The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


13. nothing was real

Emily POV

This week was amazing Liam Being a great boyfriend ohh and Eleanor came two days ago and she is one of the best girls I've ever met i love her. EL and Louis are so cute. But still they are going to leave after 8 days and i have no idea what to do then.

Liam just took me from school and we are on our way to his place!

“so how was school?” he asked

“school” I answered.

“aww EM you’ll get used to it I promise.” He said. He parked the car and turned to me.

“I know this isn’t a great place to say this but I really want to say it.” He started saying while leaning in.

He looked in to my  eyes and said “I love you Em I really love you. You’re my everything.” And crashed his lips to mine. Our lips moved in sync. “I love you too Liam.” And kissed him again.

Who is that girl? We just got Liam's place everyone was there but there was this girl she is so pretty she is tall and her hair is really curly but I don't know her I've never seen her before....ohh well I'll just don't think about it.

We went in the room and it got awkward "Liam I am gonna do my homework with Louis ok." I said. "Sure ,love" he kisses my cheek and whispers i love you. Nobody heard him.

"Louis I am tired. One more home work and I'm done" I smile. "I'll do it for ya i know you are tired anyways" he says. "Who is that girl and where is el?" I asked. "Ohh um her name is Danielle and el went to get some food." He answered but I could feel he was hiding something. "All I get is a name really well I don't care i am going to see Liam I didn't talk to him that much today he seems off since we got there."

I said and go out of Louis's room. They seem like in a vivid talk Omg they are about to.......NOOOO "Li...." Harry comes in the living room. "Ems….li I can't believe..." Harry started talking i didn't know what to say seeing my boyfriend getting kissed or kissing someone else it hurts. "No em that's not" Liam cut Harry but I run out of the room crying i don't know but I just started crying i didn't want to cry but I couldn't help it he kissed her not me and he told me that he loves me.

"Owwww...I'm sorry" I mumble after stumbling into someone i didn't look at. "Ems what's wrong?" It was louis. "Em please that's not what it looks like." I heard Liam shout. I was tired i couldn't help it louis hugged me tight and took me inside his room and I was crying on his chest he made me sit next to him on his bed. "It's obvious she doesn't want to see you." I heard harry telling him. "Let me guess Danielle?" Louis asked. Wait so he knew it could be Her? I just nodded I couldn't talk I've been crying for like an hour and louis would tell me it's ok and Hug me and rub my back. "Why?" I finally asked. "Her name is Danielle peazer she was Liam's girlfriend before you she is a dancer they dated for like two years and they Brokeup Because of his work well being away from each other they brokeup about 3 months ago." He explained. " When I started talking to him. So I am just a rebound girl that's all I never meant anything to him." I said

"No Em he really liked." he said and I broke to tears again and he hugged me when someone goes in the room. "Oh my god." It was el. "No El nothing is happening between us...." Louis started talking but el cut him of by saying. "I know harry just told me. Oh Emily please don’t cry. Look at your pretty face." "Pretty El don’t say something you don't mean. I am not pretty not anything just a rebound girl or a toy he told me he loves before we got here that word meant nothing to him." "No no no" el started saying. "Louis get her a cup of water."

"Emily don't leave let me explain." Liam said. I was on my way out with Eleanor she was going take me home and sleep over. "Explain Liam really! I thought you loved me you said that. They say that harry is the player the flirt...well they got that wrong." I said and get out of the the place with Eleanor “NO em.” But I didn’t care to listen to him at all.

 We were in my room i was crying on her shoulder but I don't want cry anymore no i won't. "You know I don't want to defend dani but she didn’t know he started dating she is really a sweet nice girl she feels really bad." She said. I sigh is she telling the truth maybe she didnt know that we were dating? Of course she didn't know we were a secret couple but Liam he kissed her. That breaks my heart it's too much for me. Liam the nice sweet cheeky boyfriend well ex-boyfriend. I actually thought we had something what am I talking about I am a school girl he is in a boyband his ex was a dancer I am just a school girl.


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