. i wonder how he is skinny. i slept for a while so i could stay awake. I sent em a text that i have an interview and i am gonna be late so she wont text me and i don't answer back.

finally we arrived the lads all went to thier hotel room and i put the alarm at 6;30 so i could wake up. i put some music until i felt my eyes drift to a deep sleep.


i wonder what the surprise is. he texted me that he has an interview and he us gonna be late so u guess we are not gonna talk for today. the school was boring all i really look forward is playing the piano during lunch. the music teacher is really nice she said she could help me with the piano. i loved piano and today the teacher was busy so i went and played the piano alone and sang along. I love to sing nobody heard my voice expect for my bestfriend back home and my brother, I think it is pretty decent but my brother and my best friends said it is very nice my mom wont let me sing she said it is waste of time and i have alot to think about like my art and my studies. and once i got grounded for a week. so i don't really song that much anymore.

I couldn't sleep at night i barly slept. Liam never texted back did i do anything wrong? or did he just don't want to talk anymore? i was 6:45 am so i got up and got ready for school had my hair straight because i was bored.


it is 6:30 i got ready and got in the car paul told us we could use if he was not there. i knew everyone is asleep so i sent them a msg that i was going for a walk. i went on the maps on my iphone to see where her house was and it was really close to the hotel we staying in. only like 2 min away. they i waited on the car at the corner of her house. then I saw her when she got out her house i recognised her from her twitter pic. her hair straight just like the pic. she had her head phones on and she started to walk to school i didn't follow her immediately. i put my glasses and hood on, nobody would recognize me and everyone thinks we are in orlando anyways. then after she got in school i followed her she went into her first class and sat the back. i could see her from the glass of the door. she didn't do anything most of the time she looks at her phone and daydream i think.but when the bell rings she would put her headphones on and walk i didn't see her talk to anyone she really meant it when she said she isn't good at talking to people. then she opened her phone and saw her texting and went into the locker room. ohhh ya she has PE

from: EM

where are you? why didn't text back? are you mad at me or something because i called you? plz just answer!!

i didn't reply i am not a good liar and i don't know what to say. i saw her got out the girl's locker room and went to PE. she still didn't talk to anyone and i saw her fight with a girl i think she is the girl that made her cry last time. ohh and she is crying right now. She stood near the wall i was standing. but she didn't notice me i saw her calling someone and i heard her clearly.

"hey!! how are you?" i couldn't hear who is on the other end but i wonder who that is?

"I miss. You have no idea how the fuck my life is!! it is the opposite of what you think it turned around it turned upside down. i hate it here. the only friend i have isn't answering me"

"yes it's the twitter guy" she answered.

"nate, no you know i never met him face to face but i know what he looks llike." i could see her eyes crying. NATE who is he?

"hey don’t do  the big brother talk with me right know!! i called you because i miss you and i feel lonely! I miss you like hell i miss sleeping by your side miss crying on your shoulder i miss cuddling you i miss everything." that is when she broke in to tears i wished i could go hug her but u couldn't. then she asked him about his college the she said she had to go.

i thought about texting her.


hey about the late. but we came home late last night and i did would never be mad at you. you didn't do anything. are you ready for the surprise 2mrw?

i saw her opening her iphone and read the msg a huge smile was on her face and she wiped her tears. how beautiful her smile is. i am so happy that i made a girl smile.

from emily:

it ok. but you disappeared. so what is the surprise i can't wait.

TO EMily:

what r u doing at lunch, r u going to the piano or r u to the library. And if I tell you what it is it wont be a surprise anymore!! xx


PIANO best part of the day. :) NOT FAIR :/ I wanna know.

