The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


19. mission save the relationship part 2

Emily POV

"so tell me exactly how the heck did you convince MY MOM to go to Miami with 5 boys and one girl and skip tod.... no school today yay no hate today?" i asked i whispered the last part.

"well that was my job" el said

"aww i love you el" i hugged her.

"and why did we have to go so early 5 am really it's only 4 hours drive" i said

"yes but we want to go shopping enjoy and go to sound check" zayn explained

"shit i didn't bring that much money ohh well i don't really need anything" i said

"don't worry love" niall said and winked at me and i rolled my eyes.

"wait if i am playing the guitar so i have to go to sound check with you?" i asked. i still want to kill them for waking me up at 5 am and now we are in the car and i am sitting between niall and liam and el and zayn and louis and harry are sitting in the back haha and paul guy that i met two days ago he's the bodygaurd is sitting infornt next to the driver."

"so what time are we going back here today?" i asked.

"we don't really know but you are going to school tomorrow if you are thinking about that" liam said.

"ohh yay more hate now after i play there if they know" i mumbled

"what did you say?"liam and niall asked.

"nothing i am tired good night well good nap cause you people woke me up at five am FIVE AM people how could you " i said and closed my eyes.

"is she really getting that much hate from her school?" asked liam

"i don't know she never say anything about it" harry said

"we should ask alex and john" zayn said.

"it's all my fault going to her school kissing dani." he said sounding sad.

"you didn't kiss her she kissed you and really she forgave you and dani but wasn't ready to be back with you maybe she is now?" el said. and i leaned my head on his shoulder i felt his fingers on my cheek putting my hair behind my ear. am i ready? to be back with him i am sure that he won’t break me again i don't really know.




"hey don't wake her up she looks peaceful like an angel” i heard someone says

"but we stopped and we are going to eat doesn't she want to eat she loves food too?" another person says and i am pretty sure it was niall.

"don't worry i will get her food i won't leave her hungry" that voice said

"aww the lover boy" niall said well i guess that was liam.

“booooo” I shouted.

“ahhhhh” both of them shouted. I just started laughing.

“ohh you should’ve seen your faces ohh it’s so so so funny.” I said between my laughed

“still think that she is an angel?” niall said glaring at liam. Liam blushed a little he is so cute.

“more like a devil or something evil now let’s go eat I want to eat I’m so hungry” niall said again.

 “when aren’t you hungry?” I asked







"wow this is huge you want ME to PLAY here?" i said and got on the the big stage

"yes and that is nothing compared to any place we went" louis said.

"ok guys let's do this." liam said.

"this guitar is so cool" i said.

"em you start after the drums always...." harry started

"except in STILL THE ONE" zayn and niall said with a grin on their faces so weird.

"you start the song" louis said and he had a smile on his face too.

"what’s wrong with your faces? Smiling like dorks sometimes i wonder why i am friends with" is said.

"we are not dorks" they all said except for liam he wasn’t smiling he was glaring at them wonder why?

"and you are not our friend we are best friends" said zayn and they all hugged me.

"do i really have to wear this? i said to zayn

"ofcourse." he said

"zayn why you could make me wear a shirt says i love 1D not i love liam payne please." i said

"not please no nothing you are going to wear this with that." he said pointing on the skirt

"dude i don’t wear skirts." i said

"well you are going to wear it if you like it or not. end of discussion." he said and got out.

“at least just let me wear shorts I don’t want to wear a skirt please.”  I said.

 “ugh ok  ok now go change.” Zayn said and left.




"ahh i can’t do this look they are shouting if i make one mistake they would kill me they already hate me." i said looking at the crowd.

"everything is going to be alright just think that you are in your room playing and nobody hates you em." liam said looking at me his eyes are amazing and his lips i just want to no i don't want to. i can't let myself.

"you are on in 5." a person said

"em that's for us you have to go before us good luck." niall said and kissed my cheek.

