The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


18. homework help

Emily POV:

it's been a week since they came back at first i tried to stay away from liam but i couldn't i keep falling harder and harder it's just the way he jokes the way he turns serious the way he treats me everything and i can't help it he asked me back and everytime he asks i say i am not ready or change the subject i want to say yes but i am afraid scared that he would break my heart again and he a freaking rock star goes around the world and me? just a normal 16 year old at school that everyone hates because i know one direction.

"ugh i hate homework" i was sitting on my on my bed listening to music and trying to finish my math homework. "I'm just saying it's fine by me
If you never leave
And we can live like this forever
It's fine by me

In the past I would try
Try hard to commit to a girl
Wouldn't get too far
It always somehow seemed to fall apart" i started singing with the song.

Liam pov

"you know if you miss her that bad just go to her house and give her the note book she forgot here yesterday!" louis said.

"i don't miss her.....maybe just a little and she forgot her notbook here yesterday?" i asked

"ya just a little and yup her sketch book." he said with a smirk.

"she probably need it because she loves drawing and....."i started

"go ahead she probably need it right liam! go ahead i won't say a word tell her i said hi and that you love her." he smirked

"ya i'll just say hi emily louis says hi and i love you who said i love her anyways?" i said

"because you just saw her yesterday and you've been going around this room while i am trying to play mario for more than an hour and a half and you don't stop talking about her when she is not here you are in loooooooooove" louis said.

"love? did i hear love?" harry came jumping ohh god no.

"love? OHHH Niaallllll come here!" zayn shouted.

"yes zayniiii i was having a feast!" nial said.

"our little boy is growing up he is a man now our little boy is in love!" louis said while pinching my cheek.

"LOOOOVEEEE" they all said with googely eyes.

"whatever guys i have no idea what you are saying i am going" i said.

"wait don't you need the sketch book to tell her that she forgot the sketch book?" louis smirked.

"i hate you!" i said and snatched the sketch book from his hand

"that's why you love us and don't forget EMILYYYYYYYYY" he said. ahh louis i love them all i don't know what my life would be without them.

"she's in her room studying" her brother said. i got to her door and it was half open.

"ugh i hate homework" i heard her say.I used to enjoy doing homework with her she plays around and i finish them after she gives up and she kiss me a thank you. i did do her homework with her yesterday but it wasn't like we used to do them playing around goofing with her kissing her but i am going to get her back.

"I'm just saying it's fine by me
If you never leave
And we can live like this forever
It's fine by me

In the past I would try
Try hard to commit to a girl
Wouldn't get too far
It always somehow seemed to fall apart" she started singing. she was sitting on her bed,

"you know your homework won't finish their self' i said

"holly shit liam you scared me." she said

"language em language even though i would love to listen to you voice don't you have to finish homework?" i asked her

"yes and i dont want to maybe if i fail i drop the school i don't need good marks to become an artist..." she started talking

"hey hey were is the good em the straight A em.... i will never let you drop school nor fail anything.....come on let me help you" i said sitting next to her.

"ugh liam you are acting like my dad and i dont want to see him" she said whispering the ending not wanting me to hear her.

"let me turn the music off so i could focus" she said.

i was sitting on her bed next to her i can't help but admire how she looks beautiful without even trying  make and her glasses looks amazing on her i love everything about her.

"are you sure that's how it's done how can i trust you with answers you dropped school?" she said while looking on her notebook writing. i didnt answer then she looked up and i met her chocolate eyes those beautiful eyes that i can't get enough and she smiled showing her perfect teeth ohh how i love them. i am going to do it now i am going to kiss her ask her back i started leaning in and she did too not breaking our gaze when our lips almost.

"emily dad's on the phone he wants to talk to you" her brother shouted and there it went our moment she turned her head.

"tell him i dont want to talk to him i don’t want to listen to any crap he wants to tell me! i don't care about him. i don’t want anything to do with him." she shouted and went into her bathroom. wow that was very interesting.

at first i didnt say anything but then i heard her crying oh  it breaks my heart hearing her cry not laugh.

"em?" i said.

"liam we're almost done with the homework you can go now i can finish it by myself" she said

"no i didnt mean that and i am not going anywhere what's wrong,love?" i asked

"nothing everything is perfectly fine," she said

"emily you are crying come on please don't push me away. i am here for you.i'll always be here for you." i said. i was standing in front of her door. then she unlocked it and got out and her eyes were red and puffy full of tears i just hugged her i took her and we sat on the bed she's crying in my arms and it's heart breaking.