I am so happy to see you happy.


you are not exactly seeing me. and u made me happy i TALKING TO MY BROTHER. i miss him like hell.


i am srry :( i wish i could be there next to you. and i think he misses you too. you are special.


you have no idea he is the special one. i used to cry on his shoulder. he used to be my cuddle buddy he used to leave his friends just for me to talk to me. to take me out to the cinema to the mall. he was my best friend.

i saw her crying while texting me i wish i could go hug her but i have to wait until 2mrw.

i know how you feel at this point i miss my family too my friends everyone.

ya but the difference you are living your dream i am living my hell.


i know i wish i could come and hug you right now.

i saw her smile when she read the text.


me too LI. me too. so i have to go it's lunch time and have to play the piano. text you later <3

she put a heart at the end and she wants to hug me too.


ok, love. you have to show me how you play soon. like send me a video.

i followed her to her class where she plays the paino. when i saw her playing the piano i went in class so i could listen. AND OMG she is so talented. When he plays and you could see that she is totally happy. i can see her smile while she plays and sometimes she close her eyes.

then the teacher told her she is improving and excused herself that has to go to the restroom and bring her coffee. and when she went i couldn’t believe what i saw and what i heard.

she was playing the piano and she sang she never told me she could sing her voice is amazing. she was great she was singing a song called stranger. the way she played and sang together was amazing. but at the end she had tears in her eyes. she really is sad and i need to change that i need to make her happy. then the teacher came back and asked her what was she playing and said nothing. she was hiding  her talent her amazing beautiful voice. how could she? then the followed her to art class. her art work was amazing she really could draw. THIS GIRL IS SO TALENTED HOW could nobody notice that. zayn must see her art work he loves art too.then i decided to go home not follow her for the last two periods.

when i went back to the hotel. i felt all eyes on me. "where were you MR.Payne?" harry asked. "Were you with your EMILY?" louis asked i laughed my emily. i wish. then i told them everything and made a plan. that we could call her before lunch time and take her our of school. i also told them that she could sing but she never told me or her teacher.

FINALLY THE DAY CAME. it was cold outside. and it seems like it is going to rain.

we went with our hoods on and glasses tot eh main office and told them that i am em's brother and she has a doctor appointment. then they sent a kid with a paper to her class and she came outside with our hoods on i want to surpise her, "hey" i said

"you are not my brother? who are you?"

"i am your friend. we are your friends"

" are you sure you want me EMILY. the new girl that has no friends. you are wrong i don't know you guys sorry." she said and turned around.

"WAIT EM DON"T TURN AROUND" i held her hand.

"LEAVE ME ALONE i DON"T KNOW YOU. even though you sound familiar and british,"

"just come with us and i will tell you who we really are?"

" i wont go with strangers. you would kid nap me"

"we promise that we would never do anything to you." harry said.

"ok" is all she said. her eyes are chocolate brown they were amazing,

we went to the car louis was going to drive and zayn sat infornt harry and niall sat the back leaving me and em infront together.

" so you are not going to tell me who you are" she asked.

"YES" is all i said and lifted my hoodie and my glasses off.

"LI..LIAM?" she was surprised

 i hugged her and she didn't hesitate she hugged me back.

"i can't believe you really came.i never thought the surprise was you."

"what did you think" niall said

"i can't believe you came all of you" then some tears dropped from her eyes. and i brushed them away with my hand.

"why are you crying EM you should be happy?" she smiled

"I am but I can't believe you really came." i hugged her one more time but i didn't let go she stayed in my arms and it felt good. then i realised i was looked at her for more than two minutes after louis and harry coughed and had a grin on their faces."so after this amazing love scene where do you want to go" louis said "you know i have school" EM said. "but we can come with us they won’t say anything remember i am your brother" i said with a smile on her face.

"well i am hungry it is lunch time!! so do you guys want to go to panera it near here only 2 minutes away."

"FOOOOOOOOOOD" niall said and we all laughed. then em lift my hug that lasted more than 5 minutes and ifelt the chill. she told louis were the place is and she was looking at the window her smile was so big. she is so pretty, then i felt harry pocking my face and whispered " SO!! she is really pretty!! DO you mind if we changed places”

i knew he was trying to make me jealous but i couldn't help it: "YOU stay away from here at that point. you will break her heart."

"hmmmm well i wont do that to you man she's all yours i know you fancy her. the way you look at her." i blushed "awl li is blushing"

"shut up i don't fancy her" i looked at her!! do i like her ya she is beatiful but i am like 3 years older than her but after all age is just a number. and then we arrived we put our hoodies on and out glasses. i also gave em glasses and she thanked me. then we sat on a table.

