The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


6. Paint ball

emily pov

it's been a week since i met one direction well i don't call them one direction anymore. they are my friends louis is amazing he really is the funniest. harry is the flirt ya but he is sweet and always there for me. zayn is mysterious but after you get to know him he turns out so sweet and nice and fun too. niall is the monster with food but he is soo sweet and funny too he is always there for me yesterday he gave me a piece of his sandwish and everyone was jealous haha that was so funny. LIAM what can i say he is the best person you cold ever dream of. beside all of the boys he is the sweetest and every time i am around him i feel like i am falling harder i usually try to not have those feelings but he is different he is amazing words can't even describe him.

so i woke up today early and walked to school the boys usually take me from my fourth period before lunch and i tell my mom that i am staying after school and i stay with them until seven.

Finally it's fourth period i am so bored i can't wait until my name comes to go to my uncle Louis Tomlinson haha it's so funny when they really think he is my uncle. "emily go to your uncle!" ny teacher said i was so happy i ran to the main office to sign the paper that i got out of school and then i saw louis hugged him and he took my back bag. oww how heavy it is and went to the car. "hey guys i missed u soo much didnt you miss me?" i said hugging Liam ahh liam he is amazing SNAP out of it em.

"yes we all missed u, well they did i don't know about me and ut's a surprise!!" liam said and i punshed him. "i am kidding you know i missed you the most,em" liam said and kissod my cheeck and i could feel it getting warm.

"ya we all know who didn't shut up about seeing em and not being late!" harry said with a grin on his face looking at Liam and everybody laughs except him what does that even mean.

"so where are we going? and lou give me my bag i have a quiz tomorrow and 2 homework. help me liam." i looked at him puppy eyes always works .

"so the drive there will take like an hour so you could finish your work. and i didn't drop school to help you after 3 years!" liam said

"li, please do you want my mom saying why my marks started to fall? and if she figured out that i am skipping school all of us will be dead! Liam please" i said and kissed his cheek.

"ahh ok, you are too cute to resist." he said and WAIT did he say that i am too cute ohh wow i bet he met it in a friendly way. i took my book and he started helping me while we are on our way.

"ok liam i love u for helping me but i need a lunch break i didn’t eat all this morning and there is still 30 min drive. Lou but the radio on." i took my sandwich out of my bag.

"There’s nothing left i used to cry my conversation has run dry that's what's going on nothing fine i am torn." i sang when the song came

"you should really consider singing you are amazing" liam said

"That’s because yiy are my friends and i can't sing in fornt of anyone i got used to u guys but u just can't and u told you about my mom! here niall that's my oreo snack just like u gave me some of your food yesterday." i said

"thnx em you’re the best" niall said

"you're welcome"

"HEYYYYY what about your teacher." liam said we all started laughing

"my teacher dropped school so he is not a teacher anymore" i said while laughing

we finished my work and i finally knew that we were going to paint ball.

"so me against Louis. zayn against harry. and you em against LIAM" harry said

ugh i hate how they always want to make me and liam do stuff together.

i dont really know how to play the game so i am going to find a good place to hide.

"you know em i pretty good at this game i always win just give up," liam said while i was hiding but i didn’t say anything he was still looking for me but he was getting closer i have to move before he sees me. so i took the chance. SHit there is a branch and it clicked!!

"i know you're here Em, and everyone finished it just you and me and you know i am gonna win,love" liam said.

SHIT he saw me. i started running and running and he was after me and he is pretty fast.

"you know you are gonna stop and get tired." li said

i was really tired and i don't care if he won really when i felt a his hand catch mine and i lost balance and he fell on top of me and we started laughing so hard and he was still on top of me  then i met his gaze we stopped laughing his eyes were so pretty. then i felt him starting to lean in toward me i wanted to lean to to kiss him i something told me to try to get him off me so i took my gun and if anyone knew would kill me about what i did and i shot him and he was out.

"BOO ya i won" i said even though i still feel a little bad about the kiss or did i just think he was leaning in. then he just turned around the floor and started laughing and then i joined him. i think we stayed there for like 10 minutes then i looked at the sky.

