The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


21. the new emily



"NO NO NO" i said to my mom.

"you have to." she shouted

"i will lock myself in my room. i am not going back to the hospital and take freaking blood test and xrays i am happy i dont want my memory back." i shouted and locked myself in my room. YUP it's been a week i didn't get any memories back well they think so but i got only one mermory back and it was me being raped or almost raped i don't really know it's just the guy pulling me and pushing himself on me so i didn't want to know anything else.

"you have to get out someday." she said.

"I will not i will starve to death i don't want needles or blood noone can except for liam." i said mumbling the last part. YES i became friends with them well they were my friends and LIAM well he seems special and i know that voice was him and the necklace on my neck he got it for me but i can't because he doesn't like me well..

"I heard the the last words." said someone cutting my thoughts

"Niall...?" and i opened the door.

"i thought only liam.." he smirked.

"shut up." i said

"you have to go take a blood test see what changed if you got better." he said

"no i don't want to i won't get my memory back and i am....well i can't say good with that but i am going to deal with that and i can't wait to take off this stupid thing. and my head hurts." i said pointing at my cast.

"here take this pill it will help." he said

"so about LIAM..." he smirked


"so you like him?" he asked

"nope he is just a friend and after all he is 19 and i am 14ohh well 16" i said i always slip when it comes to age and somestuff.

"i know you like him and by the way he likes you too." he said

"NO he doesn't like me now as in emily now he treats me like a little kid fools around and kisses my cheek as if i am his little sister who he likes is the OLD emily the one that is gone the one that died in a.." i started but he cut me by saying . "no he does like you..." he talked but i got so tired and fell asleep on the bed.




i opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital bed WAIT HOSPITAL BED!!!

"did i get in a new accident?" i asked myself.

"NOPE" i heard someone IRISH

"YOU i will kill you that was not was a sleeping pill" i said and got up to walk forgetting about the cast and fell on the floor. and someone some people laughed. i looked up everyone was here.

"i hate you." i murmured and liam helped me up.

"ow" rubbing my butt. great .

"LIAM." i said happily and hugged him.

"i thought you hate us." said niall with a smirk.

"NO i hate you" i smiled

"it was liam's idea." louis said and i got out of his hug.

"YOU!!!!" i said pointing at him.

"EM.." he started

"no i don't want to talk to you!! everyone out i just want louis." i said and i felt liam mad and they all got out.

"why did you react that way?" ask louis sitting on the bed.

"how?" i asked

"you flipped on them on LIAM i am pretty sure you hurt him." he said and i cuddled next to him. he's like my big brother.

"i didn't mean to but i don't want to be here." i said.

"i know but he doesn't." he said.

"why can't i remember anything. and school is hell either they hate me because i am spoiled by the teachers or because i know you. i still can't believe you are famous." i said. resting my head on his lap

"you are going to remember don't worry." he said . kissing my cheek.

"No it's been a week the doctor said if i didnt remember anything i won't remember anything. i won't remember him." i said. mumbling the last part.

"who's him?" he asked

"promise me not to tell anyone." i said


"well i know that this necklas is from liam and the line i remember is him but now he acts with me like i am a little kid a baby a 14 year old he is being too nice i want to remember what's it like to be with him his girlfriend and were we happy did he really like me." i said

"how did you know that you dated?" he asked

"I am a girl so i have a diary so i started reading it but then i decided i don't want to it's like reading someone's else life not mine so once i read that i have feels for him i stopped i didn’t want to i wanted to remember myself but it won't happen." i answered

"come on let's go do that blood test. and talk to him don't ignore him." louis said kissed my cheek again. I JUST WISH I COULD REMEMBER.


"you can only take on person with you not all 5 and eleanor" the doctor say

"Lo..." i started but louis looked at "Liam?" i asked said.

"i thought you hated me. but ok." he said. ohh i messed up bad.

"ok then let's go" said the doctor

"so emily any new memories or something?" asked the doctor. should i tell them that i remember the second day maybe i could remember everything.

"ok the truth is.." i started and looked at liam then at the floor.

"what em?" asked liam

"i am not sure if it is a memory or not but i saw something that felt real." i said.

"ok what is it?" asked the doctor "you don't have to say it infront of liam." and liam looked kind of hurt when the doctor said that.

"i was going to the bathroom and when i got outside i was pulled by a guy and he....well i am not sure...." i said looking at the floor and i felt like crying.

"i know what she is talking about." said liam.

"ok i will not say anything let's go get that blood test." said the doctor and liam smiled at me. he knows what i was talking about!!