"so tell us about you em" harry said.

"what do u want to know?" she answered.

"twenty questions" zayn said.

"ok ask" she said.

"what is your hobby?" zayn started

"drawing and piano"

"secret talent?"

"i don't have a secret talent." she was lying about her voice and zayn looked at me.

"do you sing?"

" i don't have a pretty voice i have a decent voice and i sing in the shower only" she was lying again and she was afraid to answer the question at first. then zayn looked at me and knew she was lying.

"when was you first kiss?" harry jumped really harry? is all i thought but i was surprised with the answer.

"i never did kiss anyone yet i wanted it to be special." she blushed

"first real love" then her smile turned into a sad face.

"you don't have to answer that em?"

"no it's okay!! two years ago when i was in ninth grade a new boy cam to school!! we became really good friend he was like my bestfriend. and i fell for him. my friends told me to tell him the truth and i told him. he didn't care he never talked to me again. he used to sit next to me because of the seating plan  the year after and we never talked and then i moved here he never came to my goodbye party. it took me a year to get over him. but " she stopped and looked at the floor.

"i ams sorry i didn't mean" harry said

"it's ok you didntknow" she said still looking at the floor

i came to sit next to her and hugged her. "it okay, love he is not worth it. you are way better than him. you will find a better one." i hope it's me wait... did i just say me do i like? theni lifted her chin up and kissed her cheek after she thanked me. then she smiled. she excused herself to the restroom after we all ordered. then all their eyes came to me. "YOU!!! harry really why did u ask her that?" i said

"I am really sorry i didn't know it is gonna be that answer!" he said

"so do you like her or let me say it when are you going to ask her out ?" niall said

"i don;t like her!!"

"YES YOUDO!!" THEY ALL Said. i felt the heat come to myface.

"she is late i am going to see her" i said

"You go to your love. keep it PG" zayn. i looked at him and went.

i opened the door and look that there was noone there except her. her eyes were poofy and red.

"EM? " then i went inside

"you know it's a girl's rest room!!" she smiled

i hugged her "i am sorry harry didn't mean to bring you bad memories" i hugged her.

"it's okay liam at least your are here" let go of the hug and looked into her eyes. they were so beautiful. i leaned to kiss her but i remembered she wanted her kiss to be special so i leaned and kissed her on the cheek and she smiled and hugged me. she is so special i am falling for her. thenwe ate and went out.

"it's rainning ." she jumped. "i love the rain it is amazing." she said not amazing as you are i thought.

then she started running in the rain and we all ran after her. "your hair” i said it is curling i love wavy hair.

"what's with it?"

"it is wavy i love wavy hair i thought yoour hair is straight"

"well at least you like wavy hair!! it's the only thing i really like about myself and the glasses!"

"you are pretty the way you are em" I said and ran to her and lifted her and strated twisting he.

"what are you doing!?" she laughed

then i put her on the ground. and then i held her hand and intertwined my finger with her.

"liam this is the best day ever thank you" and then she kissed my cheek and i can feel my the heat come all the way to my cheek and then i saw louis grinning. i was really happy. then she took us to her uncle's house and she took us to the music room.

so this is the music room" she said

"play for us" zayn said

then she played the piano and she was great as last time.

"you are amazing" i said

"you really are talented" everyone said.

then zayn was playing around and saw a paper of her work. and said:"wow who drew that?"

"I did that, it's nothing special" she said

" this is amazing i can't explain how much i love it!! don't you think that guys? You really have talent!!" zayn said. she blushed and everybody nodded.

"so since we are in a music room do you know how to play any songs ?" i asked i want her to sing.

"why don't you sing ?" niall said.

"sing? umm i don't know!" she said.

"please!!" isaid

"u guys are amazing i can't sing infornt of you!!" she said

" plz plz pretty please we wont judge" i looked into her eyes and she blushed. her eyes are amazing.

"i guess!! how about you sing with me ?" our gaze was still and i didn't get it is it all of us or just me.'

"i mean all of you guys!" she said and broke our gaze we all agread.


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