"sh, sh, emily please stop crying tell me what's wrong" i said rubbing her back. she pulled away from my arms and i felt empty again.

"remember when i told you mom was going to LA to see my father well that was true but she lied about why she went to get divorce and sign the papers! all my life liam i used to live with my dad and my mom that they loved each other that i would have a marriage like them i thought they were happy then all of a sudden they get a divorce the family i used to live with a shattered everything is gone" she said and started crying again. i wiped her tears away.

"i am so sorry emily you know if you need anybody to talk to louis and harry's parents are divorced the could be way better than me even though i'd love to be the one you want to talk to." i said

"you'll always be the first one i would go to talk to." she smiled and hugged me.

“I know what you need! Ice cream.” I said  she laughed

“are you trying to make me fat everytime I see you I eat ice cream which is every day,” she said

“your’re perfect em.” I held her hand and went out side.

emily POV

"emily you know you are calling me and i am supposed to be sleeping there is this magic thing called time difference" dani said

"wait so if dani is talking too so it's a three line thing yay i've always wanted to do that!" Eleanor said

"EL!!!! yay tell us emily why did you call?" dani said

"well i kind of wanted needed some help!" i said

"ohh boy trouble isn't it? i'm all ears" said dani. and we all laughed

"you know it's kind of ironic how dani and i talk about you and liam even though dani is his ex" el said

"i don't look at her as an ex and i am not exactly WITHH LIAM" i said

"we are bffffffffs" me and dani said together laughing

"sooo" they both said

"Ikindaalmostmaybenotreallyforsurekissedliam" isaid

"what did you say alittle slower em" they both said

"ok here i will say it again....I kinda....almost.....kissedliam" isaid ending it fast

"what" they both said

"omg finally you are getting back together." dani jumped

"wait why almost did you pull away?" eleanor said

"no my brother called me," i said remembering what happened

"ohhh" the both said.

“don’t ohhh me people I need help!!!” I said

“yes my darling and we are here to help ya.” Dani said

liam POV

"why so sad liam?" louis asked

"nothing," i said.

"because liam here almost kissed emily" eleanor said happily

"wait how did you know? so she was going to kiss me? so we still have a chance?" i started asking.

"aww look young love" louis said kissing el's cheek.

"yes she told me and dani..." she started

"wait dani how is she dragged in to this?" i asked

"well after you left dani became really good friends with emily and now they are bestfriends" she said

"wow" louis said

"she's amazing after everything we did and she still forgive" i said thinking out loud.

"aww you two are so cute together." she said. and i looked at the floor

"you are still down" louis said.

"diid you guys know that her parents got divorced?" i asked

"ohhh" harry zayn niall louis and el said

"ya i figured out today and she couldn't stop crying i didnt know how to make her feel better and i feel so mad at myself i can't help her at all." i said

"don't be so harsh at yourself lad you wouldn't know what to say but you have to help her through it is going to be really hard on her. i remember my parents" louis said patting my back.

"don't you want to ask emily out again to be your girlfriend again?" el asked.

"i want to but i don't know what to do" i said

"here come our part" she said

"i have a plane" harry jumped. ohh god i hope its not that bad

“enlighten us haza” said niall and zayn.

"emily please we need a guitarist to play the electric guitar at the concert after two days and if we didnt find one we will get killed" harry said to em. he was talking to her on the phone and had the speaker on.

"umm harry i can't i am not a guitarist! and you wont be killed" she said

"please please pretty please with a cherry on top" he said

"nope" she said

"do you want to be the reason why one direction ended because emily doesn't want to play the guitar she doesnt want to help out her best bestest friends do you want to be the end of our boyband the end of the most famous boyband the end of THE ONE DIRECTION how could you." he said in a dramatic way and started fake crying. niall was craking up and can't stop laughter so zayn took him away and slapped him.

"ok ok ok but i want something in return" she said..

"anything love and trust me there will be something" he said and he high-fived me. “ what?” she asked confused

"ohhh nothing my dearest Emily….bye em" and closed the phone.

"mission save the relationship part one done" said harry. and group hug i love them.

"we bring her and it's all up to you and your magic" louis said.

"thanks guys." i said

"i swear eleanor if you say anything i will tie in on the chair and,....." zayn started

"hey why me talk to niall you know i want her to be happy and have a great surprise." she said

"well then niall we take all you food." all of them said together.

"NOOOOOOO... i promise i won't open my mouth except for food." he said begging on his knees and we all started laughing.

I’m going to get my Emily back.


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