"what happened in there Em why so calm?" asked zayn.

"NOthing i just hate needles and blood if you don't know yet." i snapped at him

"WOW Mad i see." commented harry.

"shut it styles!!" i said. i can't help it what does liam know? why is he acting weird? ugh i would do anything to get back my memory.

"i don't want to go back home! i got in a fight with my mom and i miss EL can i please please stay over?" i asked putting a great puppy eyes.

"ohh no the face it's better that's harry's i can't" niall started. YAY

"EMILY!!!!" shouted eleanor

"ELEANOR" i shouted

"LOUISSSSSS" shouted louis

"you know you shouted your own name." niall said

"nope that is my imaginary friend and you are not cool enough to meet louis my imaginary friend he's a monkey and a zebra at the same time," louis said and we all laughed. ah louis as always. "I texted my mom that I am sleeping over at Eleanor's and that is not a lie" I said. Mom thinks Eleanor is a friend from school haha!!

"Emily!" I heard Liam shout! From his room.

"Yes master." I said and bowed he laughed and then got serious ohh the serious talk.

"Why didnt you say anything that you remembered something." He got out of the bed and closed the door ohh yay!! Not really!

"Oh you just want me to go to the doctor ohh ya hey doc i remembered that i am not a vergin anymore i got raped by a guy that I don't know that I lost my VERGINITY”

to someone i don't know I don't love." I said sarcastically. Andi tried to sit down and I failed so he helped me.

I didn't let him answer." Why are you acting that way like my dad a mean dad look at the other boys they treat me like my age. I thought you were special i thought I was special i guess you just hate me now and treat me like a 4 year old." I wrapped my legs and rested my head crying.

"Em first you never got rapped I helped you saved you before anything could happen. And second i have no idea i was treating you that way i don't know I am sorry and you are special to me. I. I love.... " He said but i cut him.

“No don't say it you have nothing not a single feeling toward me you you love the old Em the nice angel one the mature 16 year old and you hate the new Em and I have no idea why." I shouted and jumped outside of his room.

"What happened?" They all asked.

"Nothing!" I mumbled and got in Louis's room and cried on his bed. I stopped crying after like 10 minutes and someone got in i didn't turn my back was at the door and I assumed it was louis!

" you know Lou a week before the accident i wrote a note wishing i could forget everything about my move here i guess wishes do come true sometimes! What happened with liam and me? Did we date? Did we lose what we had? I hate it here my parents divorce mom being my mom nothing else and my brother i miss him like hell he used to be there for me just like you I used to cry on his shoulder he used to take me everywhere i want he used to play my parents role but more friendly and then he goes to college and I am left alone in this stupid high school that everyone hates me and mom and everyone thinks i love it but I really really hate it" i said.

"Emily I didn't mean to treat you like that I just missed you so much and don't want to loo\se you again! And why didnt you say anything about school?" Liam said LIAM!!! I just said that to Liam. And he sat next to me.

"Em say something" he said. I looked up.

"Say something ok then i thought you were Lou." I said.

"Emily I'm sorry i don't know what to say i just don't want to lose you again." He put his hand on my chin and lifted my head.

"and I mean it I like you Emily." And I felt his lips on mine this was my first kiss well that I remember and butterflies.

He pulled away "I have a great idea." He said.

"What?" I asked

"Well the doctor said you have to get away from everything you used to know for a while and you don't like school!" He started

"I don't know where this is going but I like it." I said

"And we have to go back to london You have a great voice so why don't you audition on X factor." He said and i was shocked


"You are great and you can audition i bet people are gonna love you." He said.

"When's the audition." I asked

"In Miami next week." He said

"What!! I can't!" I said

"Promise me that at least you'll think about it." He said

"Ok ill think about it" i said and he crashed his lips on mine oh wow I can't help but kiss him back. Then someone came in the room.

"So you told me you are sleeping over at Eleanor!" Someone said

"MOM!!" I said pulling away from Liam oh what a great timing.

"Oh did i stop anything….we are going home! I always hated you Liam." Mom said and she seemed really mad.

"Mom I decided that i want to audition to X factor because i hate school and the doctor said i need to get away for a while and if you don't like it I can go to my dad he'd love to take me back and I'll audition there!" I said I really can't stand her anymore.

"It's them right they put it in your head do you actually think you can succeed in singing you suck." She said. Ohh what a great mother i have.

"We didn’t put anything in her Mind but I think it's great Em your voice is amazing dont listen to your mom." Louis said. I smiled! Ok then next week i am gonna audition for X factor!!


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