The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


3. the bright side

Liam POV

i was s tired of intreviews asking who is single and who is taken!!! my heart is broken why would they ask after daniele and i split up i wasn't myself but i promise from today i want get on my feet and be the liam everyone knew . I want to forget about Danielle and how she cheated on me. I went to take a shower it was amazing the hot water after a tiring day. i put my boxers on then went to my bed. I opened twitter and ofcourse people asking to follow them and they love and have thier baby but then my eye caught a tweet that wasn't like the others that said "idk why I am sending this I know you will not see this but right now i hate my life and i have noone to talk to and you and your band are the first one that popped on my head. your music saved my life it chears me up when ever i am which is all the time right know" when i read i felt bad for her i wonder what her life is like she seems different so i opened her twitter page. i looked at her pic she had straight brown hair brown eyes and she is fit her pic is with 2 other girls and a guy she seemed happy in that pic i wonder why she said she is sad. then i looked at her tweet she has alot saying she hates her new school that all she had is the piano right now and she loves drawing i saw some tweets saying that she misses her home and tweets from i guess her friends saying they miss her so much and school is different without her. i wonder what who she is? well her account is @em-love i bet everyone call her em. i looked at the time wow it was 2 in the morning i've been looking at her profile for an hour that is what a stakler is haha?!! since i promised myself to be myself i decided to answer @em-love hey who said i won't see it. see i saw it :) thank i am really happy that we ncan chear somepne up. I decided to follow and i want to be her friend so i sent her a msg. "hey i am liam. i guess u already know my name. well i think you are different and would love to be your freind or get to know you to be your friend. i feel like i can trust you so this is my number" i didn't really know what to say but i know i want to be her friends so i sent the msg and drifted to sleep thinking about this em girl.


i can feel my phone vibrating under my pillow but i don't want to get up. i noticed it was 6;15 so i had to go get ready so i looked at my phone. OMG OMG liam payne just followed and tweeted back as i read the tweet i was surprised he seems really nice. then i noticed that he also sent a msg i can't believe he trusted me with his number wait a minute..... LIAM JUST GAVE ME HIS NUMBER WOW WOW he made my day yay!!! first i decided to send him a msg

To Liam:

hey this is em. is really liam or is just a prank?

i didn't really know what to send but i just pressed send and i was late to school but what the hell school can wait!! i went to school and i got my phone vibrated i was surprised who would text me at the morining i don't know anyone ohh ya i forgot liam He SENT BACK YAY


hey em!! ofcourse it is me i won't give you a wrong number!! would you think that loe of me first noT retweeting and now the wrong number i am broken :) so em what your reall name? you can call me Li and how's your day so far?xxxxx

i laughed


HAHA srry!! hope for the best but expect the words (forever young the song you sing) haha my full name is emily but don't call me that i prefer EM!! and my day is good you made my day!! but i am late for school today. how is your day so far LI? haha and what's with the x :)

from liam:

hahahaha!! so emily i like that name but i will call you em :) why are you late to school? bad girl!! my day is great i have the day off so i am just relaxing!! and the x idk its just a britsh thing like hugs and kiss :)

to liam:

haha liam i am late because of you i was shocked you answered and instead of getting ready to school i was reading your msg and i sent you the msg so i was late. it is all because of you :) jk

from liam:

hahahha!!! so it is my fault now well i promise not distract you next time. :) xxx

we've been talking for two weeks. liam was so fun he made me laugh and have fun during class during lunch we had alot in common i he wanted to know all about me i told him about the move and told me he was srry he seems like a gentlemen from msg i wonder if was really like that. i think so. he wanted to know my adress to see it on google earth i thought it was weird but i let it go. today i had pe and a girl kicked me and she said it was by mistake but i knew she was lying and she hates me and i don;t know why. she did again so i got mad at her and we got into a fight and the couch was so made and he told me to back to the locker and i had to take detention i was so made that was not fair why me ? i started crying after he shouted at me i didnt know what to do and i needed some one so the first person i saw on my phone was LIAM. so i called him.

"hello" he said i didn't know what to say "wait that's em!! hey' this is the first time we talk on the phone i didn't know what to say but then i started"hey li how are ?" " hey em i am surprised that you called not that i don't want you to but srry i am good how are you?" "i am fine li i guess"

" don't you have school know?"

my voice cracked and trears started falling " ya i do erm but i kind of got kicked out or i don't know and i felt bored and i didn't know so i called you srry" i couldn't tell him thst i was lonely then he said " em it ok you can call anytime!! wait are you crying why is your voice cracking?" that was the point when i lost it and i couldn't help it and cried then i told him everything about what happened in PE then he said " em it's ok plz don't cry you are gonna make me cry everything is going be okay just take a deep" then i said: "LI nothing is okay mom made me move!! school sucks. i have no friends. my mom doesn't care about me and my life is falling apart." "Em plz i am your friend you can tell me anything don't think about school just take a deep breath i promis everything is going to be ok. and beside i have a surprise for you." "a surprise? what is it" i smiled " it's a surprise em it won't be a surprise if i tell you and you will find out in three days. and see you are starting too chill and when ever you want i am just a call away." " thanks you Liam i am you made me relax and i am glade i called you i gotta go know text you later." he said bye and we hang up. i wonder what is the surprised and how could he make a surpise for me if we only text. i can't stop thinking about it. he is such an amazing freind. i am glade i have him.

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