"it's so pretty up there! i wish i could go up and never come back." i sighed

"it's not as pretty as you are. and i dont want you to go. EM i don't know what i would do if you went away. away from me." liam said

"so you finished playing and instead of coming back you lovers are staying on the grass looking at the stars we have to it's 6:30 we have an hour drive and we have to eat." louis jumped out of nowhere.

"fuck you louis you scared the shit out of me."i shouted

"language em."

"sorry liam" i said and he helped me up

"and mom is out eating dinner with my grandpa so they won't be back until 9" i said

then we went to the car went to the nearest subway and ate

"ahh food finally" i said

"you are turning more to niall everyday you are scaring me." liam said i started laughing so hard

"hey that's not nice" niall said

we headed to car.

"are we there yet?" i asked

"em we just got into the car." zayn said

"i know" isaid

"there is still an hour,em" he said

"i am tired and sleepy." i said i was sitting next to liam

"come here" liam said signaling to rest my head on his lap.

"now sleep em" he whispred in my ear and kissed my cheek. i could get used to all of this all of his love he is great.

then he started playing with my hair and singing

Said i’d never leave her cause her hands fit like my tshirt,Tongue tied over three words, cursed.
Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt,
Bodies intertwined with her lips

Now she’s feeling so low since she went solo
Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo
And it’s no joke to me
So we can we do it all over again

then i drifted to sleep.

i felt someone moving me. and i heard people talking

"just get her bag lou" someone said ohh it's liam wait he is carrying me i kept my eyes closed. my head was on his chest and i could hear his heart beat and it's like music. and i felt him putting me on my bed and then covered me.

"put her bag next to her desk" liam said

he then took my shoes off and kissed my cheek "good night princess." he called me princess

"seriously liam when are you gonna make a move it's obvious she likes you and you like her well more than that.' louis said.

"lou i don't know she is different.. good diffrerent. but she never had her first kiss and her mom doesnt let her date anyone. and i might put her in danger with all the hate and the fans lou. i tried today but she just moved away. i don't know if she knew i was gonna kiss her. now let's go before she wakes up." liam said LIAM LIKES ME OMG he really was gonna kiss me it wasn't me dreaming. then closed the light in my room "good night again." he said then closed the door and i drifted back to sleep again.

i woke up after two hours looked at the clock oh it's 10:30. so i decided to call liam a little after what mom told me.


"hey liam"

"shouldn't you be sleeping you have school tomorrow?”

"ya i know i just woke up and i am going back to sleep after i change and i wanted to call you"

"what do you want is there something wrong?"

"do i have to need something to call you liam!! i missed you and thank you for carrying me to my room"

"haha! know you admit that you miss me! and who said i carried you? were you awake? did u hear anything?" he started to freak out well i would freak out if i was in his place.

"no and i just thought you did! because i was sleeping on your lap"

"well your welcome em."

"so mom told me she is going LA to see my dad because he has work there after tomorrow for a week! and she asked me if i want to go."

"that's great! are you going?" i could feel he is kind of disappointed

"no i am not! all i have left with you is 3 weeks left! yes i would love to visit LA but you are more important to me LIAM" i said

"well i am glade and i am gonna do something that you would enjoy so that you won't feel like you missed anything when your mom is LA."

"thanks liam.Ohh and liam."

"your welcome and yes EMily?" i want him to know that i could date without my mom knowing so i had to lie

"so there is this guy i don't know him that well and he asked me out what do you think i should do?" shit i hate lying but i had to do it

"well...i thought your mom doen't let youdate." he was confused he seemed like he was pissed

"haha! i wouldn't tell her that is easy. she will never find out. just like us."

"ohh.. well i don't have a say just be careful."

"thanks liam,but i don't really know the guy so i am gonna say no!"

"well ok ask you wish now go to sleep."

"ok lliam night."

"good night emily."

“good night”

“good night em”


“I swear this will never end if you keep saying goodnight!! Sleep tight Em.” He said.

I laughed and said goodnight one more time.

he seemed happy when i told him i wasn't gonna go out with the person i made up in my head. i changed and all i could think about is LIAM.


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