"thanks nialler" i said and got on stage. WOW this is too much.

the boys started with live while we're young and they all looked so cute. i scanned the crowd and saw Eleanor she was sitting in the second row.

after live while we're young i kind of got it and felt relaxed then my best friend that i hate right now HARRY STYLES took me and started moving me around and now i am pretty sure tomorrow is going to be hell but let me enjoy it now. and at the end of the song kiss you both louis and niall kissed my cheeks and i could feel my cheeks red they just did that in front of the everyone and zayn kissed harry's cheek.

in all the songs they have to do something play around me try to tickle me except for liam there is something wrong with him.

"em now you are going to start the song after this" zayn whispered. oh yay.

"Hello, hello, I know it’s been a while
But baby, I got something that I really want to let you know, yeah
Something that I want to let you know, oh, oh, oh" liam started the song and he was almost singing the song to me and everybody was around me in a circle what the heck is happening? then in the middle of the song everyone stopped singing but the music kept playing then louis came next to me and told me to stop playing.

"hello every one I'm Harry styles you probably know that." and everyone laughed then he came near me what the heck is happening they didn't say anything about stopping maybe they want to answer twitter questions.

"this is our best friend EMlLY" he continued "i swear to god i will kill you harry edward styles" i whispered but the somehow it was loud enough the microphone caught  it and everyone laughed.

"so two days ago our drummer got sick and we wanted emily to play the guitar with us so we kind of locked the backup guitarist in the bathroom." he said and i gasped OHHH MYY GOD WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY UP TO?

"we did that just for one thing a very important thing....." he said niall took the guitar from my shoulder and he held it. i was dragged to the middle of the stage and LIAM was infornt of me.

"EMILY since the day i met you i fell for you.." liam continued harry.OMG no not here.

"i enjoyed everyday i spent with you I had fun doing homework with you playing with you pranking the boys even i am not the one that usually prank them em i would do anything to get you back i'll do anything i'll climb the highest mountain i'll sail across the see i'll fly to the moon i'll be romeo for you i really would do anything i actually locked our backup guitarist  just for you and I am supposed to be the mature one. i really care for you i never meant to hurt you i didn't want anything of that to happen. Emily you're still the one you will ALWAYS BE THE ONE" he said that's why they chose this song.

"LIAM...." he was still infront of me i just noticed that everything got silence. i met his eyes those beautiful eyes they are filled with sadness and regret and a little of hope.

"i don't want anything i just want my liam back." i said and ended up in his arms and he kissed me cheek. "i've missed us so much i missed you em" he whispered

"me too." i said then i heard all the boos and some clapping yup i am doomed tomorrow but i don't mind at all i have my liam now.

"now that we are all back together and happy family" harry said making fun of us and i just rolled my eyes BOYS.

“let’s finish this.” He said. Niall gave me the guitar and they are going to sing what makes you beautiful.






"i can't believe you all planned this." i said

"just for you" niall said

"what about management?" i asked

"i dont care i have you now." liam said and kissed my cheek.

"how could you not tell me EL? And how did niall not crack?" i asked

"ohh i threated El to put her on a chair and tie her until today.." zayn started

"but of course i didn't let him." louis cut him.

"you didn't say anything liar." el said.

"but you still love me." louis answered and kissed her.

“I wonder why sometimes” she teased him.

“and we threatened to take food away from all niall” said harry.

we were on our way back and i still can't believe that me and liam are back together.

"we're here" harry said

"wait what here..." i said

"do you actually believe we are going to come to miami for one day we are going to sleep here." harry said

"MY MOM agreed to that?" i asked

"YUP" el said

"wow i am surprised." i said

"thanks to me." EL said. and we got out of the car

"i want to swim" louis said. and everyone said yes.

"one thing i dont have any..." i started

"i got that covered." El said.

"i love you" i said and hugged her then went back next to liam.

"but you love me more." he whispered in my ear and he held my hand. i giggled.

 “whatever helps you sleep liam.” I said.

“what.” He pouts. Ohh his face is so cute and adorable.

“I love you and you know that.” He whispered in his ear. And then he kissed my cheek.




"so your back together." el said. we were the only ones inthe swimming pool maybe because it's pretty late!!! and the boys are still changing.

"i can't believe it" i said.

"and you hid it from me." i said and splashed her.

'hey i wouldn't want to ruin it for you it's supposed to be a surprise." she said

"true" i smiled she excused herself to the rest room and here i am all alone in the swimming pool and i sat of the corner i felt someone kiss me cheek.

"hello, love" liam said.


he came and sat next to me on the corner on the pool and his hands were behind his back.

“I got you a 'forgive me, start fresh gift'" he said holding a small blue box.

"liam i already forgave you and i can't except a gift i don't want a gift i just want us be happy together." i said.

"come on consider as a three hour anniversary" he said and i laughed.

"there is no such thing as a three hour anniversary" i said

"but we do" he said moving closer to me kissed my cheek and handed me the box.

"liam this is beautiful" i said. i opened to box it has a heart necklace the heart is blue and on the back it says ' I'll always love you em-L'

"i love you em i really do i never stopped" he said looking in my eyes.

"i love you too" i said and i really mean it.

"turn" he said. he took the necklace and i turned and lifted my hair and he put the necklace.

"it's really pretty" i said looking at it and he kissed my cheek.

"give me the box let me put on the table so it won't get wet" he said i gave it to him and he got up.

i felt to hands on my back i got pushed in the water.

"LIAM!!!!" i shouted.

"what love you don't want to get wet?" he laughed and jumped in the water. he came near me and held me from my waist.

"i'm glad you like it." he said i was looking in his eyes those pretty eyes. and he started leaning in and i leaned in and i felt his lips on mine. our lips moved in sync and i wrapped my legs around his waist.

"hey guys" harry said.

"ahhh my eyes get a room." niall said. both of us got surprised liam bit my lip

"oww" i said

"sorry love." he said

"and shut up niall she's only 16." liam said

"really liam back to the 16 thing again well but i am almost 17" i said getting away from liam.

"no i didn't mean that." he said and he pulled me back and crashed him lips to mine oh how i missed those lips.

"really guys in the pool please." zayn said. i totally forgot they were here i pulled away and i could feel my cheeks red.

"hey babe" el said and kissed louis that was standing on the corner of the pool but at the last second she pushed him and we all laughed

“hey that was not nice.” He said

“sorry?” she said it more as a question.

“enjoying your time?” I felt two hands around my waist.

I nodded. we swam played games and enjoyed the water until a security guy came.

"hey you guys aren't supposed to be in here" he said

"this closes at 10 pm and it is 12:40 am" he said and i got a great idea.

"oui" i said they boys looked at me and i gave them the look to go with it.

"ohh no english" he said

"oui" i said again holding myself from laughter.

"god please help" he said

"oui" i said

"um YOU....NO swim.....go sleep" the security guy started making moves to make us understand.

"oui" i said and got out of the pool and everyone followed me.

"thank god she understood" he said.

we got out of the room and he leaded us to the elevator.

"thank you at least you understood" he said

"from the beginning" i said.

"you know english?" he asked  “ohh I am gonna…” and the door of the elevator closed and he stayed outside and we all started laughing.

"this was amazing." louis said

"did you see his face it was priceless" zayn said laughing.

"i can't believe you did that." liam said pecking my lips.

"what can i say i am a genius" i said.

“we should do that again.” Harry said.

and we got out of the elevator.






i got to sleep with liam and louis with Eleanor niall and zayn and harry all wanted to share one room and i don't even want to know why.


"really liam a toy story PJs?" i said. well just pants he was shirtless and ohh i can get used to this.

"what! this is very important" pointing at buzz on his pants.

"sure it is" i said. and he jumped on the bed and started tickling me.

"LIammmmmmm...please stop" i said

"say toy story is the bestest most amazing movie ever" he said

" it" i said

"you have to say it" he kept tickeling me.

"ok ok toy story is the bestest most amazing movie ever" i said and he stopped and started kissing me. he started kissing my neck "" he said.

"liam" i moaned.

he turned and crashed him lips on mine he was on top of me his hands around my waist and mine around his neck. then my phone started ringing. "do you really have to answer that?" he asked

"what if it's my mom?" i asked. he gets up and get me my phone.

"hey alex" i answered

"you got back with him!" she said

"ya i know" i laughed

"i can't say I am happy for you what if he broke you again?" she asked

"he won't and i am happy..." i said looking at him "i love him" i said, and he kissed my cheek.

"so you are not coming to school tomorrow?" she asked

"NOPE" i said

"you know it's better i have no idea what people would do now." she said

"i know" i looked at the floor.

"well i was just wanted to check on you gotta go to sleep bye EM" she said

"bye Alex" i said.

“but if you’re happy I am for  ya.”  She said

“thnx. Bye alex” I said

"what's wrong?" liam asked

"nothing at all" i said smiling and kissing him on the cheek.

we talked for a while about every  andom thing. i was snuggled next to him

"em?" liam asked

"yes li?"

"i love you" he said

"i love you too" i said he started playing with my hair and darkness took me.







"ah i can't believe i have to go to school tomorrow" i said

"yup you have hahah" harry said. and i bit him.

"owww louis em bit me" harry said

"aww haz " louis said

"shut up harry it's not funny you can go instead of me" i said

"ya why not there would be alot of girls yay" he said

"are you crazy " zayn and niall said.

"bye guys" getting out of the car. liam got out with me.

"you know it's a second away from the car to my house." i said

"and i won't waste a second without you." he said.

he leaned in and kissed me.

"see you tomorrow" i said

"see ya i love you" he said

"love you too" i said kissing his cheek and i got in house. well here goes nothing telling mom about what happened







"helloo?" i said

"you are not awake yet really you are gonna be late for school" liam said

"good morning to you too" i said.

"good morning love do you want me to come and get you?" he asked

"no it's ok i'll walk it's only 5 minutes and you need sleep" i said

"but I want to see you as now get you bum out of the bed and go to school" he said

"haha very funny LI my butt is still in bed then come and get me bye Li love you" i said

"love you too see you after a while."he said.

I went outside and saw liam.

“sup pretty face!” he said

“sup pretty face what does that even mean?” I asked. As I got into the car. He just shrugged and crashed him lips to mine.

“I missed you.” He said

“It’s only been a day less than a day too.” I stated

“so what can’t I miss my girlfriend?” he asked. I smiled and he drove me to school.

 “have fun and see ya at lunch.” He said.

“bye” and kissed his cheek.


 My locker has every single writing on it from whore to bitch to slut what did I do why do they hate me that much? Ya I get it I dated their idol but..

“you bitch you’re  just a charity case they don’t love really love you and liam is just playing with you again.” A girl said.  And then another on pushed me. I just walked and didn’t look back. I went to the bath room and called the first person that came to my mind.

“hey” I said

“hey girl!! I am so happy for ya.” Danni said.

“ya you maybe the only one Danni.” I said.

“what are you talking about?” she asked. And I let the tears fall.

“how did you cope with it Danni all the hate you did date liam for 2 years!” I asked

“well they weren’t that big and I didn’t go to school but I still got hate from twitter I just ignored it and I knew I had liam that’s the thing that kept me going the feelings I had for him and I knew he loved me.” She said

“maybe you’re better with him. We don’t belong together they all hate me and I am not strong enough to shove them off. You said he loved you.” I said

“ya loved me it’s past tense we never meant to be together I have feelings for another guy and don’t say that you can just don’t listen to them stay with alex they will get used to you.” She said

“ya you dated for two years and lost the thing you had for each. That means we are going to lose it too why hurt myself with all the hate if I am gonna lose him?” I said

“em stop….he loves you!! DON’T think about it. He is madly inlove with you and I know you are inlove with him!! Don’t do anything stupid. I have to go I’ll call you after 10 min.” she said

“ok I have to go class too bye dani and keep this between us I don’t want anyone to know.” I said

“bye Em.” And she closed.

Are we gonna lose our thing is it just a fling?

i was walking back from school I told liam to not get me from lunch today that I’ll stay at school. i felt someone push me to the rood and the last thiing i saw was a truck and everything went black.


 Author’s note: please don't kill me :P i really want to know what you think!!


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